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12 Most Flattering French Bob Haircuts for 2024

The French always seem to get it right when it comes to style and the French bob is no exception! Characterized by a blunt ear-length cut that is often accompanied by bangs, this ultra-stylish look oozes with attitude. The look isn’t for everyone, but it can certainly be adjusted to work with your face shape and personal style.

What is French bob?

A French bob is a haircut characterized by a blunt, bold cut that reaches somewhere between the chin and the ears. French bobs are often, but not always, paired with straight-across brow-length bangs.

The Best French Bob Styles

Read on to see the top 12 French bob hairstyles we can’t stop gushing over.

1. French Bob with Bangs

french bob with bangs

This French bob with bangs may be longer than your typical look, but it certainly has the blunt cut that is  synonymous with the style. Minimal layering defines this look and shows off a gorgeous face underneath.

2. Short and Wispy French Bob

short french bob

Like most of these cuts, this short bob has a very effortless, ‘undone’ vibe that is typical of French style in general. If your hair has some natural wave or texture, have no fear! This is the look for you.

3. Totally Curly French Bob

curly french bob

Hello, volume! A curly bob can be perfect for hot climates to keep hair off of your neck. This particular look has tons of body thanks to its round-cut shape.

4. Wavy French Bob

wavy french bob

Dress up your haircut with some ringlets for the perfect wavy French bob. For a glamorous, retro vibe, go for a side part. Give curls a tousle so they don’t look too perfect.

5. Shaggy French Bob

Forget about being neat, this French shaggy bob is embracing a messy style. With colorful highlights, it’s ideal for the punk princess. Feel free to wear your bob without color, too. Just give it a tousle before you head out the door.

6. Blonde Bob

french blonde bob

So often we see this cut on darker hair, but it works just as well in lighter hues. If you’re looking for a chic way to elevate your short hair, go for a French blonde bob. Piecey bangs are the icing on the cake for this look.

7. Asymmetrical French Bob

asymmetrical french bob

An asymmetrical French bob provides an edgy twist on a classic style. The look is best with a side part and no more than a two-inch difference between each length of hair. We love it with a freshly chopped fringe.

8. True French Bob

very short french bob

If you want to get technical, then take a look at this very short French bob. Hair should be cut to hit the top of cheekbones. Add bangs to create a frame to surround your beautiful eyes.

9. French Bob for Fine Hair

If your hair lacks volume, you’re probably already aware that short lengths work best. Consider trying a french bob for fine hair. This cute and quirky look is ideal because it takes little to no styling.

10. French Bob for Round Face

french bob for round face

Full face shapes should be aware of the length of their bob so as to elongate, instead of emphasize, roundness. This bob for round face hits at the back of the jaw, making the chin appear longer.

11. Side Part French Bob

french side part lob with no fringe

This French side part lob with no fringe is great if bangs aren’t your thing. To make it French, the majority of hair should be cut the same length. For interest, add long side bangs to blend into the rest of the hair.

12. Chin-Length French Bob

vintage french bob haircut

The beret says it all! This vintage French bob haircut is pretty much your classic French Bob, just worn a little longer. Chin-length bobs are more versatile for round face shapes than the ear-length version.

It’s clear that these hairstyles are as easy to wear as it is sophisticated. The look is all about effortlessness, so if your hair is cut just right, then you don’t need styling at all. Which french bob was your favorite?


Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the French Bob haircut.

Is a French bob a low-maintenance haircut?

Yes! A French bob is a low-maintenance haircut because even if your hair grows quickly, it will look good as it grows out. This haircut isn’t one where you will look bad if it takes you a little extra time to get in to see your stylist.

Is there any difference between a French bob and a regular bob?

An authentic French bob has an ear-length cut with straight across bangs. Even French bob variations keep the hair length shorter than the chin.

Regular bobs do not pay as much attention to the bangs and are often chin-length or longer. A French bob is a stylish wedge-shaped cut, while a regular bob can come in many shapes.

What face shape suits a French bob best?

The standard, ear-length French bob works best for people with oval or square faces. However, people with round or heart-shaped faces can still look great with a French bob variation!

Rounder faces need French bobs that go slightly longer, closer to the chin, to help elongate the face.

How long is a French bob?

A traditional French bob is ear-length, but variations on the French bob can allow up to chin-length.

Does a French bob cut have layers?

It depends! If you’re going for the blunt look, fewer layers will make the cut more dramatic. However, as long as the length at the bottom is all the same, you can have layers added to your French bob.

Whether you choose to add layers to your French bob depends on your hair type and the look you are going for. If you want a shaggy French bob, layers are a must!

Does a French girl bob have bangs?

Yes, the traditional French girl bob has bangs. However, there are many variations of the standard French bob, and not all of them have bangs.

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