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15 Bewitching Box Braided Ponytails to Change The Look

Box braids ponytails are one of the most daring and unique hairstyles for women who want to make a difference in their hairstyle and need versatility. The braids are defined as “boxy” particularly because of their square-shaped hair parts. This hairstyle is known and popular go-to choice for black women for many years.

Many celebrities, both black and white, are sporting this hairstyle, without any particular reference to it, but just because of their beauty and trendiness. Their popularity grows day by day and they can be worn on many occasions, no matter if the event is official or unofficial. They are appealing and interesting, and most of all, they are low maintenance.

There are many different styles they can be worn in, even with or without hair extensions. They are a great choice for those with natural or chemically-straightened hair. if they properly care, the box braids can last a few months, which is one of the biggest pros if you are wondering which season is the best for wearing them.


How to Style A Ponytail with Box Braids

women with box braids ponytail

One of the most popular styles of wearing box braids into a ponytail. As for any other styles, the ponytail box braids is a quick, easy and nice looking option if you want to keep your hair away from your face. The box braids can also be styled in various options of the ponytail and they look gorgeous and fresh.

Styling is easy. One of the simplest looks is just pulling your braids back, and wrapping them in a pony. Simple but cool, this is a safe choice that is trendy and modern. However, there are many different styles of the braids tied up in a pony and they all look great.


How to Make A Bun with Box Braids

How to Make A Bun with Box Braids

As the braids can be tied in a ponytail, they can easily be styled in a bun. The box braided bun for black hair is a retro look that has been popular since forever. The bun can be done with all types of braids, thick or thin. There are different looks with the bun but the most popular is the top bun and the half bun.

The top bun is done by wrapping your braids in a high ponytail. from there, the next step is to pull them together, wrap them around the center of the pony and fasten them with another hair band. To cover the band, use few brads over the band.

The half up bun is also a very cute look. the braids are separated into two parts – upper and lower part. The upper part is wrapped in a pony, and then transformed in a bun with rolling the braids over. The lower part are just the braids, let freely down. So, whichever style you choose, they are stylish and very easy to style.


Watch The Following Video to Learn How to Do a Bun with Box Braids


Stunning Box Braids Ponytail Hairstyles

Following are the 15 of the trendiest ponytail box braids styles that are trending this year for women.

1. Tight Ponytail with Jumbo Braids

women with jumbo box braids ponytail

For those who are wearing bigger and thicker jumbo box braids, this is a very elegant ponytail with box braids look that is easy to do. Pull the braids back into a mid-high pony, wrap them and hide the hairband with another braid.


2. Half Up Half Down Ponytail

Half Up Half Down Box Braids Ponytail

This look is perfect for styling the shoulder length braids. The half up half down box braided ponytail style is made by creating a low pony on the upper part of the head, involving the braids from there. The rest, the lower part, are just let down, without any particular styling.


3. Side Ponytail Braids with Bandana

Ponytail Box Braids with Bandana

Adding an accessory is always stylish and speaks for the fashion sense of the person. In this look, the bandana comes as the accessory. It is wrapped at the front of the head. The box braids and pulled back in a high ponytail.


4. Box Braided Ponytail with Pink

box braids ponytail for white girls

A subtle pink is the pop of color that takes long box braids to a new height in a ponytail. Secure with a matching hair tie!


5. Box Braid Ponytail for Black Women

box braided ponytail for black girls

Super long box braids are swept up into a high glamorous ponytail for the best statement look on Black women.


6. Long Box Braids Ponytail

long box braids ponytail

Get the best of both worlds with a half ponytail, leaving the rest down. Electric blue makes this look very edgy.


7. Bob Box Braided Ponytail

bob box braided ponytail

For box braids that are cut to bob level, go for just a half updo. Pull it tight for height or leave loose for a soft look.


8. Fishtail Braids Ponytail

fishtail ponytail box braids

The beauty of this box braids ponytail hairstyle is the visible texture of the tiny fishtail braids. Wrap your braids in a high pony, and with the rest of the pony make a fishtail braid. How it off by pulling it to the side, over the shoulder.


9. High Ponytail Braids

high box braids ponytail for women

High side ponytails are always interesting as they give the upgraded look the regular pony. This box braided side ponytail can be done by wrapping the braids in a side pony and hiding the hair band with other braids.


10. High French Braid Ponytail

The classic French tail can also be done with ponytail box braiding and the look you will get is very nice. The high pony is the position you need to start the French braid.


11. Classic High Ponytail with Weave

The high box braided ponytail hairdo looks especially good on those women who have long braids. To wrap the best high pony, bend down and then tie a pony. Get back up and set the braids in the right direction.


12. Ponytail with Micro Braids

black women with micro box braids ponytail

The beauty of each ponytail is unique and different and it all depends on the thickness of the braids. If you have thin braids, your box braids into a ponytail will look more voluminous and big.


13. Side Low Ponytail

The low side ponytail with box braids is maybe the quickest look you will get from your braids. You do not even have to pull the hair up. Just wrap it low down and set the braids to the front.


14. Side Swept Long Ponytail

Side Swept Low Box Braids Ponytail

The side swept look from the box braids, positioned in a low pony is also a great choice if you want to have a soft and romantic look.


15. Twisted Half-up Ponytail

twisted box braids ponytail

The twisted ponytail with box braids is a combination of two looks. To achieve this style, separate the hair in two parts – upper and lower. The upper part of the braids is wrapped in a high pony and twisted all the way down. The lower part of the braids is just let down.


Wearing box braids ponytail can be a very nice and fashionable experience for you. There are so many different styling options that you can choose from so that each day can be a new opportunity for a different look. for your braids to look good it is important that you take good and proper care. If not, they can be damaged and they will not look good.