40 Stunning Burgundy Hair Colors to Bring to Your Colorist



Trend-setting Burgundy Hair Color Ideas

Burgundy hair color shades are bold, impressive, and sure to attract attention, which is why women need to make sure to choose the best style for their personality.


burgundy box braids

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medium burgundy hair

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burgundy dreadlocks

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curly burgundy hair color

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burgundy hair braid

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half up burgundy hair

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burgundy twists hair

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curly burgundy hair

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burgundy fauxlocs

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burgundy ponytail

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burgundy hair color with bangs

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burgundy pigtails

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burgundy pixie

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half up burgundy ponytail

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17. Burgundy Bob

burgundy red hair color ideas

Bobs are such easy, simple and stylish ways for wearing your fun new hair color. Plus, they keep hair healthy, especially if you’ve just dyed your hair or color your hair often.


18. Ruby Burgundy

burgundy red hair

This ruby hue is perfect on warm skin tones and works on hair both short and long- so long as it’s hydrated for color maintenance.


19. Pixie Bob

short burgundy red hair

A pixie bob is an ideal cut for the gal that wants short burgundy hair. These highlights are focused mainly on the front of the face. Dark, natural color is kept for depth and to give off a grounded feeling.


20. Dark Burgundy

burgundy red hair color for black girl

This may be the perfect burgundy hair color for black girls if your skin has lots of warmth. This deep hue contains lots of brown and a splash of red to really balance out your look.


21. Brunette Roots

burgundy red hair color

A couple of inches of roots used to be embarrassing. Many women are pleased that it’s now a trend. Just make sure that your natural brunette color matches and will fade nicely into your new hue.


22. Maroon Burgundy

dark burgundy red hair

Adding brown color to red will give you a maroon burgundy hue. There are some cool hints of purple in this dark burgundy hairstyle too, however. Add a few pink streaks for playful dimension.


23. Wine Burgundy

long red wine burgundy hair

This wine burgundy hair contains a mellow tone. This look is certainly bold, but we love it on long, straight locks and other simple styles.


24. Black And Burgundy Ombre

Black to burgundy ombre hair looks so great in a cool tone. If you want most of your hair to retain the burgundy color, start your ombre just a few inches out from your part.


25. Cool Burgundy

burgundy red hairstyles

Olive skin tones look great with burgundy hair that leans towards the cool side. This will add a natural balance to your overall look. we love it on this sleek medium hairstyle.


26. Layered Medium Burgundy Hair

burgundy red hair for girls

Layers give movement to fine or thin hair that might be lacking bounce. They also happen to look great in deep colors. Consider this color if you’re looking to switch up your medium hair.


27. Burgundy Braids

burgundy red hair on brown skin

Cornrows, feed in braids, and even box braids look so great as burgundy hair on brown skin. This color provides a subtle and sophisticated way to wear a bold new color. Add charms or beads to dress things up.


28. Tousled Long Bob

This burgundy wavy hair is gorgeous and easy to wear. A long bob is cute on women of any age and so easy to style. This rich color really comes alive on tousled waves. Bobs are healthy for hair and perfect for all occasions.


29. Curly Pixie With Undercut

curly burgundy red hair

This curly burgundy hairstyle is not only edgy, but it’s so cute and functional. A shaved undercut makes styling that much easier and shows off stunning curly side bangs.


30. Burgundy Highlights With Black Lowlights

Combine burgundy highlights with black lowlights add dimension to your hair. Your stylist should focus black color on the underneath portion of hair and leave the burgundy color on most of the hair on top.


31. Sleek And Straight

Great highlighting jobs speak for themselves when your hair is silky smooth. Straight burgundy hair color may be simple, but no one can say it isn’t gorgeous.


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32. Dark Burgundy Balayage

This hairstyle also employs the balayage technique, this time with a purplish hue. It works great for babes with dark hair and cool skin tones.


33. Smooth Burgundy Bob

Bobs are suitable for nearly every woman and provide the perfect palette for trying more adventurous color. Brighten your brunette hair or take your classic color on a burgundy-colored adventure for your sleek and neat bob.

As you can see, burgundy hair can be done in a variety of ways. As long as you’ve complimented your skin tone, cut and styling is left in your hands. We hope you’ve found a color that you truly love.


Short Burgundy Hairstyles

These wonderful burgundy hair color ideas are all great options for women with short hair who want to stand out in a crowd.

34. Sleek Chin-length Bob

burgundy bob for women

Short burgundy hairstyles don’t have to be curled, as this great cut shows. It’s a simple bob that is made impressive thanks to how deep and true the color is, but also because the hair is so sleek and stacked.

The way the hair is cut adds a bunch of volume, making any woman look like she has impossibly thick and luxurious hair, even if hers is a bit thinner.


35. Short Curly Mohawk

short burgundy haircut

The very short curls on the top of the head in this style aren’t the real star of the show – it’s the faded sides and the design cut into the fade.

Strong lines around the face and the nape of the neck show off how attractive the burgundy hair color is, as well as the great design. This style does require regular upkeep to not look messy or grown out.


36. Wavy Bob

Simple curls are often one of the best ways to show off a deep burgundy color. The short hair is curled so that it rests away from the face, which ensures that women can easily see without their hair getting in the way.

Additionally, this allows the curls to catch the light, making some of the hair look brighter and some darker, giving it a lot of depth.


37. Side Part Bob

This is a sleek and updated look which is great for modern women. The hair can be tucked behind the ears if it gets in the way.

Because it is so straight, it hangs easily to the shoulders, without any curl. This does mean that it requires regular trims, but the effort is worth it, as it looks great.


38. Short Ombre

Dark roots are a great contrast to burgundy ombre hair and make this gorgeous color pop.

The dark roots on this style are allowed to grow out very long, which gives the look more of a two-toned appearance than if the roots were shorter.

It’s an intentional look that easily hides the process of growing out the hair and makes it look great.


39. Mid-parted Bob

short burgundy hairstyles

A simple bob gets a great upgrade with this burgundy hair color thanks to the curls. Rather than curling all of the hair, women can simply curl it from the eyes down, which adds movement to the hair without too much effort.

Because of this, this style is very easy to handle and to create, and is sure to become a favorite when women don’t have a lot of time in the morning to get ready.


40. Pixie with Shaved Sides

short burgundy hair for women

Rather than tucking bright burgundy hair back and away from the face, this pixie cut with long bangs celebrates the color by allowing the bangs to hang down a bit over the forehead.

The rest of the hair is trimmed to undercut. This is a bolder and brighter burgundy than some other women opt for, which means that it is a great choice for standing out in a crowd.


Unique Burgundy hair shades are sure to make any woman feel more confident and exciting. Choosing one of these great options will help any woman embrace who she is and express her personality.