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45 Best Hairstyles for Women Trending in 2024

Whether you are preparing for a party or just getting ready for another day in the office, make sure that your hairstyle is truly breathtaking. Both short and long hairstyles are still trending and popular among young girls as well as mid-aged women

So you can make the most of your natural style, take the plunge by getting a dramatic cut, or build on what your parents gave you by having extensions put in.


Best Hairstyles for Women in 2024

The key to being truly breathtaking in any hairstyle, short and long, is to wear your new hairstyle with confidence. Own your style and do not let it own you.

Ask your stylist for his or her advice to help you to choose a look which suits your face shape, hair texture and hair colour, but don’t feel constrained by their advice. Sometimes the coolest short or long hairstyles for girls are the styles where the girl has thought outside of the box and chosen their own path.

Below are some splendid haircuts and hairstyles for women with both short and long length hair to look cute, elegant and gorgeous all at once!

#1: Short Braided Bun

braided hairstyles for short hair

A plaited bun is a stunning up-do for a wedding or other formal event. It can be hard to achieve this look alone, so get a friend or stylist to help. Plait your hair into a basic French braid, then twist up into a bun.


#2: Long Wavy Hairstyles

long hairstyle for women with wavy hair

Long thick hair is spectacular with a natural-looking wave. If your hair is naturally straight, rag-roll it overnight, and wake up with beautiful waves. Scrunch a little bit of hair product through it to help it to hold its shape all day. Check out some short curly and wavy hairstyles too.


#3: Short Curled Updo

Short Curly Haircut for bridal girl

This short curly bridal hairstyle is very popular for wedding hair, as it looks beautiful, without looking too manicured. Pull your hair back before styling in extra curls. Leave a couple of locks of hair down to frame your face.


#4: Wedding Bun

Bride Wedding Hairstyles for Marriage-min

A sleek bun is a classy and elegant up-do which is perfect for any formal occasion. Leave your fringe loose when you are pulling your hair back, and then pin it up later to add a little softness to the look.


#5: The Tousled Tresses

Wavy Curly Gorgeous Hair-min

An amazing long wavy hairstyle for women. Who said that tousled tresses were just for a day at the beach? Run your fingers through your hair to separate your tresses, and then spray with hairspray to help them to keep their individual shape all day long.


#6: Long Loose Curls

women hairstyles for long hair

Give your hair extra volume by blow-drying it. Then add loose curls by using a barrel brush with your hair dryer on a high heat. Browse short loose curls styles here.


#7: The Natural Look

Natural Medium Length Hairstyle for teen girls

Style your hair to give it a breathtaking natural look. This works for both long and short hair. All that you need to do is enhance your natural look with a little smoothing product, or product that will help you to hold a little curl or wave. This will help you to look stunning all day.

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#8: Twisted Bun

Wedding Hairstyle with Makeup-min

Straighten your hair, but ensure that it still has a little texture and volume to it. Take thick sections of hair and twist them loosely before drawing each section back into a bun. Pin your fringe up last.

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#9: Afro Curls

African American Hairstyle for Black Teen Girl

A trendy long hairstyle for African American young girls. Beautiful tight curls are a natural look for many people with afro-textured hair. If your hair is more inclined to grow upwards or outwards, talk to your stylist about getting it relaxed slightly, then permed to allow a more flowing style.


#10: Bob Haircuts for Teen Girl

Stylish Short Length Haircut for Teen-min

This short and long uneven bob haircut is a fantastic choice for people with shorter hair who want to stay ahead of the fashion trend next year. Cut your hair very short and the back, and have a longer fringe section to make your cheekbones really stand out.

#11: Curls of paradise

Amazing Curly Blonde Hairstyle-min

A mind-blowing hairstyle for girls with long hair. To achieve big, bold curls like these, either use a good quality curling iron or invest in a set of heated curlers. Spray setting product on each curl right after it is done, to keep them looking their best.


#12: Delicately curled updo

Curly Hairstyle for Bride-min

Sweep your hair back into a loose ponytail, then curl the ends with delicate loose curls. Bring each section around to your head and pin it down, to create a loose waterfall style bun.


#13: Accessorize

Creative Hairstyle for Bride-min

Once your hair is up in a fantastic do, you can make it even more special by adding accessories. Depending on the event that you are going to, you can choose beads, jewels, diamonds, flowers or something else. You can also put accessories in your hair whilst it is down, or in a half updo.

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#14: A day at the office

Medium Length Hairstyle for Business Women-min

This breathtaking long hairstyle would be great for a day at the office. Wear your hair down, and use a curling iron to give yourself loose natural curls at the bottom.


#15: Weird and Wonderful

Make sure that all eyes stay on you by getting your hair stylist to create this signature look for your next high fashion moment.

#16: Subtle Curls

Bright Wavy Hairstyle for Long Hair-min
Another very appealing long hairstyle for women with style. If your hair has a lot of volumes, run your hair around a barrel brush and hold for a moment whilst you are concentrating your hair dryer on it. This should leave you with subtle, yet breathtaking curls.


#17: Half Up Half Down Curls

Cute Braid Hairstyle-min
Loosely curl your hair, and separate it out into individual sections. Take few sections of curls from either side of your hair and draw these together. Cover your hair ties with a loose knot of hair.


#18: Straight and Sleek

Straight Long Natural Hairstyle for Silky Hair-min

If you have thick hair it can be difficult to get it looking straight and sleek, but when it does, it looks breathtaking. Use ceramic straightening iron and heat protect serum for the best effects.


#19: Classic Wedding Beauty

Lovely Bride Hairstyle for Marriage
Draw your hair back loosely and put in some very subtle curls. Take each individual section and pin it up. Leave a couple of strands down to frame your face. Add hair accessories if you wish.


#20: Very Long Wavy Hairstyle

Long Length Curly Hairstyle with Brown Hair-min

Really long hair looks truly breathtaking, no matter how you style it. Growing your hair down to your waist naturally can take a long time, so consider getting extensions put in instead if you want this hairstyle in the coming year.

#21: Big Barrel Curls

Hairstyle with Light Brown Hair-min

Blow-dry your hair upside down using a paddle to achieve volume, then use a wide barrel curling iron to put in big barrel curls. This long hairstyle is becoming a trend for young girls.


#22: Black Long Hair Beauty

Hairstyle with Long Black Hair-min

Short and long hair can look breathtaking in dark brown or black. If it is not your natural hair colour, take care to consider your skin tones before choosing these shades, or you could look washed out.


#23: Maximum Volume

Beautiful Wavy Curly Hairstyle-min

Bigger is not always better, but it can be if your style is on point. Big, bold waves and curls can help to give you the illusion of volume, but if you need another boost, get your stylist to add extensions.


#24: Platinum Blonde

Blond Women Hairstyle with Long Straigh Hair-min

Platinum blonde looks stunning on both short and long hair. It also suits a wide range of skin tones, especially as a statement style. Be aware that you may have to bleach your hair to achieve this colour, and overbleaching can cause damage.


#25: Seductive Side Sweep With Long Hair

Stylish Curly Hairstyle for Party-min

Show off your back and shoulders, and add extra volume to your hair by sweeping everything over to one side. If volume is your goal, curl your hair before sweeping it over, and spray each section to get it to hold its shape.

#26: Short Flower Crown Hairstyle

Another Bridal Hair-min

Feel at one with nature by including a flower crown as part of your hairstyle. Choose delicate, small flowers, or big bold, colourful ones, depending on what statement you are trying to make.


#27: Half n’ half

A gorgeous short hairstyle for confident women. Mix intense curls with straight hair by straightening the top half of your hair, so that it is uber-sleek, then creating crazy curls in the lower portion.

#28: Two Tone Hairstyles

Colorful Hairbun for Women-min

Create a fabulous two-tone look by leaving your hair its natural dark shade underneath, and then dying the top layer to a contrasting lighter shade. Two tone hair looks amazing with short and long hairstyles. Instead of brown and blonde, you can also try chocolate and red.


#29: Hair Extensions

Curly High Volume-min

Short and long haircuts and hairstyles can both be boosted by adding in hair extensions. Both natural and artificial extensions are available, and if your stylist is skilled, no one will even know that it’s not your real hair!


#30: Statement Piece

Cute Curly Bridal Hair-min

Add a single accessory to your hair to act as a statement piece. The piece that you choose may depend on the event that you are dressing for.

#31: Plait Crown

Exclusive Front Single Braided Hairstyle-min

Turn your plaits into a breathtaking crown by drawing hair to the front of your head, rather than the back, and then following the curve of your head around.


#32: Glamorous ponytail

Hairstyle for Sportive Girls-min

Who said that ponytails had to be bland and boring? Pull your hair back into a pony tail, twist it back on itself, and then let your hair fall naturally behind you like a waterfall. Add loose waves and a side fringe for extra glamour.


#33: Chunky Braid

Indian Long Straight Braided Hairstyle-min

Long, thick hair can look breathtaking in a sleek, chunky braid. This simplicity of this style helps to make it look amazing. What is more, when you take the braid out you will be left with beautiful soft waves.


#34: Lovely Layers

Layered Wavy Hairstyle for Medium Length Hair-min

Layers are a brilliant choice for a breathtaking cut, and they work well with short and long hair. Frame your face with a long fringe which stops just under your chin, or chooses a shorter fringe which stops under your eyes.


#35: Bridesmaids Ponytail

If you chose an updo for your wedding day, don’t settle for simplicity. Section off your hair at the top and test out styles which involve french braids leading into a ponytail with big curls.

#36: Simple Feathering

Try a subtle take on 70’s feathered hairstyle by using a barrel brush to curl your hair out away from your face. This helps your face to look sunny and open.


#37: Side Swept Glamour

Long Curly Hairstyle with Flowers-min

Go with an extreme side parting and sweep all of your hair over to one side. This can make a statement with both short and long styles. To add extra glamour for an event, accessories with a waterfall of flowers on the opposite side.


#38: Sleek Bob

Modern Short Hipster-min

A sleek bob is a timeless short haircut which can look really dramatic, even though it is so simple. Avoid a chin-length bob if you have a particularly strong or weak jawline.


#39: The Roaring 20’s

Retro Hairstyle for Elegant Women-min

Portion your hair into two main sections, then barrel curl smaller sections within each bigger section. Once you have some curls, twist each big section round and pin back to your head in a loose bun on either side. Top with a pearl band.


#40: Uneven Stevens

Rocking Look With Short Hipster-min

Make a real statement with an uneven bob. This style is a great choice if you want to show off your individuality and your funky style.


#41: Curly Bob

Short Curly Red Haircut-min

Straighten your hair so that it lies sleek and flat at the top of your head, then add gorgeous curls to the lower part. This will leave you a beautiful curly bob.


#42: The Modern Pixie

Short Hipster for Stylish Women-min

This stylish take on the pixie cut will help you to turn heads wherever you go. Keep the bottom layer short and dyed dark, whilst bleaching the upper layers blonde.


#43: Fringe Bangs

Sided Short Hipster for Girls-min

Use a signature fringe to draw attention to your favourite parts of your face, or hide parts that you are not so keen on. A huge, sweeping fringe is particularly dramatic when teamed up with close-cropped hair.


#44: Short Braids for Black Girls

Thick Side-Parted Braids for Black Teen Girls-min

If you have African-textured hair, you may need to relax your natural hair before you can get neat braids. If your hair is very short, you can secure in braided extensions at your scalp. Also, check these beautiful braid hairstyles for black girls.


#45: Slowly twisted

Weaves Hairstyle for Wedding-min

Pull your hair back into a ponytail, and then divide it into 10-20 sections, depending on how thick your hair is. Next, separate each section into two smaller ones, and twist them around each other. Work to wrap all the big sections around each other into a bun.

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Hope you have enjoyed our list of some of the most beautiful short and long hairstyles for women, especially young girls. Don’t copy other’s, choose a cute haircut or hairstyle that’ll suit perfectly with your face size and shape.

If you can choose the one haircut that’ll look perfect on you, then you’ll set the trend! If you like our list, then share this post to help other’s finding their ‘perfect’ hairstyle.