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Drake Beard: 5 Amazing Styles to Turn Up Your Look

Drake’s beard makes him look sexy and macho, which is exactly what the ladies like! Drake, the famous rapper and songwriter, has become an inspiration for many. Not only do his lyrics and raps inspire others, but so does his beard!


Most Popular Beard Styles of Drake

Over the years, Drake has tried many different beard styles, each of which he never failed to rock! Listed below are some of Drake’s top beard looks, and instructions on how to style them. So, keep reading to find out how to style a Drake inspired beard!

1. Buzz Cut with Beard

best drake beard styles

This neat and clean Drake beard look can be obtained by defining the edges of your beard pretty well and sharply. Notice how his beard looks thicker than his hair. Well, that’s not a coincidence! In order to truly bring out this tapered beard style of Drake, you need to make sure that your hair is trimmed shorter than your beard.

Your beard hair should be a few millimetres in length, whereas your head hair length should be shorter. Furthermore, you need to have a well-defined neckline to obtain this beard look, as well as a well-defined mustache line!


2. The One with The Sideburns

drake's light stubble with sideburns

This is a look from the past, but you can still rock this Drake inspired beard look! To obtain this stubble look, trim your beard while maintaining your sideburns and letting them grow! Make an afro out of your hair and you’ll have this Drake’s beard style!


3. Short Beard Style

drake's light stubble beard style

In this Drake’s bearded look, you need to trim your beard so that it’s only 2-3 millimetres in length. You can do this using an electric trimmer by setting your desired length!

Notice how his hair is denser and longer than his beard. To obtain this shadow beard look, you also need to make sure your hair looks denser and thicker as your hair greatly influence the outlook of your beard style.


4. Dense Look

drake with thick beard

This is a pretty dense look where the hair and the beard are both a bit dense. To obtain this Drake beard style, you need to grow your beard to a certain length and then start trimming it with an electric trimmer whenever it crosses a certain length!

The full beard has pretty well-defined edges and doesn’t cross those edges, so you need to be careful about that too.


5. As Thick As a Drake Beard Can Get

popular drake's beard style

This beard is as thick as Drake’s beards can get. The bushy beard is denser and longer than the hair, which gives the beard a focused look and makes it the centre of attention! To obtain this boxed beard look, stop trimming your beard for a while and then start trimming again when it exceeds the length of hair shown above.


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Drake is no ordinary fashion icon, he’s a rapper and a songwriter widely known all over the world for his music as well as his good looks and amazing beard styles. His beard styles are diverse and unique, and perfectly doable. Therefore, you should try exploring with your own beard using these Drake beard styles!