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40 Best Hairstyles for Little Black Boys to Try in 2024

People tend to think there are few creative options for black toddler boy haircuts. Well, we’re here to prove that wrong. When you go through this list, we guarantee that you will definitely find a haircut perfect for your little black boy and his gorgeous afro curls. All are easy to make, style, and maintain!

Cutest Hairstyles for Toddler Black Boys

Check out these amazing little black boy’s haircut ideas and get your boy a new look that he will love.

1. Long Hairstyle for Black Kids

black little boy with long hair

If you have a little black boy with long hair, consider layering his locks and styling bangs that you can split in the middle. 

2. Fade With Hard Part

black little boy's fade haircut

This little black boy’s faded haircut gets a gorgeous touch thanks to that hard part that creates a disconnection between the slightly longer top and the short trim. 

3. Short Cut for Toddlers

short haircut for little black boys

A short haircut like this is perfect for little black boys and toddlers. It is low maintenance, and you don’t need to arrange your little man’s hair each day you take him to kindergarten or school. 

4. Curly Top + Undercut

little black boy's undercut haircut

This little black boy’s undercut transforms him into a presentable young man.  Get him a bald fade for the sides and define his forehead with a razor cut. 

5. Afro Highlights

African little boy with highlighted hair

This little African boy with highlighted hair has a gorgeous look that you need to recreate for your young man. Use a hair dye that won’t damage his locks or even a spray that will enlighten the tips of his hair. 

6. Cornrow Curls

braided hair for little black boys

Instead of braiding your little one’s hair down to the ends, let their bouncy curls loose by tying off the corn rows at the scalp. This style is ideal for square-shaped faces.

Use texturizing pomade in the curls to keep them moisturized and help them hold their shape.

7. Mini Twists

little black boys hairstyle with dreads

Locs are high-maintenance at first, but if your child is interested in growing them out, short twists can teach them the basics with a bit of guidance from you.

This style is ideal for black kids with oval-shaped faces. Style using a two-strand twist to set the foundation for healthy locks. 

8. Zig-Zag Design

afro haircut for little black boys

For a more exciting take on the part, split the undercut with a lightning-shaped line. Keep the hair on top a little longer to add texture.

This frohawk style complements any face shape! Keep the line clean between cuts with mini clippers.

9. Bleach Blonde

blonde haircut for little black boys

You can add a little visual interest to your little boy’s super short haircut by bleaching it to an ashy blond. This style works for all, but let a professional handle this look.

It’s easy to damage hair when bleaching, and incorrect ratios can result in brass instead of platinum.

10. Afro Curls

curly haircut for little black boys

Kids can have difficulty keeping up with the necessary curl care to keep their kinks hydrated. A close-to-the-scalp cut eliminates much of the maintenance without removing all the texture.

This style is best for little black boys with round or oval-shaped faces. Keep the curls trimmed to prevent frizz and split ends.

11. High Top Curls

little black boys haircut with fade
Instagram / jcbarbershopnj

Similar to style no #8, this look keeps the hair on top a little longer and features a more dramatic design. This style is ideal for square or oval-shaped faces.

As the tapering starts to grow out, keep the top trimmed to maintain a clean look.

12. Box Braids

long hairstyle for little black boys
Instagram / braids_bykp

Box braids are a cute protective style, especially for little ones growing their hair. Splitting the strands into four can help keep frizz and flyaways at bay.

This style complements all face shapes. Use gel to sweep baby hairs back from the forehead.

13. Twisted Locs

little black boys haircut
Instagram / klamar

This revamp of the classic cornrow relies on twists rather than braids incorporated into the larger locks along the scalp. This black kids’ style is best for oval and square-shaped faces.

Take the locks down and retwist every few weeks to incorporate new growth.

14. Man Bun Braids

man bun for little black boys
Instagram / royald_braidz

Keep your little boy’s long hair from hanging loose with an undercut that transitions into cornrows tucked into a man bun at the crown of the head.

This style is ideal for round-shaped faces. If you want a more structured shape, twist the braids into a “doughnut” bun.

15. Graphic Line Up

little black boys haircut with design
Instagram / uniquekuts

A buzz cut doesn’t have to be boring. It’s the perfect canvas for more intricate designs. This style complements an oval-shaped face.

However, this style is likely to grow out quickly, so either pre-schedule trims at the barber shop or be prepared to spend time with clippers in hand.

16. Short Afro Hair

little black boy with afro hair

Let’s start with a classic, which is a simple afro hairstyle any black kid can rock any time.

Ideal for: Square-shaped faces.

How to style: After washing your hair, dry it with a blow dryer and use hair clippers to style it around the edges to your liking.

17. Big Curls

little black boy haircuts

This one is a low-maintenance yet a stylish little black boy haircut that is also great for showing off those beautiful natural big curls.

Ideal for: Square and oval-shaped faces.

How to style: Let it grow freely and cut only if it gets too big for your taste.

18. Buzz Cut with Line Up

little black boy with buzz cut

If long hair is not your forte, then a clean buzz cut is what you’re looking for.

Ideal for: Round-shaped faces.

How to style: Use hair clippers adjusted to the length you prefer and use it regularly to maintain its fresh look.

19. Flat Top Fade

little black boy with fade haircut

It’s a cool haircut both for little black boys and men. It achieves a smart look in an easy way.

Ideal for: Oval and heart-shaped face.

How to style: Use hair clippers to style it. A fade on the sides is optional. Hair product is also optional to use to keep that perfect form of the haircut.

20. Medium Curls

little black boy with curly hair

Curls always look great on boys but they can become a nuisance if not regularly styled. This black kids haircut keeps preserves the essence of playfulness and is easy to manage.

Ideal for: All face shapes.

How to style: The fade should be managed regularly using a trimmer.

21. Low Fade Afro

Also known as South of France hairstyle, it comes in great variety as it can be short or long. This one of the coolest little black boy haircuts for curly hair!

Ideal for: Oval and heart-shaped face.

How to style: Using hair clippers, you can maintain the fade on sides or you can even cut the sides a bit shorter to create a burst fade Mohawk.

22. Kids Man Bun

Another great take on an already popular black little boy’s hairstyle that is also practical because it gets the hair away from the kid’s face.

Ideal for: Oval-shaped faces.

How to style: Section the hair and start braiding the sections into braids. Using an elastic band, tie the cornrow braids in a man bun just at the top of the head.

23. Kids Mohawk

Long curls go great with a Mohawk haircut. Even more, texture can be added by defining a low fade on the sides.

Ideal for: Oval and square-shaped faces.

How to style: Hair clippers will be enough to style the fade and some hair products to keep the mohawk up and sturdy.

24. Low Bald Fade

A great and easy way to keep the black kid’s natural hair in check by giving it a little volume on top and keeping the sides and the back short.

Ideal for: Round and oval-shaped faces.

How to style: Trim the sides and back with a hair clipper and style the top with a comb.

25. Shoulder Length Curls

haircuts for black kids

Sometimes the best hairstyle for your little black boy with curls is the one where everything is just, long, loose, and natural.

Ideal for: Square-shaped faces.

How to style: Texturize the ends of the curls with scissors so it does not engulf the face and the head completely. Trim it regularly to preserve the desired length.

26. Very Short Hair with Carved Out Lines

This is a great way to add a twist or somewhat of a personal touch to an already stylish black kids hairstyle.

Ideal for: Oval and round-shaped faces.

How to style: Using a trimmer, carefully carve out the lines according to your taste. You can shave the lines completely off for a bolder look or just trim them thinner than the haircut itself.

27. Boy’s Fohawk

It’s a perfect blend of a big afro and a mohawk. It gives it a new, casual and crazy textured look on a well-known style. This little black boy fade haircut is one of the most popular nowadays.

Ideal for: Oval and square-shaped faces.

How to style: Trim the sides to your taste or shave them off with clippers. Let the hair on top grow a little longer so that it adds to the volume. Use hair products to keep the Frohawk up and standing.

28. Curly High Top Fade

This hairstyle is usually made with twists at the top, but having natural curls with the taper fade is what gives this little boy haircut for black hair a new and fresh look that is much easier to create.

Ideal for: Heart-shaped faces.

How to style: Wash and blow-dry the top to keep the curls full of volume and style the sides to your own taste with a hair clipper or a trimmer.

29. Curly Undercut

little black boy's hair with curly top

A flat top is just one of many styles to rock the high top with. Leaving the curls at the top gives this haircut for black kids more flair and a more playful look.

Ideal for: Oval-shaped faces.

How to style: Keep the sides defined with a hair trimmer and even add a carved line or two to give it a more personal touch.

30. Little Boy Braids

little black boy braids hairstyle

If you think keeping twists in your little boy’s hairstyle for black boys can be time-consuming, braiding the hair can give you a much faster take on styling it with a wide variety of combinations to make.

Ideal for: Round and oval-shaped faces.

How to style: First visualize the hairstyle you want to create and then divide the hair into sections you want to braid. You can use two or more strands of hair, depending on how thick you want the braids to be. Use simple elastic bands on the tips of the braids to keep them together.

31. Medium Afro Hair

little black boy with afro hair

Such a fine little black boy with Afro hair! If your little gentleman has the same texture, you can get him a short cut that gets gradually longer on the top area. 

32. Curly Hair for Mixed Boy

African little boy with curly hair

This mixed African little boy with curly hair looks so special and cute thanks to that hairstyle that lets his curls form. For the sides, you can opt for an undercut that will better highlight the ringlets. 

33. Marine Cut

little black boy's haircut

If his dad is in the Marine, be sure your little boy will crave for a hairstyle that looks just like his hero. And why not get it? It will make him look so cute!

34. Sponge Coils

african american little boy haircut

When your son has coils, you can roll the tips on your fingers to obtain that fantastic texture. You can even use a sponge if you want more definition. 

35. Flat Top

little black baby boy haircut
Instagram / nellytimphotography

This little black baby boy looks incredibly cute with that flat top haircut! At this young age, you don’t need to invest so much time in his haircut and you should certainly pick something that is low maintenance. 

36. Top Braids with Undercut

little black boy's haircut

If you are already tired of styling your son’s hair each morning, why not get him un undercut and braids for the top. He will brag in front of other kids about his new hairstyle, and he will certainly capture anyone’s heart. 

37. Buzz Cut

Both men and boys love buzz cuts! Artists like Drake and other rappers pulled it off, and your son will feel so proud of the resemblance with his idol. 

38. Prominent Curls

little black boy's haircut
Instagram / cutelittlebabiees

When your son has tight curls, make sure you highlight them. Keep them in medium length so that the hair will create bounce and movement. Make them look even tighter by styling the ringlets with wax or foam. 

39. Afro Hair

african amareican little boy's hairstyle
Instagram / prince.tyrone.jr

When your boy is just a little baby, you need a low maintenance haircut that can be created in the smallest amount of time. He will not hold still, so everything more elaborate will become quite a struggle to recreate. 

40. High Pony

little black boy's haircut
Instagram / mrzdimplez89

Curly ponytails are probably the easiest way to pin your little son’s hair. Even if he is a toddler and can’t stand still, you will easily create that hairdo. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I take care of hair for my black boys?

For black children, girl or boy, keep your natural free of kinks and wash it sparingly. The best course of action is to wash their hair once every couple of weeks. When you wash it, use conditioner, especially on the ends, to keep it hydrated. 

Use a smooth detangling comb when you brush it, and use a curling cream frequently to keep the curls intact and the hair moisturized. 

When should black baby boys get their first haircut?

In African-American culture, getting the boy’s haircut on his first birthday is a rite of passage. However, cutting their hair before their second birthday can cause hair to grow back with a tighter curl and a more coarse texture. 

Can I get a fade on black kids’ hair?

Yes! Fades on younger black kids are possible. Many young boys want a fade to fit in with the current styles! Choose a barber who has experience with fades and fades on children so that you are satisfied with the end result. 

As we can all see, the hair in little boys is not that hard to work with, but it is actually a perfect canvas for you to express your imagination and creativity fully. We hope that these 40 black little boy haircuts inspire you to create something perfect for your boy to wear.