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5 Most Amazing Black Hairstyles with Pink Highlights

Pink highlights on black hair is not a hairstyle that you see every day. However, it is definitely one of the coolest and boldest hairstyles that you can have. So, why don’t you try it? Don’t worry, we have prepared some of the best styles for you to copy.

If you have dark hair and you are thinking about making it more interesting, there is no better way to do it but with pink highlights.

How to Do Pink Highlights on Black Hair

How to Do Pink Highlights on Black Hair

You can actually do pink highlights at home. Even if you don’t believe it, it is possible. And we are here to show you how to do it quickly and easily with a temporary hair spray.

For turning pink highlighted black hair dream into reality, you will need Scissors, A thin foil, Temporary Hair Spray. After you decide on your desired pink hair shade get started with the process.

  • You should start by preparing the foil. It should be as long as your hair length.
  • Wrap it once and cut it both sides. When you open the wrapped part there should be a hole.
  • You should fold a top part again because that is where you will hold it.
  • Take a small strand of your hair and pull it through the hole you have just made with foil.
  • Spray that strand with your temporary hair spray and decide how vivid you want your highlights to be
  • You can repeat this process as long as you want your strands to be pink.
  • Use random hair strands to make it more interesting.
  • Black hair with pink highlights is ready to wear.

Watch The Following Tutorial to Learn How to Get Black Hair with Pink Highlights

Black Hair with Pink Highlights

Here are some of the boldest pink highlights for black hair ideas that you can find. Trust us, you will absolutely love it.

1. Rose Gold Hair

black wavy hair with pink highlights

Pink highlights on black hair look more than attractive. You can curl your hair into long beachy waves and wear it all summer long. We admit this hair color combination is not for everybody. However, be brave and try this hairstyle for some time. You will love it.

2. Dark Pink Highlights

dark pink highlights on black hair

Only things that can make your look more interesting is hair length and texture. Well, this black hair style with pink highlights has it all. Dark pink hair highlights around your head will make it look utterly stylish.

3. Pink Highlighted Wavy Bob

light pink highlights on black wavy lob

You are still not sure if you should dye your hair in pink? Make your pink highlighted black hair look low-key and not so vivid. You will be attractive enough with these pastel pink hair shades as well.

4. Black Hair with Pink Babylights

Black Hair with Pastel Pink Highlights

Deep black hair is the best contrast for pink highlights. If you have black hair and you want to do something with it, the best possible way is to add bits of pink. If you are not sure how to do that, add them low, almost at the hair ends.

5. Curly Highlights

Curly black hair with pink highlights

Curly black hair with pink highlights look absolutely stunning, we have to admit. If you are bored with your curls and want to make them shine again, add these lovely vivid curly pink hair highlights. And look at how they match with red lipstick.

FAQs on Black Hairstyles with Pink Highlights

Which pink shades are perfect for black hair as highlights?

The more vivid your highlights are, the more they will make a contrast. That is why, we suggest you go with deep pinks, magenta, and fuschia.

However, if you are into something more low-key, you can always work with blush and hot pink hair shades. Pastels are still in style.

Can I get pink streaks in black hair without the foil?

Foil, as well as hairpins, are great to use if you want a few, large streaks. You will need a foil that will cover the length of your hair.

However, you can always use a cap, if you don’t want to use foil. However, foil makes everything easier.

If you are looking for something bold and cool, look no further than black hair with pink highlights. You can do it at home, always look fresh, and stylish. Hope you will try these ideas and love them as much as we do.