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30 Best Short Braided Hairstyles for Black Women

When talking about braids that suit short black hair, there are so many options to pick from. Using weaves and Jumbo hair, you will be able to replicate almost any medium and long hairstyle without having to wait for your natural hair to grow.


Braids for Short Black Hair

From cornrow or box braids to long ombre hairstyles and even mohawks, short black hair will not be an obstacle in your way to a ravishing hairdo. Check out some inspiring short braided hairstyling ideas for black women below.

1. Bob for Short Black Hair

short braided bob for black hair

If you have short black hair, you will undoubtedly look mind-blowing with a blonde braided bob. Are you wondering how to obtain that? Platinum blonde Jumbo hair will be your aid in this journey of creating a stunning face-framing hairdo.


2. Mohawk for Short Black Hair

cornrow braids for short black hair

Cornrow braids that go upwards will create a gorgeous mohawk that will flatter any black woman with short hair. Make the knits as thin as possible and use curly hair extensions to extend the mohawk.


3. Short Box Braids for Black Girls

short box braids for black girl

Short box braids can be styled in so many ways, suiting any black girl. Did you know that you can also transform your poetic justice braids into a layered hairstyle with bangs, just like the example above? Give it a try, girl!


4. Yellow Hair Crown for Short Hair

short curly braids for black girl

A crown curly braid will properly place any black girl into the spotlight. If you want something that really catches everyone’s eyes, go for a bright yellow shade.


5. Short Braids for Kids

short braids for black little girls

Short braids for little black girls can be styled upwards and pinned in two ponytails or a bun. It is quite hard to make your kid stand in one place every day while you fix her hair, so a knitted hairstyle is a thing you need to make those busy mornings bearable.


6. Crocket Curly Braids

short crochet braids for black hair

It doesn’t matter if you have short hair, crochet braids can totally transform your look. Go for an undercut on sides and use a curly weave to build three knits on top of the head. You’ll pull off a chic hipster look that will win anyone’s heart.


7. Twisted Braids for Short Black Hair

short twist braids for african american women

Instagram / euphoricstylez

Short twist braids make any African American woman feel like a queen. All you need is a few packs of jumbo hair or braids that are already twisted and attach them as close to the scalp.


8. Cornrows for Black Women

short feed in braids for black women

Short feed in braids are a suitable alternative for black women who don’t want to waste their mornings styling their Afro hair. Once your braids are done, make sure that overnight you wrap the knits in a scarf and sleep on a silk pillow.


9. Two Braids

two braids for black girl with short hair

Before you part your hair in two, detangle it with a wide-tooth comb or brush and use your favorite jam to make it easier to manage. Knit two braids for your short hair, and you’ll get a hairstyle for black girls that keeps your strands in one place for the whole day.


10. Reversed Braids for Natural Hair

braids for short natural black hair

Create twisted feed in braids because they are a mind-blowing option for black women with short natural hair. Knit them upwards so they will end up in a mohawk on top of the head.


11. Triple Braid Crown

braids for short natural black hair

By making three braids that border your hairline, you’ll show off your afro hair texture perfectly. Just start from either side and wind it around.


12. Braided Side Bangs

short braids with bandana for black hair

Whether you have bangs or not, you can make them on short hair just by making a ponytail and flipping it forwards at an angle or by braiding layered hair near the front of your face. Wrap it all up in a colorful bandana.


13. Micro Braid Bun

short curly braids for black hair

This fancy updo starts with super tiny braids, then lets them loose to show off waves before winding everything up in a low loose bun. Secure with a neutral-colored hair tie or a bright ribbon.


14. Braid Fade

short side braids for black hair

Liven up short springy-curly hair by making three or four small braids on only one side of your head, securing them in the back mid-height.


15. Cornrow Ponytail with Bangs

braids with bangs for short black hair

The combination of cornrows, a poofy ponytail, and straightened bangs makes this look a winner for short-haired Black women. For fringe, ask your stylist to layer it for the cutest side bangs.


16. Side Braid

braids for short african hair

Heading out on the town? Get dressed up with a beautiful side braid that winds around and tucks into a slick bun. Start it off center to maximize length.


17. Box Braids with Beads

braids with shaved sides for short black hair

Instagram / hairbyelpee

If you love wacky hair colors, like the red above, style it up and emphasize the color by going with short box braids capped with three clear beads. An undercut will keep you cool, both literally and figuratively!


18. Braid Bob

short asymmetrical braids for black hair

While a bluntly cut bob is a chic short hairstyle, cutting it asymmetrically will nicely flatter any face shape much better. These thick braids with wooden hair cuffs only need that angled cut to be stunning.


19. Hairline Braid

headband braid for short black hair

A ponytail is any girl’s favorite easy hairstyle, but to make it shine even more in short black hair, add a braid along your hairline. It takes only seconds to do and can be made tight or loose depending on the occasion.


20. Braid Pigtails

short braided pigtails for black hair

If your little black girl has short hair and hasn’t tried braided pigtails, add it to your list of to-do’s! Just part her hair down the middle, make two ponytails at either side of the head, and braid. She’ll love picking out colorful hair ties!


21. Knotless Ghana Braids

short cornrow braids for black hair

Instagram / braidsbyekaoto

Ghana braids are the epitome of chic and you’ll love the way they show off short spiral-curled hair. Don’t be afraid to play with hair color to enhance your dark skin tone. Try this beautiful teal to make curls come alive.


22. Ombre Braid Bob

short ombre braids for black hair

Instagram / prettybraidsbydina

If you’re a Black woman and you haven’t tried a super light hair color like white, take a look at what it can do for short box braids. We love a white and light pink ombre against a dark skin tone.


23. Jumbo Short Braids

short braids with beads for black hair

Instagram / house_of_beauty_01

Not into thin braids? Jumbo braids can make your hair look great as well. These short ones stop at the chin and are secured with classy gold hair cuffs. You can add a few more in near the start of the braid for extra bling.


24. Knot Braids with Curls

braids with curls for short black hair

Instagram / justbraidsinfo

Keep a little texture in your hair by letting some sections of your hair be loose among braids. On Black women, this shoulder-length knot braided hairstyle beautifully flaunts loose spiral curls.


25. Half Updo Braids

half up braids for short black hair

Instagram / sstylebytay

How gorgeous are these gold hair strings and beads on black hair? A half ponytail is a great look on Black women with any face shape, and the style is sure to make you shine.


26. Lemonade Braids

lemonade braids for short black hair

Instagram / nigerianbraids

Beyonce inspired so many women to wear lemonade braids, even if they had short black hair. To pull them off, you only need your hair to be 2 inches long. Use Jumbo hair to build them, and you’ll feel like a real R&B queen.


27. Thick Cornrows

short black braided hairstyles

Part your hair in five equal sections and braid these locks following the hairline. Once you’ve reached the bottom, extend the knits with some hair extensions.


28. Half Cornrows

braids for short black hair

A half up half down braided hairstyle is such a marvelous choice when you have short black hair. Create cornrows only for the top hair and straighten the lower strands.


29. Braids for Afro Hair

braids for short haired black girl

You’d be tempted to think that there are not so many short black braided hairstyling options, but you’re mistaken. Split your mane into multiple sections and create feed in braids and secure them at the bottom.


30. Afro Braided Mohawk

African American braid hairstyles for short hair
Afro hair has a lot of volume because the coils are somewhat frizzy and less curly. This type of hair is quite hard to style, and it requires a lot of maintenance. To create a hairstyle that will help you tame it, braid your sides upwards to build a mohawk.


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No matter what your plans are for the day, it would be best if you had a hairstyle with short braids. Believe us; they are the perfect match when having black hair that seems impossible to tame. Choose from a wide variety of ideas and use the one that suits and makes you feel more comfortable than ever.