6 Reasons People Are Coloring Their Hair Pastel Blue

Why are so many people taking the plunge to dye their hair pastel blue? Are they doing it to seek attention? Maybe they want to be seen as unique? While many people may do it get the compliments or to just stand out in the crowd, there are a number of reasons people are daring to rock this color.


Why Pastel Blue Hair

Here are 6 reasons people are choosing pastel blue hair color.

Versatility with Style!

Pastel blue hair can give a traditional hairstyle a bit of flair, dazzling onlookers from the range and complexity of blue pastel tones within the locks of your hair. From classic bobs and up-dos to brown and black ombre curls to side braids and box braids, the pastel blue color can take a hairstyle and raise it to the next level.

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Trending Now: Pastel Blue Hair

Who wants to be left out of a trend? Pastel hair color is very popular these days and pastel blue has not been left out of the movement. Pinks, greens and yes, pastel blue has been trending upward for the last several years.

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With celebrities and reality-television stars like Nikki Minaj, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Demi Lovato and Kylie Jenner bringing pastel blue off of the red carpet and into mainstream society by way of sources like Instagram, pastel blue has been given fresh life!


Bucking the Trend!

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Not a follower or trendsetter? Perhaps pastel blue is not so trendy where you live? As progressive as some areas of society may be about hairstyles and colors, there are still a few areas in society where pastel blue hair is considered to be bucking the trend. Some may choose to wear pastel blue hair in an effort to deviate from social norms.



Ever hear the phrase “freedom of expression” leveraged? Nothing professes an understanding of the freedom to be who you are like a brazen hairstyle or audacious hair color. Women are kicking down the walls of normalcy to tell the world who they are and what they stand for with the color of their hair.

Whether they change it monthly or annually, they are using colors like pastel blue to tell their story, daring anyone to tell them they cannot wear their hair color.


Desire to Do Something Different

There’s the freedom to be blue and there’s the desire to simply do something different. The desire to do something different with our hair can be the direct result of a relationship that has ended, the desire to have a fresh beginning or the will to step outside of your comfort zone. What better way to take a journey into the land of different than wearing blue hair?


Evoking a Response

While some might be looking to gain attention by a daring hairstyle choice, there are those who are looking to evoke some sort of reaction from friends, family or even complete strangers.

Still not convinced you should take the leap with one of your greatest personal accessories? The good news is that you never have to take a permanent leap with your hair. There are a few hair dyes on the market that will bleed and rinse out of your hair faster than others so that you are not locked into your newfound blue hair for more than a couple of weeks.

However, if you are not a risk-taker, there are a number of pastel blue wigs on the market that you can easily don and take off when you’re not feeling so into the blue.


Unique Pastel Blue Hair Color Ideas

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