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11 Unusual Fade Haircuts with Line for Men

Fade haircuts with line are perhaps one of the trendiest hairstyles for men these days. Being super versatile, faded hairstyles have something to offer to every guy.

They can be done on any length, type and texture of hair to give you your dream hairstyle, from a cool yet professional cut to a super dramatic look and everything in between.

Types of Fades

Types of Fades

Fade haircuts typically start short and seamlessly disappear in a short stubble or skin, giving a smooth transition gradient. The basic classification of fade haircuts is done by their respective lengths, indicating how high the fade can go up on your head.

These are the low, medium and high fades. Low fade haircuts start as low as at the temples and drop down behind the ear and neckline, subtly adding more texture towards the sides. They naturally bring the hairline up all the way around by about an inch. The low fade is best for a sophisticated and professional office look.

As the name implies, mid fade haircuts are somewhere in between low and high fades to give you the best of both worlds. They can go very short on the edges or dip down to allow some length around the crown. Some also follow a straight line for a bolder effect.

The high fade begins high above the head and over the temples to create a dramatic contrast between the shorter sides and the longer hairstyles on the top.

As a canvas for a number of hair designs, high fade haircuts are a flattering addition to many hairstyles. They are perfect if you want your fade with line haircut to stand out for greater attention.

However, there are other classifications of fade hairstyles as well. The burst fade covers a small portion of the head as it tapers the hair near the ear and neck for an ultimate fade all around the head. The temple fade is also a taper fade that integrates a shape up or line up near the temples.

The bald fade also known as the skin fade cut the hair down to the skin in a seamlessly smooth gradient. Shadow fades are quite similar to bald fades but the only thing that distinguished them from bald fades is that they don’t reveal the skin.

fade haircut with line

Fade haircut with line has become increasingly popular these days because of their sexy, chic look and ease of styling. They work well for every hair type, from curly to straight, thick to thin and short to long.

Styling becomes much easier when you have lighter hair on the side and the hair on the top look thicker in contrast.

The addition of lines in the faded cut further enhances your hairstyle, giving cool finishing touches to any haircut to give you a perfect look that stands out above the others.

How to Style Fades with Line

How to Style Fade Haircuts with Line

Styling fade hairstyles with lines can be done in a number of ways. The lines can be straight, angled, arched, V-shaped, single, double or even a combination of these. You can also opt to have a pattern or design carved out from lines in your hairstyle.

Another factor that can amp up your hairstyle is the placement of the lines. They can be anywhere around the sides, over the temple, behind the temple or on the neckline. Lines can be used to define the fade levels as well or give a semi-tapered look.

Depending on the type of fade you opt for, you can incorporate a combination of one, two or even three lines in your hairstyle. From curvy lines to lightning bolts, there are endless possibilities to choose from.

Not only that, you can choose to get a line on only one side of the fade for an asymmetrical hairstyle. For an intense impact, you can extend the line from your hair to your eyebrows or beard.

Or if you don’t want the line in your hairstyle to be visible from the front, add it towards the back of your head for a little surprise. With so many fade haircuts with lines, it can be hard for guys to select the hairstyle they want for themselves.

But we’ve made things easier for you with these awesome and unique fade lines that will definitely inspire you the next time you go for a haircut.

Watch The Following Video to Learn How to Style Low Fade with Line on Side

Best Fade Haircuts with Line

Following are the most trendy fade with line haircuts that are taking the world by storm.

1. Faux Hawk Fade with Extended Lines

Low Fade Faux Hawk with Extended Lines

The faux hawk can create a super dramatic and sexy look by itself, but with low fade and a pattern of lines extending into from the head onto the beard, you will surely be the center of attention wherever you go.

2. French Crop Drop Fade

drop fade haircut with line

The French crop presents a refined look when paired with a low or medium drop fade. The length of the hair at the back is not more than an inch but as it advances to the front, it can be up to twice as long.

A lightning bolt design along with a complimentary line at the back adds an element of surprise to the fade haircut with line.

3. Tapered Fade with Design

taper fade with line

The mid skin fade extends to the back of the head in an inverted triangular pattern with the sides completely chopped off. Additional triangular designs are formed at the back for a modish and cool fade line hairstyle.

4. Highlighted Short Mohawk with Fade Lines

mohawk fade with line

For this fade with line style, the hair at the top is kept long and styled with a texturing product for a faux hawk look while the hair on the sides is gradually shortened to give a sharply tapered haircut.

The hair can be colored and two or three small cuts can be added on one side for a more dramatic effect.

5. Short Faux Hawk with Line

skin fade haircut with line

A short faux hawk with a fade is a tamer version of the long hawk and adds in more texture to your hair.

An artistic design carved with a sharp razor in the middle and lower region of the fade gives a stark contrast between the different levels of fade. Be sure to style the hawk precisely with a pomade with your fingers for greater precision.

6. Ripped Back And Forth

While the classic buzz is low maintenance and effortlessly chic in itself, it  can be modified with a low fade haircut with line for a more masculine look.

A wild cat slash pattern etched into the scalp on the side of the head to the back (like the one shown in the picture) will definitely make you stand out in a crowd.

7. Low Skin Fade with Symmetric Side Patterns

Relive the era of the 90s with a low fade hairstyle while giving it a modern makeover with an arched low fade with designed edges.

Buzz up your natural curls or lightly brush them outwards for a fuller appearance. This Caesar cut will also make the pattern of lines on the sides stand out.

8. Lines with Braid & Taper Fade

fade with line and braid

Adding something as simple as a braid in your fade with line haircut can change your entire outlook and augment your style.

It can be added on almost every faded hairstyle but will be the best suited for buzz cuts and low fades with long hair on the top of the head. Consider adding parallel lines on the sides as well.

9. Pompadour Fade with Embossed Lines

The best thing about the pompadour fade is that it has an amazing balance between the traditional hairstyle with the modern fade techniques to offer a cool hairstyle.

The buzzed sides that taper to the longer hair on the top can be marked with embossed lines to define the transitioning boundary. The lines can be of variable thickness and length. The entire look pairs well with a disconnected goatee beard.

10. Blonde Highlights with Neckline Design

fade with neckline design

This awesome fade line haircut combines so many haircuts together to give you the perfect hairstyle.

From a long fringe to a burst fade and a neckline design with plenty of texture on the top, the hairstyle has everything a guy needs to look smart and sexy. Customize the line pattern at the back of the neck and create your own signature look.

11. Slick Back Fade with Hard Part Line

slicked back fade with line

The long hair at the center can be styles according to the occasion to achieve the perfect fade with line for every setting. The slick back hairstyle is perfect for formal and semi-formal settings while the hair can be textured to fall back on one side on a day at the beach with friends.

FAQs on Fade Hairstyles with Line

Which fade is perfect to style with line?

A line can be incorporated in almost every type of fade, but it stands out the most in high-fade.

How long it takes to grow out the line of hair?

The line of hair starts growing back as early as 2 weeks and blends together with the fade haircut by week 4.

How can I get a fade hairstyle with line?

Fade hairstyles with line require high precision so reach out to an experienced barber or hair stylist to get your desired cut. Your stylist can also customize the fade and line according to your face shape and size.

If you are into fashion and faded hairstyles, you should definitely try adding a line or two (or even a pattern of lines) in your haircut to step up your game a notch.

With so many options of hairstyles out there, it is really important that you know the different type of fades so that you know exactly what you want when you visit the barbershop.

You can also mix and match different styles to create a more personalized and classier look. Make sure to try out some of our unique fade haircuts with line and get the attention you deserve.