11 Textured Bob Hairstyles to Spruce Up Your Look

Textured bob haircuts are always trendy, and we see more and more celebrities rocking short hair. A general misconception is that bob looks best when it’s blunt and sleek, but the truth is this hairstyle is versatile and allows you to transform it into any look you want.

For a more playful and casual vibe, you may want to try bob with texture. Scroll down to see how to get this bob and different styles you can copy.


How to Cut Textured Bob

How to Cut Textured Bob

The best thing to do in order to get a textured kind of bob is to schedule an appointment at the hair salon and let a professional give you the best style for your hair texture and face shape. General practice is to section hair and pull most of it up.

Then, the lower part is styled in a way that you take piece by piece and sort of trim them carefully downwards. Trimming instead of using scissors creates the texture and choppy bob style. For a sleeker textured cut, bob scissors will do the trick.

This practice includes sectioning hair, cutting into a bob then using shears to add texture to the haircut by cutting hair in the ends or where necessary for the look. While cutting your hair seems more convenient for your wallet, it’s more useful to let a professional do it.


Watch the Following Video to Learn How to Cut Textured Bob Haircut


Textured Bob vs Layered Bob

Textured Bob vs Layered Bob

It’s not uncommon for people to use textured and layered bob terms interchangeably. However, they are not the same thing, and it’s important to learn about their differences. If you don’t know the difference between the two, you may end up getting a wrong haircut, which is the last thing you need.

In some cases cutting a short blunt bob can give women, especially ladies with thick hair, a triangular look. Layer minimizes that effect. Essentially, layered bob involves layers of hair that may be shorter, longer than one another or even equal around the head.

This hairstyle removes additional volume that would make your hair appear puffy and triangular. Textured bob is similar to its purpose is to remove bluntness, but this haircut appears choppier due to more noticeable variations in length.


Trendy Textured Bob Styles

Considering getting textured hair type of bob? Then you’ll definitely want to see some inspiration, and we’ve got plenty of ideas for you. Scroll down to see different hairstyles you can pull off.

1. Wavy Bob

long wavy textured bob

Are you a type of girl or a woman who prefers a simple take on bob hairstyle? You probably want a haircut that is easy to maintain, but it looks great on every occasion. At the same time, you want a hairstyle that fits perfectly any outfit you choose or setting you’re in.

None of these wishes are out of reach. With textured long bob with side part that gives your hair gentle waves, you can get a classic hairstyle that looks great and is easy to maintain.


2. Ombre Bob

textured ombre bob

Most women change the color of their hair at one point or another. Sometimes your hair is colored in one particular shade, but there always comes the time when you want more, something new but still fabulous.

Give your textured bob haircut a new dimension with a two-tone look. Root area can be darker while the remainder of your hair is lighter. Choice of colors depends entirely on you.


3. Textured & Curly Bob

curly textured bob

Bob and curls are a perfect match. The reason is simple, and curls emphasize the volume of short hair. But, thanks to textured look your hair isn’t puffy and triangular.

Not only does it look lovely, but this hairstyle is also easy to create. All you need is a little bit of mousse and a good brush and hairdryer or curling iron, and that’s it. Feel free to try it out, and you’ll love this style for sure.


4. Green Ombre Hair

textured bob with green highlights

Bob is often regarded as a sleek style that doesn’t leave a lot of room for someone’s creativity, but that’s not really correct. Women and girls who love trying out wild colors will definitely love the textured bob.

The reason is simple, shorter, and the texture will emphasize your hair color perfectly. Let’s take this green hair from the photo below as an example. The choppy haircut makes green gorgeously vibrant.


5. Asymmetrical Bob

Asymmetrical Textured Bob

Most women with round face want to get a haircut that provides a slimming effect but still retains their gorgeous cheeks and accentuates eyes. With a textured cut, you can make it happen.

Create an asymmetrical bob style by getting most of your hair to one side. The diagonal and asymmetrical look has a slimming impact, and it also gives you a dose of playfulness. Isn’t it cute?


6. Long Angled Bob for Oval Face

Women with oval face shape can rock just about any hairstyle they want. There are plenty of amazing styles you can try including texturized asymmetrical lob.

What makes this style so awesome is the fact it looks both casual and elegant at the same time thanks to the effortlessly chic vibe it gives to your hair.

If you feel extra edgy, you can give your look a whole new dimension with some unusual hair color such as dusty rose pink which is IN right now.


7. Textured Bob with Bangs

Bangs and bob are best friends, and they are a perfect match for every girly girl or feminine woman. Combination of the two frames your face perfectly and gives you that youthful vibe. At the same time, textured and wavy locks gently harmonize the whole bob look.

This look is particularly useful for women with thin hair. If you’re wondering whether to get bangs or not keep in mind, there’s a perfect type for every face shape and hair texture. See through bangs are always a good idea.


8. Rose Gold Balayage

textured bob with highlights

The swing bob gives us the “I woke up like this” vibe, and it’s a type of style that looks great but without too much effort. To give your bob a textured look & a new dimension, you may want to consider getting highlights in vivid and bright colors.

Of course, you can opt for any color you want, even for highlights that are a shade or two lighter than your hair.


9. Short Thick Bob

Textured short bob looks equally attractive as longer versions of the cut. If you have thick hair, the haircut can retain volume but remove bluntness and puffiness.

You also get more control of your hair which is particularly awesome if we bear in mind that thick hair tends to be difficult to control. Get a few caramel-like highlights on brown hair into the equation for a complete look. Simple and chic at the same time!


10. Messy Bob with Bangs

textured bob with bangs

If you have dark hair one way to introduce more playfulness to the overall look is to get a short, textured bob with gentle waves and cute Korean bangs. This bob is both feminine and empowering. Let’s not forget how easy it is to take care of this haircut to make sure it’s always perfect.


11. Bob with Blonde Balayage

stacked textured bob

One way to achieve voluminous hair effect without unappealing puffiness is to get a stacked look. Hair is shorter in the back and longer in the front. Now when you also add a textured look into this bob haircut, you’re going to hit the jackpot.


If you’re thinking about changing a thing or two in your hair then textured bob is a good idea. This haircut looks great on everyone due to the fact it’s easy to adapt it to face shape and hair texture of every woman. Now that you have 11 amazing ideas all you need is to schedule a hair salon appointment and get your haircut.