23 Blue and Purple Ombre Hair Color Trends

Using wild colors on your hair can give your image a spark it needed to completely change your life. Blue, and purple ombre hair colors are exactly what you’ve been looking for. When the wild hues are combined in an ombre, the effect is much more impressive than when you just dye your locks with one crazy color.

Remember, there is no need to use a permanent dye to achieve striking results. Temporary colors will do as great of a job and allow you to make changes whenever you feel like it.


Blue and Purple Ombre Hair

Besides using dyes to create purple, and blue ombre hair colors, you can use hair extensions. You can keep the top part of your hair natural and use hair extensions to add an outrageously dyed bottom part of the ombre. If a girl feels up to flaunting amazing hair colors, she won’t stop at anything.

To give you some good inspiration, we have handpicked 23 hairstyles using blue and purple hair colors.

1. Highlighted bluish ombre


This amazing mix of two hair-coloring techniques should really blow you away. The top part can be left naturally black or dyed dark green. Meanwhile, the bottom part of the ombre is highlighted light blue and green.


2. Long purple ombre


Purple ombre hair color looks bright when coupled with a darker top option. Keep the top part of your ombre black or dark purple and dye the rest of your hair using the brightest purple shades available.

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3. Blue Hair Extensions


Complement your black wavy hair with blue hair extensions. You can play around with many different styles without being afraid of damaging your hair. As soon as you get tired of the blue locks, simply remove them!

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4.  Azure blue to purple meltdown

For an aesthetic look, try going for a blue and purple ombre look. Ask your stylist to dye your top hair an azure blue which melts down to a deep shade of purple. This hair color gives you a really fantastic look, and even the fading process is awesome.


5. Purple fun


Have fun with various purple ombre hair colors when creating your next image. You’ll be surprised at how may various shades of purple and violet you can take advantage of. Mix and match them!


6. Blue and black ombre


If your natural hair is black, a good touch of blue hair color can change your image. This ombre looks like something out of this world and that’s exactly what makes your image so fantastic.


7. Deep purple and blue edges

If you have got blonde hair, then you might want to take it as an opportunity and get your lower blonde hair dyed into two fantastic colors which are deep purple and deep blue. This combo applied to blonde hair is the perfect combo we have seen so far.


8. Lavender ombre

lavender purple ombre hair ideas for women

To look as elegant as possible, cut your hair to a shoulder-length and put some light waves in it. Keep your dark roots on blonde hair as it is and dye the lower hair with lavender shade for a lavender ombre appearance.


9. Tree braids with purple ends

Braids are a super cool hairstyle for anyone who wants to look different from the rest of the world. To get this hairstyle, divide your hair into various rectangular parts and then braid them all. Dye your lower hair a pretty shade of purple for the best purple ombre hairdos.


10. Purple hair with vivid blue ombre

The combination of blue and purple ombre looks just as amazing as it sounds. Now that you obviously can’t resist it, get your hair dyed to a purple shade, leaving the edges. Add a vivid blue ombre to the edges of the purple hair, to sum up the look.


11. Purple and light green


Purple ombre hair color matched with light green shades look magnificent. Use as much of the light green dye on the ends as possible. The more outrageous shades you use, the more stunning you’ll look.


12. Sea waves


Make a mermaid hairstyle by using blue and green shades in a beautiful ombre. Allow your mane to resemble a beautiful and calm sea and you’ll surely get some awed glances when walking on the street.

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13. Bright purple and blue ombre


Luscious purple ombre hair color mixed with blue highlights can make your mane look like something out of a fairytale. Keep up your romantic image by creating beautiful waves.

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14. Bluish hues


Have fun with blue ombre hair colors when mixing them on top of your head. Keep to the classic shade pattern by using the darkest hues on top and the lightest on the bottom. You can create several layers if you wish.

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15. Dipped ends


If you are not a fan of prominent ombre, you can create a dipped ends image. You can dye your mane any color you wish and then apply the dye to the very ends of your strands so they look as if they were dipped into the dye.


16. Purple and blue


Blue top and purple bottom ombre look fantastic if you don’t overdo the blue color. The purple ombre hair color can be quite natural if you opt for the darker shades. The darker the purple, the more subtle it looks.

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17. Green, blue, and white


The dark blue, light green, and a bleached white mix of colors create a hairstyle that seems out of this world. If you are after making the statement, this combination of hues is the way to go.


 18. Purple dropdown

For anyone who wants a refreshing new look, should go for this purple ombre hair. With purple shades coming out of dark roots and dropping down to a lovely purple hue, you are going to rock your light waves look for the good.


19. Soft blonde with purple highlights

If you are not the vivid kind, then try getting this hairdo of soft blonde hair adorned with a touch of purple ombre starting from the mid-length of the hair to the tips. A soft pop of purple won’t hurt anyone while making you look really graceful.


20. Sapphire blue to neon purple

blue to purple ombre hairstyles

If you have long brown hair and you can’t decide what to do with it, then you might like the idea of coloring your beautiful hair a sapphire blue to purple ombre. It definitely gives you a whole new look in a really positive sense.


21. Ombre for Brunettes

For all the brunettes out there, this version of ombre hair in the purple shade is the best look you could ask for. You have to cut your hair short for this look. After the haircut and waves styling, go for purple ombre to your brown hair and set the bars really high.


22. Purple and blue for dark skin

blue and purple on curly hair

Purple and blue go amazing with dark skin and curly hair. So, get ready to flex in your beautiful complexion by coloring your hair a mix of blue and purple starting a little lower at your dark roots. Everyone is going to envy you with this hairstyle idea.


23. Red and purple union

For a hair color as great as this, you don’t need to go through a lot of mess. You can get this hairstyle by putting bold waves in your medium length hair. Dye your hair red on top and purple below to complete the style.


Blue and purple ombre hair colors can provide your imagination with a lot of room for creativity. Mix and match these colors to create one of the greatest and most striking ombre in your life.

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