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11 Best Dark Pink Hair Color Ideas for 2024

Dark pink hair is seen as a sign of strength and women wear it very proudly! It gives classier vibes than light pink hair and is also compatible with every skin tone!

It has become a popular fashion trend. There are many movies out there in which celebrities have dyed their hair dark pink. You might have to get it done by a hairdresser if you’ve never dyed your hair before!

Dark Pink Hair Color: Things to Consider Before You Dye

things to consider to dye dark pink hair

Dyeing your hair dark pink isn’t something that you can just randomly do in the heat of the moment.

If you’ve decided to try pink hair dye, then it must be a planned and thought-out situation so that you don’t regret it later and also so that you execute the dyeing process properly and with minimal damage to your hair.

Here are a few things to consider before you dye your hair dark pink:

  • No matter what hair color brands say, almost all hair colors will impart a certain degree of damage to your hair. This is especially true if you have naturally dark hair color. Naturally, dark hair needs to be bleached before you can slather on dark pink color to your hair! The bleaching process inevitably damages your hair and you’ll have to take care of it later on!
  • Hair dye can easily break down by shampoos that contain sulfate. Therefore, dark pink hair will require a different hair care routine with new sulfate-free shampoos that are specifically designed for hair that has been dyed.
  • Of course, the new hair that grows from your scalp will not be pink. The hair will be of your natural color and you’ll have to dye the roots every now and then to make sure you have dark pink hair throughout. However, if you’re okay with the root color gradually coming up, then you don’t need to worry about this.
  • Dyeing your hair will change your overall look, so be prepared to look totally different with new hair color!
  • Don’t panic if your hair accidentally turned pink after bleaching. It can be fixed.

These were a few of the factors that you should consider before dyeing your hair dark pink!

Beautiful Dark Pink Hairstyles

A lot of hair enthusiasts who love experimenting with their hair dye their hair dark pink in one of the early stages of its exploration because you can never go wrong with this color!

Have a look at the most amazing hairstyles with dark pink hair color for drawing inspiration.

1. Bob Cut with Dark Pink Hair

dark pink bob for women

This pink long bob balayage looks absolutely stunning! The dark pink hair at the bottom combined with the black hair at the top gives a very mesmerizing look! The color combination of black and pink hair itself is a very classic combination that looks beautiful in every hairstyle!

2. Red and Pink Pixie Cut

Dark Pink Hair Pixie Cut

This pixie cut looks classy and chic! The hair at the top has been dyed dark pink, whereas the hair at the bottom has been dyed an even darker shade! The gradual shift in color from the top to the bottom gives a very mesmerizing and gorgeous appearance.

The pixie and the hairstyle look great with this color. If you love getting short hair, you should try dyeing your hair dark pink in the way shown above!

3. Pink Curly Hair

dark pink curly hair

The dark pink hair in this afro-like style looks gorgeous! The pink color enhances the look of the curls and accentuates them. It makes the curls more visible and gives them a smoother and softer look. If you have dark curly hair, you should try getting them dyed dark pink to achieve this look!

4. Long Beach Waves

wavy dark pink hair

This short pink hairstyle is breathtaking! It has a very soft and stylish touch to it, especially with the loose waves. The loose waves make the hair look even healthier and voluminous! Many different tones of dark pink shade can be seen in the picture, each looking absolutely pretty!

5. Dark Pink Bun

bun on dark pink hair

This vibrant bun looks stunning! The dark hair from the top, combined with this dark pink bun give a very artistic and aesthetic look!

This hairstyle can be worn to all types of formal events as well! It’s simple, elegant and classy so it should be on top of your list if you have dark pink hair.

6. Pink Side French Braids

This is another gorgeous dark pink hairstyle that is great for formal events! This rose pink hairstyle is easy to pull off and also looks classy at the same time.

Moreover, adding flower pins to this braided updo will take this hairstyle to the next level and you can even wear this hairstyle to weddings!

7. Fishtail Braid

This braided dark pink hairdo is easy to make and ideal for all types of casual occasions! It looks stunning and it’s simple as well! You don’t need a lot of effort or fancy equipment to get this look.

8. Dark Pink Ombre Hair with Bangs

dark pink ombre hair with bangs

Pink ombre hair looks amazing! It’s a great hairstyle for people who prefer having thick bangs with dark pink hair. It’s a pretty classic and bold hairstyle and gives off strong vibes!

9. Side Bangs

I’m sure we’ve all had this pastel pink hairstyle at one point of life or another! It’s a pretty common hairstyle but it looks even more stunning with dark pink hair color!

10. Cute Space Buns

space bun on dark pink hair

This space bun is a unique and different hairstyle bound to have everyone around you mesmerized! It’s simple and easy to make, and looks absolutely stunning!

11. Straight Fuschia Pink Hair

dark pink hairstyles for women

This long straight hairstyle is the simplest of all the dark pink hairstyles we’ve seen yet! It is simple, easy to achieve and just takes a hair straightener! It’s a great hairstyle for casual get-togethers.

FAQs on Dark Pink Hairstyles

Which skin tones does dark pink hair complement best?

Fortunately, dark pink hair compliments all skin colors! However, it’s best suited to extremes of colors, that is, either a whitish fair complexion or a dark complexion!

Are dark pink and magenta the same shades?

No, dark pink and magenta are different shades. The magenta color is more on the purple side!

Dark pink hair looks mesmerizing and stunning in every hairstyle possible!  Although dark pink hair is best suited for extremes of skin colors, it’s generally suitable for all skin complexions, which is great!

Moreover, dark pink gives a strong feminine look that is unparalleled. If you don’t have any experience with dying your hair, you should get your hair dyed by a hairdresser!

However, if you’re confident enough, you can also dye it yourself the first time! It’s not that hard!