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27 Hottest Bottleneck Bangs for Your Next Haircut

If you’re tired of the simple traditional straight bangs that accompany many women’s hairstyles, then you need to consider bottleneck bangs!

Named after their similar appearance to that of the neck of a bottle, this wispy style of fringe features a subtle part in the middle, billows out around the eyes, and is longest at the temples.

It typically grazes the eyebrows but is oftentimes longer for a more dramatic or softer look and the best part about bottleneck bangs is that they amazingly complement most face shapes.

It’s the perfect fringe whether you’re trying to lengthen or widen your face, and it does so while flattering your best angles.

Flattering Bottleneck Bang Cuts

Bottleneck bangs are parted bangs but unlike the styles with softer sweeps, it offer edgy center-focused short fall. So, check out some sassy bottleneck bangs to instantly liven it up!

1. Long Wavy Hair

long bottleneck bangs

If your face is oval-shaped, maintain long hair with straightened bottleneck bangs for the most flattering look. This graceful hairstyle features soft waves in the bottom half.

2. Updo with Bangs

blonde bottleneck bangs

Do you prefer to wear your hair up at the office? Then go for this face-framing bangs. A chic updo using a claw hair clip looks great with long bangs parted in the middle.

3. Feathered Pixie

pixie cut with bottleneck bangs

How cute is this feathered pixie for women with a small face? The bottleneck bangs are subtle, which makes it the perfect detail for women who like minimalistic styling.

4. Medium Dark Pink Hair

bottleneck bangs on medium hair

Shoulder-length bangs are one of the most popular styles because it’s not too long or short. Make your hair noticeable with a bold dark pink color and blunt bottleneck bangs.

5. Curly Bottleneck Bangs

curly bottleneck bangs

You can still rock beautiful bottleneck bangs if you have curly hair. The key is in keeping them thin, not overly thick, so use your fingers to style them.

6. Voluminous Vintage Hair

vintage bottleneck bangs

This vintage hairstyle features lots of teased volume at the crown and long dramatic bottleneck bangs. Complement the look with a bright printed headband.

7. Thin Bottleneck Bangs

bottleneck curtain bangs

Don’t think that just because you have thin hair, you can’t pull off bottleneck bangs. Straighten them to emphasize their wispiness and you’ll have the perfect look.

8. Short Thick Hair + Glasses

bottleneck bangs for older women

If you’re an older woman who still has thick hair, show it off in a chic shoulder-grazing bottleneck bob. Round it out with short bottleneck bangs to flatter your glasses.

9. Low Updo with Tendrils

bottleneck bangs with updo

Is your hair naturally straight? We recommend opting for this low bun updo, featuring lots of stringy tendrils and long bangs parted in the middle.

10. Blunt Blue Bob

bob with bottleneck bangs

If you’re a fan of color in your hair, you’ll love this eclectic dark blue bob! Its blunt cut flatters an angled jawline, while the bottleneck bangs keep the look soft.

11. Blunt Bottleneck Bangs

bottleneck bangs for black women

Do you typically wear your long hair straightened? Switch up your look easily by adding bluntly cut bottleneck bangs that stop just above your eyebrows.

12. Red Hair with Bangs and Glasses

bottleneck bangs with glasses

Another great look for women who like rocking a little color in their hair is this edgy wavy hairstyle in bright red! The bangs are short and straightened, and lead the way perfectly to cat eye glasses.

13. Short Ponytail with Messy Bangs

face framing bottleneck bangs

Whether you’re in a hurry or out running errands this weekend, a classic ponytail is never a bad look for short hair. Bottleneck bangs are easy to finger style too.

14. Straight Layered Pixie

short hair with bottleneck bangs

To style your short pixie for the day, blow it out to straighten it for sleekness and use thin bangs to keep your look soft.

15. Hipster Hair with Bottleneck Bangs

straight bottleneck bangs

Any fashionista who loves experimenting with their look will want to try this hipster hairstyle, featuring a wide-brimmed hat over long hair and middle-parted bangs.

16. Thick Curly Bob

wavy bottleneck bangs

For women with naturally curly hair and an oval face, we recommend a classy chin-length bob. Thin bangs will help to make your long face look wider.

17. Balayage Bottleneck Bangs

bottleneck bangs for thick hair

Make sure everyone notices your new hairstyle by giving it a rich balayage color. We love this mix of blonde and rusty red on long hair.

18. Low Bun with Thick Bangs

bottleneck bangs with ponytail

A low bun or long braid takes only minutes to style, but with chic thick bottleneck bangs to provide framing, you’ll look effortlessly put together.

19. Short Bottleneck Bangs for Older Women

gray bottleneck bangs

If you’re feeling self-conscious about having thin hair in your older age, some artistic short bottleneck bangs will distract you. Add them to any length of hair for the perfect complement.

20. Bob with Bangs for Curvy Faces

bottleneck bangs for fine hair

Even women with chubby faces, especially pronounced round faces can pull off trendy bottleneck bangs. Try longer ones with a bob to make your face appear more square.

21. Side Bottleneck Bangs

side bottleneck bangs

A playful short haircut with lots of flipped out layers is just the haircut for flaunting bold hair color. Blue and green are the star of the show on this style with side bottleneck bangs.

22. Blonde Shag

shaggy bottleneck bangs

Between the shaggy hairstyle, super light blonde color, and the bold red lip, this is the ultimate ‘cool girl’ look. Part bangs subtly in the middle to draw attention to your gorgeous eyes.

23. Wispy Bottleneck Bangs

wispy bottleneck bangs

To create a wispy bang, ask your stylist for feathered strands in long and short lengths. This style is a good look on women with a square or heart-shaped face.

24. Bandana Hairstyle with Pink Bangs

bottleneck bangs with headband

If your skin tone is light or pale, you’ll easily be able to rock a fun bubblegum pink in your hair. Use a printed bandana to help draw attention to your colorful new look and stylish bangs.

25. Little Girls’ Bottleneck Bangs

bottleneck bangs for little girls

Many parents opt for giving their child short and straight bangs to keep hair out of their eyes. But bottleneck bangs can do the same job in a much cuter way!

26. Swooped Bangs on Teased Hair

feathered bottleneck bangs

Bored with straight hair? Tease the crown of your hair to create height and volume, fill the body with large waves, then shape your bottleneck bangs so they look ‘swooped’ or rounded.

27. Layered Thin Hair

layers with bottleneck bangs

No one will notice how thin or fine your hair is when you add long layers and bangs parted in the middle. You can also make your mane look thicker by giving it a blowout.

Bottleneck bangs are clearly one very versatile style of bangs, as you can see from the above 27 hairstyles. Which of the hairstyles is your favorite? Flatter the angles of your face in the best way with these beauties and watch your look transform!