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17 Effortless Camping Hairstyles for Outdoor Adventure

What can be better than getting disconnected from the world and spending time alone in the wilderness? Although camping close to nature can prove to be a rough and tough holiday, it doesn’t mean you should look all messed up too.

It’s very important to choose a campfire-appropriate hairstyle or else your loose tresses will irritate your neck, get into the face and eyes, and become tangled beyond control.

You can always switch between braids, buns, ponytails, and half updos to appear different every day. All of these are included in the following list of camping hairstyles.

Camping Hairstyles

Look like a fashionista even in the middle of the jungle with these simple yet stylish hairstyles for camping.

1. Messy Top Knot

casual updo for camp

Keeping the hair safely tucked away is preferable when setting step into the wild. Throw up the tresses into a basic knotted bun sitting on top of the head.

Let those baby hairs stand in all their glory for a careless appeal. You can always set your locks free in between.

2. Pigtail Braids

braided pigtails for camp

Pigtail braids are a true lifesaver when it comes to hikes and camps as they protect the hair like nothing else.

Opt for two French braids or plait a single low-lying ponytail into two knits and tousle them at the front. A subtle pouf on top provides additional hold.

3. High Ponytail

camp hairstyle with ponytail

A chic high ponytail looks nothing less when it comes to camping hairstyles. Position it as high as possible to impart a slimming effect to the face while keeping strands away from the neck.

Wrap a chunk around the base to achieve a modern knotted look.

4. Bleached Buzz Cut

camping hairstyle for short hair

Get rid of your normal life as well as your routine hairstyle when going on a camping break. How? Make a bold move and chop away all the hair into a uni-length buzz cut.

Bleach the head if you like and you won’t even need a comb for weeks!

5. Afro Curls with Headband

camping hairstyle for young black women

Black beauties can take advantage of good weather by setting their kinky afro curls on full display rather than taming them into a bun.

Add some caramel blonde sweetness to those coiled tips and put on a silk headband to prevent your mane from turning into a messy pile of hair.

6. Half-Up Bunches

camping hairstyle for red hair

Keep hair away from the eyes while looking super cute with these adorable half-up bunches.

Grab the middle-parted front strands and secure them with hair ties. You can repeat the same towards the back and end up with gorgeous bubble braids that are worth a try too!

7. Bundled Updo

curly updo hairstyle for camp

Become the queen of the jungle with a dreamy yet ruffled updo that is too good to be true.

Pile up all your curly strands on top of the head. Don’t pull too tight and leave the ends sticking out for a no-care appeal. Add some flowers and done!

8. Fringe + Face-Framing Layers

Layers on wavy hair don’t need much styling and appear good even with minimal care hence can be left loose to sway with the wind when camping.

Couple them with thick bangs that are shorter than curtain bangs with a less obvious middle part in case of a long face.

9. Half-Up Bun

half up hairstyle for camp

Ladies who wish to keep their mane on the loose without having to readjust their hairdo every now and then can try a half-up bun without worry.

The hair at the front is neatly pinned back while the remaining strands dance around at the back. Chic!

10. Loose Half Ponytail

camping hairstyle for Asian women

Camping hairstyles can be romantic too just like this loose ponytail that is sure to grab the attention of many.

Use a bandana/scarf to tie half of your tresses and tousle the remaining ones on your shoulders. That soft ombre is a must-try too!

11. Cropped Blunt Bob

bob haircut for camp

The shorter the hair, the lesser you need to look after it when enjoying an outdoor getaway.

How about a straight-cut French bob? It falls anywhere near the chin with or without layers and does not demand much apart from some finger-brushing along the way.

12. Stunning Long Ombre Curls

camping hairstyle for long hair

Appear a part of the beautiful nature around you by showing off those god-gifted curls with pride.

The seamless brown to blonde ombre is just to die for! Keeping the curls loose for a long time during camping isn’t recommended. But once in a while surely won’t hurt.

13. Piled-Up Dreads with Undercut

camping hairstyle with dreadlocks

No one wants to return from the wild with clumped tufts of hair. But if you have dreadlocks make sure to style them appropriately or else many things will be found adhering to them.

Try a long dreaded top assembled in a ponytail with an undercut and you won’t regret it!

14. Classy Claw Clip Updo

camp hairstyle

Sticking to the basics, get your hands on a claw clip and experiment with various hairstyles using just this single piece of hair accessory.

To begin with, twist the hair, raise it up against the head, and secure it in place with your jaw clip. Can’t get any easier!

15. Angled Pixie

short camp hairstyle with highlights

Pixie cuts are liberating whether or not you’re going camping. Maintain a sassy appeal with neatly clipped sides and a long top featuring angled bangs at the front.

Achieve texture with choppy layers. Throw in some highlights to add brightness to the face and there you go!

16. Simple Side Braid

camping hairstyle with braids

Braids make the perfect hairstyles for camping that protect long tresses from getting tangled, damaged, and all fluffed up.

Sweep all the hair on one side, entwine it to the ends, and add a rubber band. You can also wrap it further into an edgy side bun.

17. Straight Hair with Elastic Hairband

camping hairstyle with headband

If you love your silky straight locks set them free with an elastic headband at the front. It prevents sweat and hair from getting into the eyes while your mane dangles down the shoulders.

The natural-looking lightened ends are yet another essential to experiment with!

All these camping hairstyles look gorgeous as long as your mane isn’t damaged during your campfire journey. Keep in mind to use protective hair products and plenty of dry shampoo as water won’t be available much for washing and bathing.

Minimize the use of hairspray to avoid the hair from getting clumped up in the middle of the wilderness!