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10 Enticing Burgundy Hairstyles for Black Girls

Burgundy hair for black girls is an all-time favorite that will probably never go out of style. People might argue against blonde hair on black women but everyone knows burgundy hair and African American women go well together. It’s a versatile hair color that can be worn by women of all races.

It can be strong, yet laid back. It can transform a look enough to turn heads but also mellow enough to not solicit unwanted attention when in places where your hairstyle needs to be understated, like in corporate America.

Burgundy makes your outfits look chicer. Some of the colors it goes well with include but not limited to yellow, white, nude, black, blue, peach and beige,


How To Dye Burgundy Hair Color

burgundy hair color for black girl

Burgundy is one of those colors that are relatively safe on natural hair and can be done without using bleach. To get burgundy on dark hair without using bleach, there are three steps to try:

Box Dye for Subtle Hints: Depending on the color of your hair, using a burgundy box dye will give you the same color or something darker with subtle hints if your hair is black. If that’s what you’re going for then it’s easy peasy.

Bright Red Box Dye On Black Hair for A More Visible Look: Burgundy is essentially a darker and cooler shade of red almost like maroon red hair color, so dying black hair with a red box dye will give you a burgundy look. Doing this would require watching your hair as it changes colors so you can rinse it off once it becomes what you’re looking for.

Burgundy With Henna And Beetroot:

  • Blend a beetroot into a thick paste
  • Mix pure henna powder into it
  • Squeeze a quarter of lemon juice into the mixture
  • Add a cup of water, but make sure the paste is still thick enough to avoid dripping
  • After shampooing your hair, let it get dry at least 90%
  • Apply the mixture all over your hair
  • Cover with a shower cap or plastic bag
  • Let it sit for 1-2 hours
  • Rinse out and condition your hair.


Watch The Following Video on How to Dye Burgundy Hair Color


Amazing Burgundy Hairstyles for Black Hair

Now, you’re ready to rock any of the burgundy hairstyles for black girls below:

1. Burgundy Curly Ponytail

black girl's curly burgundy ponytail

The slicked down ponytail with curls on burgundy hair is a game changer. To achieve this burgundy look for black hair, lay your hair with some mousse and gel so it’s slicked down. If you have kinkier hair, tie a scarf around your head so it lays flat.

Leave it to dry for a couple of minutes or close to an hour before removing it to style. Once your hair has been secured with a ponytail holder, take a section of hair and wrap it around the ponytail holder to conceal it. Then use a curling wand to curl to each strand for the best volume.


2. Burgundy Ringlet Curls

burgundy ringlets for black girls

For type 3A natural hair, getting this head of curls is as simple as a wash and go. All you have to do is pick it when it’s dry and color it if your hair isn’t burgundy already.

However, if your natural curl pattern isn’t like this, you can get the same look by buying a weave with a similar curl pattern or manipulating your hair with a curling wand, flat twist out or Bantu knot out.


3. Side Swept Barrel Waves

side swept wavy burgundy hair for black girls

Big waves and curls will not be glamorous especially when done with burgundy hair on black girls. You don’t need to get a weave with the same curl pattern because it’s something that can easily be achieved with a curling wand or big flex rods. For longer lasting curls, set it with a holding spray.

You can also achieve this shade of burgundy on black hair without bleaching it first. All you have to do is get the lightest shade of red dye and apply it to your dark hair. The result will be a deep burgundy thanks to the dark canvas that was your hair.


4. Burgundy Braids

black girl's burgundy braids

A beautiful way to put black and burgundy hair together. Thanks to the vast option of colors for kanekalon hair (braiding hair), you can now get burgundy braids on your head. And it works if your hair isn’t already dyed burgundy. If your hair is black, it blends well with the braiding hair to add some depth.

If your hair is lighter, it can be concealed to avoid a clash of colors when done professionally. Try this with feed-in braids, Fulani braids or Ghana braid; your options are without end.


5. Buzz Cut

 burgundy hair buzz cut for black women

If you are currently sporting a shaven look, you can still rock the burgundy hair color beautifully. This black girl with burgundy hair speaks for itself. You could opt for a full head color change or an ombre look where both sides of your head are black and only the top part gets dyed. Whichever you decide to go for, you’ll be the belle of the cabana either ways.


6. Curly Bob

Long bobs (Lobs) are still in and what better way to rock a bold one than with a black and burgundy hair color combo?! When your hair is this color it transforms your whole look into something that says you are a confident black woman.


7. Curly And Tapered

black and burgundy hairstyles

Tapered cuts like this might look basic in black but with the rich burgundy hair on black women, it makes it look more amazing. Pair this deva cut with big hoop earrings, smoky eye shadow, and a nude lipstick to go from basic to Slayonce.


8. Shoulder Length Wavy Hair

This burgundy hairdo for black girls is enough statement on its own. Paired with this white top, it makes the whole outfit look stylish. And it was done using a pre-curled lace front wig.


9. Sleek High Ponytail

burgundy on black hair ideas

This slicked up high ponytail looks even better in burgundy, don’t you agree? To get your hair color to look as even as this you’d need to visit a professional hair colorist.

This look can be replicated on natural hair by doing a high curly ponytail, depending on your natural hair texture. Alternatively, you could blow out your natural hair with a blow dryer and curl the ends with a flex rod to get a similar look with burgundy hair dye for African American hair.


10. Ombre Burgundy with Chestnut Roots

ombre burgundy for black girl with chestnut root

A unique black girl’s burgundy hairstyle idea. To get an ombre look with burgundy hair, the roots don’t have to be black. You can try a dark chestnut hair color instead. Since this was done using a lace front weave, you could start off by buying a dark brown bundle of hair and dying it burgundy.


Burgundy hair for black girls is like cookies and milk or peanut butter and jelly; they both go so well together. So, go for it and have fun with your new hair color!