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21 Effortless Comb Over Hairstyles for Asian Men

Being one of the most famous haircuts around the fashion industry, the comb over hairstyles is a combination of Line-up and fade haircuts which tend to give a clean and sharp look. A comb over hairstyle for Asian men is considered to be one of the versatile hairstyles that one can have.

Besides, Asian men can rock their look with any hairstyle whether it’s a fade, undercut, top knot, man bun, side sweep or even comb-over. Their willingness to be outgoing and their fashion sense make them unique from the crowd.


Trendy Asian Men Comb Over Hairstyles

Comb over is a classy hairstyle for men around the world. It provides edgy and refined look. We have listed down 21 amazing comb over hairstyles for Asian men to get inspiration.

1. Undercut Comb over

asian comb over with undercut

A comb over with undercut has a contemporary take on men’s hair trend. In this hairstyle, the sides are cropped very short whereas the hair on the top of the head is left long. This will give you a cool and edgy hairstyle. Comb your hair to one side in a classic iteration of the Asian comb over.


2. Polished Taper Fade Comb Over

asian comb over hairstyles for men

Polished fade comb over hairstyle gives an absolute gentleman look for Asian men. This look is perfect if you are going for formal parties or meeting. Generally, blonde guys will rock this sophisticated fade with comb over.


3. The Classic Comb Over

comb over for asian men

This Asian comb over hairstyle has an equal and similar length of hair on the top as well as on the sides. A good work of scissors is required to get the tapered cut on the sides and the back. The sides are cut for 1.5 inches in length and are gradually tapered towards the neck. It does not have sharp edges on the sides.


4. Razored Comb over with Pompadour

razor fade comb over for asian men

Pompadour is a style which has never been out of fashion. This hairstyle urges to combine your comb over fade haircut with a pompadour at the front. The sides are razored to create a bolder look. You can also try a light beard look with this hairstyle.

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5. Japanese Undercut

asian comb over with undercut

This style is great for Asian men who want to customize their typical look. The comb over style is often used to add volume to the hair on the top, while the faded sides will flatter your features.


6. Puffy Top

asian comb over for thick hair

If you’re looking to add some class to your look, try a puffy top hairstyle for Asian guys. It can be used as part of a more casual or formal look and create a more dramatic effect. Just use a wide tooth comb and your fingers to brush your hair back.


7. Side Swept

comb over haircut for asian men

This combed over hairstyle is characterized by medium, thick hair that is swept down one side while the sides are faded. You can do this by using a blow dryer on low heat, then applying a small amount of hair gel or wax to keep your hair in place.


8.  Long Comb Over

long comb over for asian men

To achieve this style, use some hair cream and then comb back your hair while using a hair dryer on low heat. Another way is to use a wet brush to smooth out the hair and then use a dry brush to style it. It looks great on a round shape face.


9. Old School Comb Over

comb over for older asian men

Instagram / l.d_barber

Side swept and combed over for older men with thinning hair, this style makes the hair look fuller and thicker. This will cover up most of the receding patches and make it look like you have more hair than you actually do.


10. Sharp Fade

dyed comb over hair for asian men

Instagram / coquihairstyle

If you’re looking for a spiky combover look that will make you unique from the rest, then you should blend it with a sharp fade. First, you will need to create a basic undercut on the sides. Then just use some hair gel to make the spikes.


11. Wavy + Fade

wavy comb over for asian men

Instagram / emilionhou

The short wavy comb over hair with a hard part is perfect for Asians who want a more masculine appearance. This style can be achieved by having a sharp line towards the front of the head and a long back cut. After that, wave back the top.


12. Flat Top Pompadour

blonde comb over for asian men

Instagram / verdycevallos

To style a flat top pompadour, you’ll need to use a pomade or gel to achieve the desired look. Start by applying the product to damp hair, then comb it into place. You can use a brush to help shape the pompadour if needed. Additionally, you can also highlight the top.


13. Short Comb Over

short comb over for asian men

Instagram / suprmldr

To achieve this look, start with clean, dry hair. Apply a small amount of product to your hair and push it over to the side. Finish with a light hold hairspray. For a more modern look, add a fade to the sides and back. It suits best Asian men over 30.


14. Messy ‘Hawk

messy comb over haircut for asian men

Instagram / travishair

There are a lot of different ways that you can style a  comb over as a messy wide mohawk hairstyle. You can use gel, mousse, or even just your fingers to style it. Start with clean, dry hair. Apply a volumizing mousse to your roots and work it through to the ends. Then, blow dry your hair using a round brush to help lift the roots.


15. Pink Flare

dyed comb over for asian men

Instagram / carlosrios_pr

To style a wavy colorful combover, you’ll need to start with a wide tooth comb. This will help to detangle your hair and get it ready for styling. Once you’ve combed through your hair, you can then begin to style it into the pompadour shape. Be sure to use a strong hold gel or pomade to keep your hair in place. It looks great on an oval or rectangle shaped face.


16. High Top Fade 

asian comb over with high fade

Instagram / sammisshearshack

It is a great hairstyle for men who want a stylish yet easy-to-maintain look. To style a high fade comb over, start by getting a good haircut from a barber or stylist. Use a high-quality gel to style your hair to get a more natural look.


17. Short Scissor Cut

comb over haircut for little asian boy

Instagram / studio34_barbers

It is an admirable hairstyle for Asian guys who want a clean and polished look. To style, start by combing your hair to the back. Then, use a scissor to cut the top short and trim the sides and back of your hair. Finally, groom your hair into place and style it with a gel.


18. Hard Part

asian comb over with highlights

Instagram / leroythebarber

To achieve this look, start by arranging your hair over to one side, then use a clipper to fade the side. Once the fade is complete, use a razor to create a hard part on the side while blending with the fade. This style looks great on the oval shaped face.


19. Pompadour + Hard Part

asian man with comb over haircut

Instagram / leal_barbershop1

This is a great hairstyle for those who want to add personality and sophistication to their look. Start by applying a small amount of pomade or hair gel to your damp hair. Next, comb your hair back and to the side, making sure to create a deep side part. Finally, use a hair dryer to style your hair into place.


20. Low Fade Comb Over

asian comb over with low fade

The high fade hairstyle gives you a more extreme and daring look whereas a low fade hairstyle creates a subtle look. It is always recommended to go with a medium fade in order to get a combination of the both. This Asian comb over hairstyle for men features faded sides with classic side swept hair. They are versatile and easy to pull off.


21. Short Comb Over Fade with Side Part

short comb over hairstyle for asian men

Being easy to maintain, the short comb over fade gives a spiky look to the hair in the front. The rest of the hair remains on the other side as side part. Using a hair gel to keep the comb over style intact is a good idea.


If you are ever confused which one to pick, try the comb over with part hairstyles to get the classy and trendy look of the year. These Asian comb over hairstyles go well with any hair texture and suits your face.