10 Easy Hairstyles for One Shoulder Dresses

Sometimes your outfit dictates your hairstyle. In the case of a one-shoulder dress, showing off your bare arm and collarbone is the key to make a statement. Pulling all of your hair up is an easy way to go, but there are a variety of other hairstyles that will make the look your own.


Hairstyle Ideas for One-Shoulder Dress

Not every hairstyle looks good with every dress you wear. Combining the hairstyle and dress is the key to look at your best. Below are our top 10 hairstyles for showing off a stunning one-shoulder dress.

1. Big High Bun

prom hairstyle for one shoulder dress

A large and wispy bun makes for the perfect prom hairstyle with a gorgeous one-shoulder dress. If your hair is thin, add a sponge or hairpiece to fill out the look. A slightly messy style is youthful and will make your night stress-free.


2. Long and Loose

wedding hairstyle for one shoulder dress

Wear your long hair down and loose for a romantic vibe. With an easy wedding hairstyle for one shoulder dress, simple waves can be pushed to one side or the other as needed. Add a beaded headband as an extra detail.


3. Medium Springy Curls

curly hairstyle for one shoulder dress

This curly hairstyle and one-shoulder dress work because of the medium length hair. Shorter lengths with a side part helps to open up the look around your shoulders. You’re still able to show off your luscious curls and your statement-making ensemble.


4. Unique Up-do

updo hairstyle for one shoulder dress

Now is the time to play around with different updo hairstyles for one shoulder dress. Get intricate or go as simple as the pattern on your dress allows. This look focuses much of the style to the top of the forehead for an impressive style.


5. Short Natural Curls

black hairstyle for one shoulder dress

This black hairstyle for one shoulder dress proves that babes who love wearing natural hair have it easy when it comes to formal events. No intricate styles is necessary, as your gorgeous curls do all the talking.


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6. Face-Framing French Braids

braids for one shoulder dress

These unique braids for one-shoulder dress draw the focus to your chest and shoulders, which is perfect for highlighting that area on your dress. This swooped forward style is also great for a backless gown.


7.  Pinned Curls Up-do

bridesmaid's hairstyle for one shoulder dress

If you need an easy bridesmaid’s hairstyle for one shoulder dress, look no further than this pinned up style. Show off detailed curls and a beautiful gown with this style. Leave a few tendrils down to frame the face.


8. Straight And Layered Pixie

short hairstyle for one shoulder dress

Babes with pixies don’t have to worry about pulling hair up to show off a dress. Sport a straight and layered pixie as you normally would for your big event. Bold, red lipstick doesn’t hurt, either.


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9. Sleek High Ponytail

ponytail for one shoulder dress

One of the best ways to show off your dress is with a modern high ponytail. Hair should be sleek and straight to focus the attention where you need it most. Use hairspray to tame flyaways and use a brush to gather hair up evenly to avoid any tension on the scalp.


10. Long Bob With Side Bangs

Bob hairstyles are ideal for keeping hair off of your shoulders and the emphasis on your dress. A side part is easy yet functional. Side bangs highlight cheekbones and adds a little flair to straight or fine hair.

Whether your hair is short or long, showing off your one shoulder dress is easy. Pull it up into a fierce high ponytail or sport a sexy pixie cut or sweet and sassy bob. The options for up-dos are truly endless, too.

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