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15 Cutest Pull-Through Braids

Right from childhood, we all have a thing for different hairstyles and twisting our locks in pull-through braids to look pretty. Whether it is playing on our friends’ hair or on our favorite doll’s hair, we’ve all played with the hair at some point. The fascination never ends.

One such amazing hairstyle that has made a steady comeback in recent times is the braided pull-through hair. Known for its faux braid like the image, fashionistas around the world are sporting this trend to look fabulous. But if you have no idea what a pull-through style braid is, read on to find out.


Pull-Through Braids

Here are the top 15 pull-through braided hairstyles that are unique and mesmerizing to wear!

1. Basic Pull-Through

pull through braid hairstyles for women

Perfect for a casual look that doesn’t scream grandeur, this pull-through braiding starts from below the crown area from a ponytail and goes all the way down till the end.

To avoid keeping your hair tie visible, pull your braid hair open a little near the hair tie. You can use hair ties that are identical to your natural hair color too.


2. Twisted Updo

twisted pull through braided updo

Nothing beats a low hanging updo. Start with twisting your hair from the sides and securing it with bobby pins in the middle and proceed with your braid. Once your braid is done, bring the end of the braid under the top portion and secure with several bobby pins.


3. Twin French Braid

pull through braid for long hair

This is perfect for women who want a braid but also want to show off their long hair. Start with two braids with pull-through hair from the front while letting your hair flow freely for the rest of the part.

Not only does the hairdo help keeping hair off your face, but it also looks ravishing. What better way to show off your mane?


4. Waterfall Braid

Waterfall Pull Through Braid for Girls

Bringing the best of both worlds together in this super cute braided hairdo. Start your pull-through braid from the sides while creating enough space amidst the segments to insert portions of your hair that resemble a waterfall. Looks hard to master but it is actually quite simple.


5. High Volume Mermaid Braid

women with pull thorough braid

Want to try a high volume pull-through style braid? Grab some hair extensions and work on your braid normally while making sure you pull your braid open to making it appear thick.

Additionally, you can also apply hair spray to make sure your volume stays on hold until you untie your hair. To hide your hair tie at the end of your braid, simply tuck a few strands of your hair around the hair tie.


6. Messy Bohemian Hairdo

Nothing screams bohemian than a loosely done hair with gorgeous braids running across. This hairstyle is perfect for bridesmaids, brides and anyone who wants to add a little boho touch to their look.

Start your braid from the side rather than from the crown of the head and finish at the other end while tucking your hair in. Additionally, you can pull a few strands of your hair to fall loosely below to complete your bohemian look.


7. Half Up Half Down Hair

Featuring soft curls in the bottom, this hairdo is super chic and simply gorgeous. If you have hair color that is dark from the roots and relatively lighter towards the end, this look is a lot more appealing.

Start with two braids from either side of the head pulling through the hair and bring them together while securing them with bobby pins. Let the rest of your hair flow free. You can use a curling iron to create soft curls in the bottom of your hairdo.


8. Side Fishtail Braid

side pull through braid

Don’t have enough time to work a full pull-through braid? Go for this side braid that ends midway through the length of your hair. Use a styling iron to straighten your hair so the entire look is elegant and minimal in style.


9. Twin Dutch Braids

Use a curling iron to roughly curl your hair without a particular style in mind and begin working on your braid. Centre partition your hair and divide it equally into two halves and start with your pulled-through pigtail braids. Finish mid-way to achieve this gorgeous hairdo.


10. Side Partitioned Elsa Braid

best hairstyles with pull through braid

Here’s how you can recreate Frozen Elsa’s look from the side. Start your pull-through style braiding from the side while allowing stray locks around your face. Tug at your segments to increase the volume of your hair. Additionally, you can also use tiny flowers across the length of your braid.


11. Braided Ponytail

pull through braided ponytail

Braided ponytails are all the rage with women these days and here’s one that involves a Dutch or French braid. Start from the side and set aside before going for a usual ponytail. Gently wrap your braid around the ponytail to hide your hair tie.


12. Braided Updo

Pull Through Braided Updo

This is your regular braid, except towards the end, its all about tucking your hair with bobby pins to create an updo. The braided updo is perfect for occasions that require a little more elegance than usual.

You can also wear this style when you want to wear backless dresses or styled back tops. Keeping your hair to your head and away from your body, the updo is an ideal option for a quick workout session too.


13. Hand Maiden Hairdo

This is contemporary country-inspired hairdo that speaks romance and elegance in all its glory. Go for a regular half up half down ponytail hairdo. From the ponytail part, proceed to make a pull-through braid. The hairdo brings a classic look no matter how you want to style it.


14. Loose Braid

pull through braid for brown hair

Make a braid with pull-through hair look like a simple braid by braiding it loosely. You can accessorize with hair brooches to finish the look.


15. Super Curly Braids

pull through braids for curly hair

Yet another version of the pull-through braided hairstyle and one that is specifically for curly-haired women. If you have red wine hair then there’s no better way to show off your mane.


How to Do a Pull-Through Braid

how to do pull through braid

Assuming you have smooth or straight hair, here’s how you can get started with your basic pull-through braid. First, divide a small segment of your hair at the crown of your head and secure with a hair tie. A few centimeters away from the secured hair tie, create another segment of hair and secure it with a hair tie, making sure that the two segments are not overlapping.

Divide a little bit from below the portion of the secured hair tie in the first segment and bring both parts around the secured hair tie of the second segment while making sure that the second segment is set aside. Secure the divided portion of the first segment with a hair tie.

Now repeat the process with the second segment, dividing it into two and bringing it around the 4th segment while setting the 4th segment aside. Repeat the process until the length of your hair is covered and secure the end with a hair tie.

If you have extremely curly hair then you will require bobby pins to tuck stray hairs into place and need hair ties that secure your hair a lot tighter. If your hair is generally frizzy in nature, then hold on to some hair spray or styling serums that will hold your hair in place.


How to Do Pull-Through Short Braids

 Pull Through Braid for Short Natural Hair

It is definitely possible to do a pull-through style braid on short hair. If you have curly layered hair then all you have to do is secure stray hairs with bobby pins. You could stick to side braids or braided buns too. Braided half up half downs are an option too.

To add more volume to the look, you can tug at your hair and go with a hair spray to keep the look intact.