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Dragon Braids: 8 Styling Ideas for 2024

Thicker and bolder than regular braids, dragon braids stand out from the head, making them a look that is sure to attract attention.

Any woman who has long hair and who wants to stand out in a crowd of people will want to consider these braids.


Ravishing Dragon Braid Hairstyles

Have a look at these exclusive braids styles inspired by the dragon spine and tail to be the center of attention.

1. Pull-through Braids

dragon braids

The main attraction of this great dragon tail braid is the bold blue color and how well it contrasts with the dark black roots.

By pulling the loops of the braid to be much larger and looser than would traditionally occur on this type of braid, any woman can make a more eye-catching look.

The loose loops are secured in place so that they don’t flop around, but it is their oversized appearance that really sets this look apart.


2. Thick Dutch Braids

dragon braids style

While these dragon braids can sometimes look over the top, this version is a great option for a special occasion or event. Because the color is so natural, it’s easy for women to wear to a wedding or other dance.

The thick appearance is key to making it look nice without it looking over the top. Keeping the loops tighter and smaller also makes the braid look nicer without it being the center of attention, which can make it appropriate for more outings.


3. Loop Braids

girls with dragon braids

This braid is a great option for any woman who wants to wear this type of braid, but who doesn’t want her hair to get in the way.

The loops on the braid are small and tight, which prevents the hair from looking out of control. Additionally, all of the flyaways around the temples and the ears are slicked back and into place.

By keeping them under control, women can make sure that their hair looks neat and that it won’t fall out of the braid, no matter what they do during the day.


4. Higher with Platinum Blonde Highlights

dragon braided hairstyles

This look has slightly larger and looser loops, which results in a higher appearance from the hair that is attractive and bold. The blonde highlights rest neatly on top of the darker roots, which makes the bumpy braid really pop and stand out.

It looks like it sticks out from the head due to the way the hair is pulled and the fact that the braid is not wound as tight, making it a bold choice.


5. Mohawk Braids

Dragon Braided mohawk

Darker roots form a great base for this bold braid, and the lighter tips of hair work to create a fun ridge down the back of the head.

Thanks to the high contrast between the dark and the light hair, the ridge looks much more prominent, even though the braid is pulled tight enough so that the hair doesn’t look loose or fluffy. This is a great evening look.


6. Braided Ponytail

dragon braided ponytail

Copper red hair often looks more refined than other colors, and this braid is no exception. It’s pulled incredibly tight and the sections are all perfectly separated. The end result is a braid that looks like a dragon’s spine and give a very impressive and intricate look.

Because the hair is all pulled so tight, there is very little chance of the braid coming loose during the day or of hair falling out and forming flyaways. The end of the braid is pulled in a low pony allowing it to hang loose at the nape of the neck.


7. Four Strand Braids

dragon braids for women

This long and dark dragon braid is braided right to the end of the hair, which makes it look very complete and intricate. With all of the strands of hair pulled tight to the head, there is very little risk of the hair coming loose.

For this reason, it’s a great option for women who tend to be more active and who don’t want to have to worry about their hair coming loose when they are on the go.


8. Dragon Braids with Weave

colorful dragon braids with weave

This look is eye catching due to the bright colors that it contains. While the roots are attractive and natural brown, the purple and pink in the braid really make it stand out. Additionally, the hair is loose as it is braided, giving it a much larger and more relaxed appearance.

It’s fluffier, but the strands can be held in place with plenty of product to ensure that the braid doesn’t start to fall apart part of the way through the day.


Choosing the right dragon tail braid for any occasion can be tricky, but these eight great options are all winners. With a little practice and patience, any woman can create an eye-catching braid that is sure to attract attention. Bold and beautiful, these braids are designed to stand out in a crowd.