30 Best Side Bangs Hairstyles for Women

If you are thinking about getting side bangs you should first know how to style them, what’s their maintenance level, and what different kinds exist.

Women of all ages can enjoy this chic hairdo, and luckily, we have 30 different and unique hairstyles with side bangs for you to choose from!

round face with side bangs


Who Should Try Side Bangs?

According to many hair experts and hairstylist, women who have round face shapes will look the best with side bangs hairstyle. These bangs will give women with rounded faces a lot more length while making your face appear oval. However, this doesn’t mean that other women should stay away from this hairstyle.


The Best Side Bangs for Women

We have compiled here 30 of the beautiful and stylish hairstyles with side hair bangs to revamp your look this year.

1. Long Bob with Side Bangs

Long Bob with Side Bangs

Moms who are always tired of trying to embrace their natural beauty will succeed with their task in less than 5 minutes each morning! You can wear no makeup and simply embrace your naturally glowing skin & eyes by getting this long blunt bob cut with bangs swept to the sides. Ideal for those who are into quick & easy hairstyles.


2. Purple Bob with Long Bangs

purple wavy bob with side bangs

A natural-looking bob once paired with virgin hair can give out that smart, professional, and innocent vibe. If you are still at school or you are getting ready for a job interview make sure you embrace this short hairstyle with long bangs.


3. Long Straight Hair with Bangs

Long Straight Hair with Side Part Bangs

Women who are not ready to cut their hair should at least make some smaller modifications and should enjoy side bangs. This straight long hairstyle will give you fun & approachable attitude, while still leaving you with that young & playful vibe.


4. Low Ponytail with Bangs on Side

Low Ponytail with Long Side Bangs

Emma Watson is a natural beauty who looks good with anything on, especially in terms of hair & makeup. If you have a pale complexion and thin hair you can rock some bold red lipstick along with the side part bangs, and you will be ready for the day!


5. Curly Shag Haircut

Natural Curly Hair with Side Bangs

If you like waves but you are not that into curls this shaggy cut might suit you the best. It has side swoop bangs which are really feminine, and gold hoop earrings which are a huge trend at the moment. If you don’t mind curling your hair every here and there, this shaggy wavy style with long side bangs is for you.


6. Chin-Length Bob 

Lastly, this chin-length cut will accentuate your jawline the most, and will make your lips pop once taking pictures! Every woman can enjoy this haircut with side bangs and should get it especially around the summer season.


7. Long Brown Hair with Bangs

If you prefer softer makeup pair it up with soft colored hair color. Women who are trying to look presentable while loving a shorter cut with side-swept bangs. This look is very low-maintenance, and it will take away only 5 minutes of your time each morning since you probably don’t need more to straighten your bangs, right?


8. Messy Pixie Cut with Bangs

Bleached out hair can look great on darker skin complexions, especially once you pair it up with this long side bangs on pixie cut!! You can wear it to work, but also to some party night outs, it is that universally beautiful.


9. Platinum Blonde Bob

If you want to awake your inner model and walk your Victoria Secret fashion show, know that this hairstyle is all about sass and originality.

You’ve probably spotted a few of your favorite VS beauties rocking something similar to this? If so, get this side long bangs haircut and enjoy a bunch of compliments that are headed your way.


10. Classic Bob with Bangs

bob with side part bangs for women

A short bob with side bangs can look so fierce, especially in younger women. If you are someone who loves to play around with makeup you can enjoy this entire hair & makeup look. It is ideal for those who are going to contour their cheeks but also accentuate their lips & one eye with sharp makeup, and super stylish bangs.


11. Elegant Updo with Bangs

This style usually suits women who are all about low-maintenance and easy to blow dry hairstyles. This one, in particular, can look so good if you pair it up with side hair bangs, a nice lipstick, and a whole lot of confidence!


12. Sleek Bob with Side Part Bangs

If Rihanna can look this good in this side bang hairstyle so can you! This above the chin cut will accentuate your face features the best while focusing attention mainly on your eyes. Women who are in their 20s or 30s will look the best when rocking this hair-do.


13. Long Hair and Side Bangs

Long layered hair with some caramel highlights can look so feminine & flirty, and will suit younger women the best. If you are okay with investing a bit more time each day into the styling process make sure you enjoy your long hairstyle with bangs to the side.


14. Curly Hair with Highlights and Bangs

This picture is a great example which is telling us that even older women can look attractive with this haircut. Some fluffy and short beach waves + cute side part bang will look very attention-seeking and will make you look younger than you actually are.


15. Long Angled Bob with Bangs

Blonde Bob with Side Part Bangs

Super short hair shouldn’t be something that scars you. As you can see, this actress looks super glam for her Red carpet thanks to this short hair with side bangs and bold red lipstick! If you want to seek attention get this cut and always wear a bold lipstick, it is a killer combo!


16. Pageboy Cut with Voluminous Bangs

Pageboy cuts will always be in fashion. If this is your ‘cup of tea’ make sure you properly blow dry it every few days or so. This way you will remain it’s flowy and even texture and will enjoy fresh and side-parted straight bangs.


17. Side Part Wavy Hair with Bangs

Rachel McAdams is one of those women who would look good with anything on since she is such a natural beauty. If you are a lot like her in terms of complexion and hair color know that this hairstyle with side bangs would suit you just as well.


18. Straight Bob with Bangs

You can rock your side part bob with side cut bangs to the office, and this is a great example that it is job-friendly! Round up the entire look with a bold lipstick and enjoy your fierce and sassy look from Monday-Friday!


19. Long Ponytail with Bangs 

Jennifer Aniston looks really professional with this long ponytail and bangs on the side. If you are off to your next big business meeting or even a dinner party you should put your hair high into a ponytail and drag some bangs on the side to get this look.


20. Girls Undercut

women with undercut and side bangs

Women who are not afraid of stepping outside of their comfort zone will totally enjoy this light blue hair color matched with side bangs. This is a unique hairstyle which you should get if you are still in your 20s, or if you are not afraid of bold colors.


21. Short Pixie with Fringe Bangs

Who said that short hair is not ideal for women? As you can see, this pixie cut is a breeze of fresh air, and is really stunning in its own unique way. If you are a minimalism lover and you want simple hair, this short pixie with baby bangs on the side is calling out your name!


22. Wavy Textured Hair

Some fluffiness on the top looks really great, especially if you want to create an illusion of thicker hair. Wrap up your look with short curly bangs on the side, and you will be all set for your parent’s meeting, dinner dates, or even gym sessions!


23. Layered Bob with Side Part Bangs

This hairstyle with side bangs is Red Carpet friendly, which obviously means that you can, as well, wear it to any of your formal gatherings. Shorter hair is really beautiful, especially once paired up with bright lipstick and some eyeshadow!


24. Black Purple Hair with Swoop Bangs

Get your side face-framing bangs and shower your face in shimmer and highlighter! This hairstyle can help you achieve that glow from within, while successfully covering up any minor imperfections on the side where you’ve placed your bangs.


25. Wavy Pastel Pink Hair

pastel pink hair with side bangs

Rose gold hair color is really trending at the moment, and we can all thank Kylie Jenner for that. If this is your preference make sure you get this feminine color and match it with some wavy side part bangs.


26. Pastel Green Hair with Bangs

Mint green hair might look the best on women who have lighter complexions. If this sounds like you how about you give it a go and color your hair green this summer? Women in their 20’s might look the prettiest and most acceptable with this color combo.


27. Wavy Blonde Balayage Hair

Smart and professional is the vibe that you can get with the side bangs. Curl your hair down at the ends, tuck it behind the ear on one side, and let it loose along with your bangs on the other!


28. French Braided Bangs

Playing with your hair and tying it into a French or Dutch braid can be super fun and flirty! Younger women will adore this look for the prom nights, or even for special Friday night outs.


29. Shoulder Length Wavy Hair with Bangs

messy wavy hair with side bangs

Short curly & wavy hair is a huge hit every Summer, so why not make it yours this time as well? It is very fluffy, textures, and it looks very playful and straight-to-business. Don’t forget to add side bangs for the ultimate effect.


30. Blonde Hair with Bangs

women with side part bangs

Blonde hair with bangs hair swoop to the side and a lot of makeup sounds like a fun Saturday night out, doesn’t it? If you are low-maintenance, yet you love to party, know that this style is super appropriate for the club. You won’t sweat a lot, but you will look like a million bucks.



How to Cut Side Swept Bangs

How to Cut Side Bangs

Before you decide on cutting your bangs on your own, make sure you have: a tooth comb, a pair of scissors, a big mirror, as well as a flat iron.

Step 1: You can wet your bangs (optional) with some water if you want to cut them while they are semi-wet. If not, you can work with their original/natural texture.

Step 2: Create a triangular part at the front and use your comb the brush out the hair to the opposite side of where you want your bangs to be. For instance, if you are trying to make your bangs sweep to the right brush them left or vice versa.

Step 3: Twist the hair on the side and cut it parallel to your side part line. Don’t do flat or horizontal cuts, rather work at an angle. You can also accentuate your eyes by going for shorter bangs, or you can leave them loose and long if you want to highlight your cheekbones.

Step 4: Blow dry your bangs or even style them with a flat iron. Make sure you are satisfied with your angles if not, you can cut down some little pieces with your scissors.


Watch The Following Tutorial to Learn How to Cut Your Own Side Swept Bangs at Home


How to Do Braided Side Bangs Style

women with braided side bangs style

Here’s how you can style the side braided bangs.

Step 1: Section your hair and use a comb to create a side part for your bangs. Make sure you leave them out on the side and pull the remaining parts of your hair into a ponytail.

Step 2: Do French braids by twisting 3 different parts of your hair. Pull one strand over the center, and then use the second strand and twist it around the center. If you prefer some other braids like Dutch braids you can do them as well.

Step 3: Take your created braid and secure it with a bobby pin by making an X at the back of your head. Let your hair loose out of the ponytail and enjoy the day!


Watch The Following Tutorial to Learn How to Do Side Swept Braided Bangs Style




Q. Which Length Is Perfect for Side Bangs?

Ans: Every woman no matter her hair length can do side-bangs. However, those with bob cuts will look ‘well-put’ and will have the most stylish hairstyle which everyone (including many celebrities) have been loving at the moment.


Q. Can Bangs Make You Look Younger?

Ans: Yes, indeed! Bangs can cover up a lot of surfaces, such as your forehead area. Once they do, they will also hide away some other minor imperfections, such as any fine lines, wrinkles, or any discolorations that you may have going on around your forehead area.

Instead, these bangs will accentuate your eyes and your lips. Women who want to embrace their prettiest features will enjoy this haircut just as much as older women who are trying to cover up some minor imperfections.


Q. Can You Try Middle Part Hairstyle with Bangs?

Ans: Yes, you can try middle part bangs, although it might be a bit difficult to maintain them and constantly push into two different directions, especially once blow-drying or ironing them. This is why many women prefer side bangs since all you have to do is tuck them in one side or secure with a Bobby pin.


Do you love what you see? If so, why not get this stylish hairdo? Women who are trying to accentuate their middle portion of their face will enjoy side hair bangs the most. Also, women who have round face shapes will look the best with this low-maintenance, yet beautiful hairstyle.

If you are okay with styling your bangs on a daily basis, yet doing almost nothing for the rest of your hair, this will totally suit you! Get a handy mini iron, or even a hair curler and change the flow of your hairstyles with side bangs every day!