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41 Medium Shag Hairstyles That You’ll See Trending in 2024

Today’s medium shag haircuts look fantastic on most women regardless of their hair texture or face shape.

Since they don’t require precision cutting or perfectly symmetrical shaping, mid-length shags are also ideal for women who want to grow their hair from a shorter style.

How to Style Medium Length Shag Haircuts

How to Style Medium Length Shag Haircuts

A shag haircut looks amazing on any length. A short haircut will make you sexy, while long ones are great for styling. However, we can surely say that medium shaggy hairstyles are versatile and super-trendy. Shags are perfect for any occasion. Providing your hair with more texture and layers – that is the main task of shag haircuts.

The thing about shaggy haircuts is that they need to be tailored to everybody. That is why every hair stylist recommends medium length as something that is most versatile and easiest to style.

The key to styling great medium shag is to point out the layers and the texture of your hair.

  • You will need to put on a mousse on a towel-dry hair – preferably on the layers around all sides.
  • Detangle your hair by using a wide-tooth comb to prevent any knots.
  • If you want to create movement and texture the easiest way to do it is to make twisted buns all over your head. You can section your hair in zig-zag movements.
  • Blow dry your hair with a diffuser.
  • Once you are done drying removes all bobby pins and twisted buns.
  • For extra texture and volume spritz, some hair sprays at the ends to make it messy.
  • For the end, you can always use your fingers to create desired volume and texture.

You can also try the old-fashioned way of making texture and waves – by using rollers. They are great for making your hair look smooth but voluminous.

Curling wand can also make a shaggy haircuts look messy and stylish. They are great for finish touches – adding more texture and making layers look beautiful.

Watch The Following Video to Learn How to Style Medium Length Shag Hairstyle

If you want a modern layered hairstyle that still has some significant length, then try out one of these medium-length shag haircuts. You’ll surely find an option with an edgy, urban flair, and a timeless appeal.

1. Medium Shag for Thick Hair

Long, tapered bangs and lots of wavy layers are the hallmarks of medium shag haircuts for women with thick hair. To add some extra height and volume at the top, give your shoulder-length locks a tousle in the crown area. Tuck a few pieces behind the ears to create a sporty silhouette while taming down unruly side pieces.

2. Medium Shag for Thin Hair

Medium shag haircuts for women with thin hair are ideal because the ends stand squarely on the collarbone and shoulders and add roundness to the overall shape. To frame the face and enhance the eyebrows, part your short bangs slightly in the center.

3. Medium Shag with Bright Colors

If you don’t think a standard medium shag haircut with chunky bangs is bold enough to show off your individuality, it’s time to go even more radical. Transform your shaggy locks with a vibrant hair color that will stand out anywhere you go. Are you courageous enough to take the plunge into a pool of sky-blue or rainbow hair colors?

4. Medium Layered Shag

Shoulder-length medium shag haircuts with lots of long, straight layers look great with a pair of large-framed eyeglasses. Add your choice of short baby bangs or long blunt cut bangs to accent the nose and forehead.

5. Medium Length Thick Wavy Shag

If you want your medium-length, thick, wavy hair to look even longer, then wear it in a shaggy haircut. Comb the bangs forward, so there isn’t a noticeable center part, and leave dainty side pieces to round out the cheeks and jawline. A medium shag haircut can have a conservative corporate appearance or a fun-loving party vibe.

6. Medium Curly Shag with Bangs

An abundance of loose curls creates a medium shag haircut with a flattering shape that brings out the best of your facial features.

When you cut extremely curly hair into a shag style, make sure you leave extra length so the layers will be heavy enough to lay flat and keep their shape as they dry. To draw attention to the eyes, add some curly bangs.

7. Medium Straight Shag

Let your straight locks grow past the shoulders to the chest area for a medium shag haircut that’s a bit longer than the rest.

Comb your bangs forward from the middle of the crown section, so they’re slightly shorter toward the center. The long sides of the bangs taper into gentle waves that accent the angles of the cheeks and jawline.

8. Medium Shag with Middle Part

Straight, center-parted hair that has a fine, thin texture is perfect for a rocker-style medium shag haircut. Jazz it up with a shocking, blood-red color or a softer, pink and blonde balayage.

This shaggy, urban cut doesn’t require a full set of bangs, but the center part and razored ends that barely touch the clavicle are a must.

9. Messy Medium Shag Cut

Lucky ladies with lots of natural curls should pile them high on top to create medium shag haircuts that are the envy of many.

A shoulder-length cascade of bushy, messy curlicues demand heaps of attention on its own; imagine what can happen if you add a bright splash of colored highlights! It’s an easy, wash-and-wear shag cut that’s always up to date and trendy.

10. Textured Medium Shag Haircut

Brush your choppy bangs forward and leave a few piece-y fringes to cover the forehead gently. Textured medium shag haircuts are ideal for women with thick, unruly hair that has a mind of its own.

To keep the layers looking neat and orderly, don’t go crazy with the coloring; best to leave this cut a solid color that looks natural with your skin tone.

11. Mid-length Blonde Shag

Whether you’re a beautiful middle-aged beauty or barely old enough to order a beer at a bar, you can’t go wrong with a center-parted, medium shag haircut for straight hair.

Light, wispy bangs frame the face, and razored ends add texture to the shape of this mid-length blonde shag. It’s a great style for women who are growing out a shorter, pixie cut.

12. Medium Shag with Glasses

Accent your eyeglasses and forehead with a center-parted hairstyle that has lots of feathery, layered waves.

Medium shag haircuts look down-to-earth and natural when you don’t add too much product or hair color. Let your light chestnut-brown hair soak up a few rays of sunshine for some subtle, honey-blonde highlights.

13. Medium Choppy Shag Cut

Short and sweet baby bangs are a classic feature on medium shag haircuts. Lots of razored textures add to the straight wispy ends, and a targeted tousle at the top creates height just where you want it. Style the side pieces close to the ears for a slimming silhouette.

14. Medium Shag for Women Over 50

Women over 50 can look just as fantastic wearing medium shag haircuts as their younger counterparts do.

Straight, textured bangs cover the “worry” lines on your forehead and draw attention to your eyes and cheekbones. Long, tapered side sections lead into flipped up ends and show off your youthful and funloving spirit.

15. Medium Wavy Shag with Side Bangs

Side-swept bangs give medium shag haircuts a sporty and athletic appearance. For women with wavy hair, style the side sections with chunky textured pieces; women with straight hair can leave feathery wisps to frame the face.

Whichever you choose, create a subtle peek-a-boo look by sweeping the bangs so one eyebrow is exposed and the other one is fully covered.

16. Medium Blunt Shag

Medium shag haircuts for fine hair will always appear thicker if you cut the ends straight across at the bottom. Shags with blunt ends and straight bangs add a sense of fullness that contributes volume to the other layers.

Enjoy your light-brown hair; there’s no need to add any coloring or highlights when you have such naturally rich tones.

17. Medium Shaggy Hair with Balayage

If you’ve decided that you want to liven up your hair color, nothing works better for medium shag haircuts than a subtle balayage.

The stacked layers of a mid-length shag enhance the graduated tones of a balayage; short, textured bangs and a lighter color in the front section help frame the chin and lips.

18. Medium Shag with Highlights

To create the look of waves or loose curls, add subtle highlights to your dark brown or jet black medium shag haircut. Strategically placed highlights will camouflage the flat lines of super-straight hair and provide texture and volume.

Snip some face-framing bangs a bit shorter in the center and they’ll offset the eyebrows and emphasize the tops of your cheeks.

19. Rock ‘n’ Roll Inspired Hair

medium shag haircut with bangs

For all those rock ‘n’ roll fans, try to make a hairstyle like this. You will be amazed by the comment you will get. French bangs are great for framing your face, no matter which shape you are.

Medium shaggy hairstyles like this one are great for both everyday wear as well as for rock concerts, of course!

20. Golden Brown Hair

medium shaggy hair with golden highlgiths

Imperfect waves and a lot of shaggy texture is all that you need for this lovely haircut. Medium shag haircuts, including this one, are perfect for all season wear.

Golden hues look simply adorable, especially if you dye your hair in two tones. Balayage is one of the most popular dyeing techniques, don’t hesitate to try it.

21. Ash Blonde Balayage

ombre with medium shag haircut

Ash tones are great for all girls who like their hair to be really highlighted. With chopped and highlighted hair ends your hair will definitely be eye-catching.

Medium shag is great to style in the morning – you won’t need more than 20 minutes to get it done.

22. Side Bangs and Medium Haircut

medium length shag haircut with bangs

Bangs are a great addition to your hairstyle. And it is not a surprise that they are super popular and timeless.

You can choose these side bangs that will frame your face but won’t hide your eyes. On the contrary, these bangs will definitely highlight your cheekbones.

23. Light Blonde Hair for Summer

women with medium shaggy blonde hair

Two-toned blonde hair looks amazing because of the shaggy structure. Yes, it’s true! To create this messy look you will need curler as well and a mousse.

This can be a really great medium-length shag haircut for everyday wear, especially if you are styling it for the beach and summertime.

24. Shag with Balayage Highlights

Shaggy medium hairstyles are definitely the easiest for maintenance. You can leave it straight or use a curling wand to make lovely medium beach waves. No matter how you decide, your hair will be ready for everyday and workwear.

25. Voluminous Shaggy Haircut

Not all medium shag haircuts are wavy. You can absolutely wear your hair straight and with a lot of layers. This chunky highlight hairstyle is perfect for ladies who like their hair to be always in order, with perfect texture and classy.

26. Shoulder-length Wavy Hair

A lot of layers and the difference in their length is what makes this hairstyle look so good. Honey hues suit girls with fair skin complexion, but everybody can try it.

Blondies have more fun, right? This haircut is great for day to night wear – from your working hours to post-work drinks with colleagues.

27. Fringes and Shaggy Style

Bangs that frame your face and mid-length shaggy haircut are an amazing combination. Ashy shades of blonde with dark roots and lighter hair ends will be simply hard not to notice. You can wear this haircut all the time, while it takes short for it to be styled.

28. Sleek Medium Black Shag

medium shag haircut for black hair

Black hair is eye-catching almost the same as a blonde. Layers on this length are perfect for texture, volume, and highlights. If you don’t want your medium shag haircuts hair to be two-toned – no problem. It will look equally chic like this. 10

29. Curly Shag

All girls with curly hair who have thought they can’t style shag hairstyles were wrong. Medium shag hairstyles look perfect and so messy chic on curly and wavy hair. You will love the result. Choppy ends, curly bangs – this haircut has everything.

30. Shaggy Red Haircut with Bangs

The perfect combination of romantic and bold is visible in this haircut. While the color of the hair reminds of on the ‘80s and grunge, the medium-length shag haircut makes everything look romantic and pretty. You can rock this haircut whether skin type or face shape you have.

31. Lilac Hairstyle

Lavender grey hair is really something that not everybody would wear. Even though it is for the brave ones, nothing costs you to try it! Shaggy hair texture and layers will give even fine hair more volume.

32. Middle Part Bangs

The same rule applies for both natural hair and curly hair girls – you can absolutely wear medium shaggy hairstyles. Even though natural waves are harder to style, you can still look amazing with shag layers. They will even add more volume to your wavy hair.

33. Classic Layered Blonde Hair

shag haircut on medium length hair

This is what we call classy shag hairstyle on medium length hair. It’s perfect for all women who like their haircuts to be modern, yet not eccentric.

The crown layered shag needs to be styled every day in order to be perfect. These layers will also provide you with a lot of volumes.

34. Polished and Straight Blonde Hair

For this amazing hairstyle, you will need to take some time in the morning to make it look pretty. Dry your hair with a diffuser and always have a good brush around to make it look smooth and polished.

35. Feather-Like Auburn Brown Hair

Brown dye that melts into a lighter shade at the hair ends looks very eye-catching. You can be sure that this kind of medium shag cuts will definitely gain you a lot of comments. It is simply great for women that like classic and timeless hairstyles.

36. Side Shag Haircut

By throwing your hair at one side, you will show off your wild and bold side. This will make your hair looks pretty messy, but also fantastic for everyday wear. The color of this hair matches perfectly with fair complexions.

37. Rose Gold Balayage

From pink roots to the mauve hair ends – this hairstyle is really interesting for all of us. Even though the hair dye is not something that you see every day if you are brave and bold enough try it. Side bangs and these lovely beach waves are making a great combo.

38. Pink Purple Hair

purple medium shag hairstyle

This hairstyle might be the bravest thing you will do, but you will be amazed by the results. Purple hair color on a medium shag haircut is not something that all girls want, but if you are bold enough – try it. A deep side part will add a perfect finish touch to this hairstyle.

39. Hippie Vibe

Pastel blush hair is rare but beautiful. It can instantly make you feel like a princess. Also, this dye is amazing for adding a certain hippie vibe to your medium shags.

40. Black Shaggy Bangs

medium shag with choppy bangs

There is a saying in a world of hairstylists that say – the choppiest your hair is, the better it will look. And really, this lovely hairstyle is shaggy, with medium length, and absolutely great for maintaining. Wear it every day – for your work or after work activities.

41. Messy CurlyLook

women with medium length shag haircut

The glam vibe is on point with this lovely haircut. As you can see large curls are great for styling, even if you have medium shag haircuts. This medium shaggy hairstyle is an amazing example that you can wear for all elegant events.

FAQs on Medium Shag Haircuts

Can I try shag on medium fine hair?

Sure you can! Make sure to add more layers. Especially those in the crown part. They will make your hair look more voluminous and give an appearance of more texture. Wear this haircut with minimal accessories.

Can I try shaggy hairstyles with curly hair?

Curly shag haircuts require a bit more maintenance but they are definitely achievable. Furthermore, curls add more texture, and more texture means a beautiful shaggy hairstyle.

By adding foam or gel after washing your hair you will be highlighting your curls but in a positive way. Curly shags are great for all of those who like messy, chic, and casual hairstyles.

Which face shape is best to get a medium shags?

Medium shag haircuts suit for women with the round face shape. However, always consult with your hairdresser. Sometimes, layers are those that determine which haircut fit perfectly to some face shapes.

Depending on where the layers are or how much distance is between them, you can find out the real shag hairstyle that is perfect for your face.

Medium shag haircuts offer versatile styling options for women of all ages and hair types because they’re easy to maintain and they look fantastic on most face shapes.

Whether you’re trying to grow out a shorter haircut or you want to trim back your long hair, mid-length shags are an ideal choice.