10 Best Hairstyles for Different Dresses

Depending on the type of dress you are wearing, your hairstyling options can vary quite a lot. If you’re attending an event where you want to stand out, look glamorous and elegant,  a hairstyle for dresses that gives your tresses a fantastic glow will look awesome on you.

Also, when choosing the hairstyle for your dress, consider its fabric, cut, and length. If you don’t know how to mix these, here are a few ideas that’ll help you achieve an incredible look for any party.

1. Bun Updo for Strapless Dress

hairstyle for off shoulder dress

This hairstyle is perfect for an off-shoulder dress. It is simple but it highlights the neckline and shoulders. Go for a simple messy bun on top of the head and wear no makeup, or maybe just a little bit of mascara or fake eyelashes. You will look brilliant!


2. Layered Medium Hair With Bodycon Dress

hairstyle for long dress

When you are searching for a hairstyle for a long black bodycon dress, go for a layered hairstyle with an ombre and a middle part that will amazingly frame your face.


3. Afro American Curly Hair + Halter Dresses

hairstyle for high neck dress

Neck dresses are real attention grabbers, especially if you choose one with a floral print like the one presented above.  When we’re talking about a hairstyle for a high neck dress that will beautifully match the whole outfit, go for Afro American tight curls.


4. Low Bun  for One Shoulder Dresses

hairstyle for one shoulder dress

When you crave for a hairstyle for your one-shoulder dress that makes the whole outfit stand out, opt for a low bun. It will highlight your uncovered clavicle, and you will look ravishing. Accessorize the entire outfit with a long pair of earrings.


5. Wavy Long Hair for Strapless Dress

hairstyles for dresses with sleeves

One of the best long hairstyles for a dress with sleeves is a long cut with voluminous waves. Style a middle part and wear half of your hair on the back and the other on one of your shoulders.


6. Pixie Cut and Short Dress

hairstyles for short dresses

Who says you can’t look fabulous and elegant with a short hairstyle and a short dress? Go for a pixie cut and opt for a feminine dress that highlights your silhouette. A red lipstick will always complete the whole outfit!


7. Ponytail for  Strapless Dress

hairstyles for strapless dresses

Ponytails are one of the best hairstyles for strapless dresses. If you don’t have long and voluminous hair, don’t worry, you can always use a gorgeous faux pony that will help you get the look you wanted.


8. Curly Hairstyle for Halter Dress

hairstyle for halter dress

The above halter dress and curly hairstyle will make you look formal but will also show off your amazing style. Pin the top hair in a ponytail a wave and curl the rest of the tresses. Get yourself a fringe and spread it on the forehead.


9. Retro Waves for V Neck Dress

hairstyles for V neck dresses

This hairstyle and V-neck dress will make you look ravishing, just like a real diva attending a Great Gatsby party. Go for retro waves and an outfit that’s full of sequins. To look fabulous, go for a dark red lipstick.


10. Braided Low Ponytail + Denim Backless Dress

hairstyle for backless dress

This is one of the most suitable hairstyles for a backless dress. If it’s made of denim, the hairdo will make you look younger and it will beautifully match your long outfit. Take your mane and braid one knit that you can wear on one side.


Hairstyles and dresses must complete the whole outfit and suit the cut. Depending on the fabric, you can opt for more elegant hairdos or messy hair arrangements. Tell us in the comments which are your favorite types of dresses and the hairstyles you usually go for.