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15 Refreshing Braids for Thin Hair in 2024

Babes know that braids for thin hair can be tough. Pulling hair into one sleek braid can reveal how much hair you’re not working with, so many girls avoid them altogether. However, there are plenty of creative ways to rock braids with total confidence.


Braided Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Unique braided styles give the illusion of volume that you crave. The intricacy of fishtail braids instantly makes hair appear thicker and braid details let the rest of your hairdo the talking. So, if you’re ready to see our 15 beautiful braids for thin hair, read on!

1. Braid for Short Thin Hair

Eradicate the misconception that braids on short hair are too tough to achieve. Use a few tiny braids as a special detail on the temple of your best side.


2. Long Braid for Thin Hair

Dimensional highlights give the illusion of fullness on a long braid. To make a simple long braid to appear thicker, use your fingers to gently pull apart each section.


3. Medium Length Braid

Sometimes, one braid just won’t do for medium hair. Double braids are a cute style that works for thin hair when the length isn’t too long.


4. Braid for Thin Curly Hair

Thin, curly hair is in luck! What you may lack in volume can be made up for in texture. A side braid, a few loosely worn layers, and even a headband accessory make your braid appear thick and full.


5. Dutch Braid

Dutch braids are not only trendy, but they secure hair well. Create a perfect middle part and be as neat as possible when creating.


6. Side French Braid

Not all of your hair has to be pulled into a braid. In fact, this side french braid only constitutes part of the look. Create a thick, flat french braid and hair will appear fuller, especially as the ponytail flows out underneath.


7. Twisted Braid Chignon

The intricate details of this up-do gives hair a lot of volume. Create a braided twist crown on each side of the head that ends in an elaborate chignon for a classy occasssion.


8. Braid For Thin Bob

Spice up your basic bob hairstyle with a fun braided detail. Create double braids at the top of the head with a waterfall effect and leave a few curled pieces out to frame your face.


9. Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braids always make hair look thick. Pull your braid to the side so it rests over your shoulder while a few loose pieces frame the other side of your face.


10. Waterfall Braid

Why not use braids as an accessory? Waterfall braids are perfect for a half-up style. The overall effect is soft. subtle, and shows off volume.


11. Extension Braid for Thin Hair

Where would thin-haired babes be without extensions? These braids not only make hair appear as long you’d like, but they bulk up each braid. Add playful colors if you wish.


12. Thin Braided Updo

This braided updo makes hair appear luxuriously thick. When creating, keep hair loose. Tightness will bring hair closer to the head, only emphasizing thin hair.


13. Box Braids for Thin Hair

When creating box braids for thin hair, choose smaller braids. They make more sense and create a full, thick feeling for your style.


14. Braid for Thin Black Hair

If your hair is thin, you may want to incorporate a braided detail instead of braiding hair all over. This way, you can embrace your springy curls and create interest on just one portion of the hair.


15. Thin Braid with Bangs

Bangs give the appearance of more volume on thin hair. They also help to frame out your face alongside sweet double braids. Add emphasis and a sense of fullness with loose, wispy pieces.


Braids are all the rage because of the benefits they provide for natural hair. They protect the hair from damage and boost growth. Braided styles can last up to 4-6 weeks before your next touch-up.

With the variety of styles that can be achieved with braids, it’s no wonder, everyone is getting their hair braided. They can range from ponytails, twists to cornrows.

We also love the different colors to choose from, both kids and adults get to express themselves through their hairstyles. Try some of these fun hairstyles to get you started on your braiding journey.

Even if braids can’t make your thin hair thicker, they can certainly make it appear so. Try braids as a detail, a waterfall crown, or a loose chignon full of voluminous detail. Braids for thin hair are not only possible, but can be so much fun. Which look will you try next?