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10 Trendy Knotless Braids in Burgundy & Brown

Without the traditional knot at the start of each braid, knotless braids are lightweight and natural-looking upgrades of regular box braids. But as if that’s not enough, you can make this hairstyle stand out even more by playing with burgundy and brown hair colors.

If you want to give this look a try, check out our examples of the best burgundy and brown knotless braids for your hair inspiration!

Who Should Wear Burgundy and Brown Knotless Braids?

Burgundy and brown knotless braids can be worn by anyone, but they may particularly suit those with warmer skin undertones, as these colors complement their natural hues.

They’re a great choice for individuals who like to experiment with different hairstyles and for those who work in creative or relaxed environments.

Additionally, they serve as a protective style for hair health and are relatively low-maintenance, although color touch-ups might be needed. Ultimately, anyone who feels confident and comfortable with these braids should wear them.

Go for knotless braids if you:

  • want to experience less pain, irritation, or redness on your scalp.
  • plan to try out different hairstyles without having to wait for days for your braids to loosen up.
  • like to enjoy healthier hair and scalp.
  • wish to try a more natural-looking and longer-lasting version of box braids.
  • have pink, olive, or ebony skin tones. (burgundy)
  • have cool skin undertones. (brown)

Burgundy Knotless Braids

If you’ve already made up your mind and you want to give this cool hairstyle a chance, here are some of the best burgundy knotless braids that you can try:

1. Burgundy Ombre

burgundy ombre knotless braids

If you’re not completely sold out on coloring your locks completely burgundy, burgundy and black ombre is your next best choice. The burgundy shade adds a fun and playful touch to your classic black hair while the black top balances the burgundy’s colorful and joyful vibe.

2. Braided High Ponytail

burgundy knotless braids on dark skin

Take your burgundy knotless braids to a whole new level by pulling them into a high ponytail. You can make the burgundy color stand out by using the tuck method. To do this, you simply need to tuck your dark hair under the braid during the braiding process.

3. Bob Braids

burgundy jumbo knotless braids

If you want cool knotless braids that are easy to manage and style, jumbo knotless braids are your best bet. Compared to regular knotless braids, these are more lightweight and won’t impose too much tension on the scalp.

This is also the perfect style for short hair which tends to stick out when styled into regular-sized braids.

4. Knotless Braids + Beads

burgundy knotless braids with beads

Is burgundy hair color not stylish enough for you? If that’s the case, beads are just what you need to give your knotless braids that special flair!

5. Burgundy Knotless Braids with Curls

burgundy knotless braids with curls

Do you want to add pizzaz to your already-gorgeous burgundy knotless braids? Add a few curly strands in between! Ask your stylist for the goddess gypsy braids and you’ll certainly look the carefree bohemian chic you’ve always wanted to be!

Brown Knotless Braids

If you have cooler skin undertones, the brown shade is the best option for you. With that said, here are some brown knotless braids looks that you can try:

6. Honey Brown Bob

honey brown knotless braids

Don’t be afraid to bring back the 90s with this beautiful knotless braided bob. On the other hand, the amber and orange tinges of this honey-brown hair color will give this classic hairstyle that modern update it needs.

7. Gypsy Braids

brown knotless braids with curls

Goddess braids, bohemian braids, gypsy braids- regardless of what you call them, one thing’s for sure: these are the braids that will unleash your inner goddess. The curly hair strands placed in between and all around the brown knotless braids give the entire look a fun and carefree vibe.

8. Medium Knotless Braids

brown medium knotless braids

If you don’t fancy jumbo knotless braids and you’re not a fan of small knotless braids, then go for medium-sized ones! Since it’s not too big nor too small (it’s just right!), it takes less time to put it in plus it’s more lightweight and natural-looking.

9. Black + Bronde + Hair Cuff

brown knotless braids with beads

This hairstyle has all the elements needed to stand out. It has knotless braids in an eye-catching brown-blonde shade and dark roots for a more natural look. As if that’s not enough, it also has a few hair cuffs here and there to transform the hair from drab to fab.

10. Black to Brown Ombre

brown ombre knotless braids

Show off your personal style in the most eye-catching way possible with these brown ombre knotless braids. The beautiful transition from your dark natural hair to a more fabulous shade of brown gives the braids a more stylish look.

Whether you decide to go for burgundy knotless braids or brown knotless braids, one thing’s for sure– you will stand out! So what are you waiting for? Choose from any of these hair inspirations and visit the salon so you can finally get the braid of your dreams!