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11 Pink Curly Hairstyles That Ooze Cuteness

If you are the type of person who likes to stand out with their unique style, then pink curly hair is definitely the way to go! Asides from the fact that pink is not your typical everyday hair color, by adding the curls you will get the perfect combination of trendy and chic. So, if you are ready to look fashionable and different, we have 11 pink curly hairstyles for you!


Tips to Dye Curly Hair Pink

pink curly hairstyles

Tip one: Make sure to find the right shade. If you have dark curly hair, then you will want to stick with dark pinks, unless you want to bleach your hair. When it comes to light hair, most colors can work, and you can purchase them at some bigger drugstores.

Tip two: If you can’t decide which pink to choose, you can always go to a wig shop and see how different colors suit you. If you don’t have a wig shop nearby, there are many apps which you can download that can help you avoid disappointments when at the salon. One of those apps is “Style My Hair” by L’oreal Paris.

Tip three: Be prepared to tone your hair. Most of the times your hair will turn out warmer than what’s drawn on the bottle. If you want the color you were going for originally, you will need to tone your hair.

Tip four: When you do dye your hair, make sure you maintain it well. Don’t wash it more than two times a week so the color doesn’t fade and use cool/cold water when washing it because hot water also makes the color fade faster.


Watch The Following Video to Learn How to Dye Curly Hair Pink by Yourself


Alluring Pink Curly Hairstyles for Women

Following are the edgy pink curly hairstyles that women are loving these days.

1. Beach Waves on Pink Curls

peach pink curly hair for women

Natural looking pink curls with beach waves are the perfect everyday hairstyle. The pink curly hair gives you the extra pop, while they also leave a simplistic effect. This hairstyle doesn’t take more than 20 minutes to make and is easy to wear throughout the week.


2. Shoulder-Length Tight Curls

pink tight curly hair women

These gorgeous pink curls are an amazing fit for girls with shoulder-length hair who like to rock that natural makeup look which will be emphasized by this hairstyle.


3. Curly Pink Hair with Undercut

Curly Pink Hair with Undercut

If you like being in the center of attention and you have an edgy style, then this is your match made from heaven! The undercut with pink curly hairstyle will not only make you look unique but will also make you the trendsetter!


4. Messy Bun with Pink Curls

Messy Bun with Pink Curls

Spice things up and still keep them cool with this bun hairstyle with loose curls. The combination of the messy bun and the curls is what makes this an amazing everyday look. You can wear your hair loose (if you prefer longer hairstyles), or you can tie it up in a knot and get it away from your face and enjoy your activities.


5. Loose & Wavy Pink Curls

women with pastel pink curly hair

Whoever said that pink curly hair couldn’t be glamorous definitely didn’t see this hairstyle. Long faded pink tingled curls are the way to go for every night out! If you decide on this style, you will without a doubt be the star wherever you go.


6. High Curly Ponytail with Bangs

A high ponytail is a statement maker by itself and when you add pink curls to the equation, you get one fierce hairstyle. Let the curls ease this very structured ponytail hairstyle and finish up the look with a bold statement lip color.


7. Long Afro Curly Hairstyle

women with afro pink hair

If you’re lucky enough to have naturally curly hair, then why just not spice it up by adding pastel pink to it? This pink curly hairstyle is super easy to wear, and it will make all heads turn.


8. Formal Curly Bun

The perfect hairstyle for weddings, proms or any other special events is the sophisticated pink curly bun. Aside from it being stylish, the pink curls make it stand out of the crowd.


9. Ombre Curly Pink Hairstyle

When it comes to pink hair it doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be all pink. This curly hair with pink ombre style is a great fit for those who like simple, yet beautiful & unique finishes to their hair. You can leave your roots natural and slowly fade the pink color down the ends.


10. Light Pink Side Swift Curly Hairstyle

light pink curly hairstyle

If you prefer bright and almost coral pinks know that this pink curly hairstyle will suit you the best! It leaves a playful vibe while looking so chic due to its side swift ringlet curls and voluminous bangs.


11. Long Pink Hair with Loose Curls

Long Pink Hair with Loose Curls

This pink curly hairstyle adds a laidback finish to your hair and is a great choice for those who don’t want to step out way too much out of their comfort zone.


Even though they are not your ordinary hairstyles, the pink curly hair can be styled in many ways and it is really a great choice when it comes to changing up your hair game. Not only will it make all heads turn, but it will also boost your confidence level and will show people how fierce you are.