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50 Hottest Bob Haircuts for Round Faces

Everyone loves a good bob haircut, but chopping off your locks can be tricky if you deal with a round face shape. Short styles often accentuate a full face, but playing with length, height, and various aspects of the hair can elongate your face with elegance and ease.

If you prefer wearing bangs, make them piecey or see-through or angled on the side. Length matters, too, when you’re trying to define your chin and jaw and conceal full cheeks.

Bob Haircuts for Round Faces

Check out our 50 bob haircuts of various lengths, textures, and styles to get some major inspiration.

1. Long Bob

bob for round face with thin hair

Longer lengths are your best bet when it comes to elongating your face shape. Shoulder-length styles suit virtually every face shape, but work well for thinning out full cheeks, especially if you have long, straight bangs that truncate the face.

2. Short Bob for Thin Hair

thick bob for round face

To flatter your face shape best, hair should reach to chin length. This style may be shorter on one side, but the swooping side part brings the hair below the chin on the other side of the face. Concealment like this makes the face instantly appear slimmer.

3. Middle Part Bangs

bob haircut for fat round face

Bangs are okay for round faces, but they have to be done right. Center part bangs are perfect for creating a curtain-like effect and narrowing the overall appearance of your face. Keep bangs long to further elongate the face and cut them so they frame your eyes.

4. Woman Over 50 with Round Face

bob haircut for round face over 50

Use your hair texture to distract from a full face. Waves can conceal parts of the cheeks and can make cheekbones stand out. Add height to your hair at the top of the forehead or the crown of the head for further facial elongation.

5. Bob Haircut with Side Bangs

bob with side bangs for round face women

Side bangs effectively create a little window on your forehead that makes the face appear much taller than it actually is.

Fortunately, side bangs flatter just about every face shape out there. Let your hair skim the base of your neck for the ultimate framing effect.

6. Tousled Texture for Round Faces

Asian Bob for Round Face

Sleek styles can be unforgiving on round face shapes. Height, texture, and volume are what they truly need, and this tousled bob proves it. Add beach waves to fill out your look. Angled side bangs are a final face-slimming detail of this hairstyle.

7. French Bob Haircut

French Bob Haircut for Women with Round Face

French bobs are worn close to the head, so this would seem counterintuitive for creating space and length. Wavy texture and long, parted French bangs take care of that! Long bangs usually shorten faces, but parted styles make the forehead appear nice and tall.

8. Bob with Highlights

Bob with Highlights for Round Faces

The key to these highlights is placement. Strategically adding in fun colors to just one side of the bangs and front portion of the hair throws off the balance of a full face for an instantly slimming effect.

9. Pixie Bob for Round Face

Pixie Bob for Round Face

Short hair can be tough for round faces, but an asymmetrical pixie bob can flatter, when done right. Long side bangs should start at the upper corner of the forehead and reach around to the end of the opposite ear to make the face appear longer.

10. Straight Bob for Round Face

blonde bob hairstyle for round face

Straight styles are typically a no-no, but slight layers and a side part help to change the rules. First, the length of the bob should reach below the chin and layers should be focused to the side of the head where the bangs fall.

The side part stretches to the top of the face and draws the eye to the highest corner of the forehead.

11. Red Asymmetrical Bob

asymmetrical bob for round face

Wondering what opportunities are there for you when you have a round face? An asymmetrical bob haircut is certainly a solution.

It creates angles and draws attention away from the more prominent facial features. Also, a bright color can make a huge difference when making a change.

12. Pixie Bob with Bangs

bob haircut for asian woman with round face

Love a good pixie? Or maybe a great bob haircut? Why not mix the two and style a great haircut with bangs that shows the perks of both haircuts. If you’re aiming for a hairdo that is glamorous and features more unusual colors, opt for a pale dark purple. 

13. Layered Cut for Thin Hair

bob haircut for older women with round face

Unfortunately, thin hair is a common problem for older women. And if you have a round face, you need a hairstyle that fights both issues. Consider creating angles and layers. This way,  you will make the face look less round. 

14. Low Pony with Bangs

bob ponytail for round face

Are you not considering a bob hairstyle for a round face? Here’s why you must! It’s a low-maintenance hairdo that gives plenty of room for imagination. You can dye the hair and create all sorts of hairstyles.

The length also allows you to gather the mane in a pony when working or when you need a comfortable hairdo. 

15. Curly Bob

curly bob haircut for round face

Bobs and curls go hand in hand, right? And they also are suitable for round faces. Choose the proper length and swipe the top on one side to create asymmetry. Also, you will build volume for the crown section, making the face look elongated. 

16. Pink Bob for Round Face

dyed bob for round face

Bobs for round faces are one of the best ways to make your face look slimmer. And the trick sits in the length of the hair.

If you go for a middle part, make sure the hair is longer than the jawline, reaching the shoulders. This practice will create an elongated effect.

17. Side Bob

layered bob haircut for round face

Need a hairstyle that suits your face shape? Why not opt for a bob for round faces that will help you slimmer those prominent cheekbones?  The most proper way to gain that effect is to create a side part and some layers. 

18. Short Curly Bob

short bob for round face

A short curly bob for round faces like the one presented above is the key to cutting down that roundness. Keep the hair short so that the curls won’t have weight and will be able to form.

The proper pair of glasses is also going to help. Make sure it suits your face shape. 

19. Autumn Bob

bob haircut for round face

Bobs for rounded faces can be adapted to all seasons. If you’re wondering how you can do so, the trick is in the proper hair dye.

Adapt the colors for the season but make sure they suit your complexion. In this case, reddish roots will beautifully complement the pale copper ends. 

20. Bob with Blonde Bangs

blonde bob for round face

Craving for more dimension and volume? An easy thing to do! Just use a rounded brush when styling and drying the bangs.

They will have that cute bounce and draw attention towards them. You can wear the hair loose or pinned in a back pony. 

21. A-line Bob

A-line bob for round faces

The A-line bob is the most common choice among women with a round face. This bob haircut is suitable for both thin and thick hair. The length comes just above the shoulders, with a subtle layering that makes the face appear longer.

22. Sleek Straight Bob for Round Faces

sleek bob haircuts for round faces

If your hair is naturally straight or you prefer a smooth look, consider a lob hairstyle. This will lengthen the overall appearance of your face that shorter styles can’t seem to do. Try a side part, but if you must keep it in the center, at some height at the crown of the head.

23. Center-parted Lob

center parted lob for round faces

The center-parted long bob is very trendy right now. Fortunately, the center part conceals a large portion of the cheeks and creates a narrow appearance for the face.

Remember, longer lengths flatter full cheeks. We love this light blonde color, but an ombre bob is great for pulling the eye downwards.

24. Messy Bob with Bangs

messy bob with bangs for round faces

Whether you’ve dyed your natural hair this bold color or utilizing a red bob weave, the messy look works for full cheeks. The long fringe is kept slightly piecey at certain points, while the overall wavy texture of the hair makes a face appear smaller.

25. Side-Swept Balayage Bob

side swept bob for round faces

The side swept bob is a messy, sexy option for women with a round face. The tousled texture is casual and relaxed while balayage highlights add depth by making the cheekbones pop. Soft layers on blunt cut ends make this look sharp and trendy.

26. Bob Weave with Middle Part

This straight, blunt-cut bob is done to perfection. Hair is perfectly divided by a straight middle part. The long length really helps out round faces by sharpening the jawline. Weaves are perfect for trying out a bob look instead of making it a full commitment.

27. Short Bob with Bangs

The angle of this bob adds texture and definition by making the end line of hair gradually longer at the front.

Straight bangs that reach the eyes are fine, so long as they take on a see-through nature at specific points. We love this look as a go-to bob cut for round faces & thin hair.

28. Long Angled Bob

Distribute all of that bulk with a long angled bob for thick hair. It can be worn parted to the side or straight down the middle to cover the fullness of cheeks and have an elongating effect on the face.

29. Inverted Bob

Another great bob option for women with a round face is the inverted bob. To create this look, hair is cut shorter closer to the neck and longer on the outside of the hair.

This gives hair a round shape, which isn’t typically great for round faces, but inverted bobs conceal much of the face and make it appear smaller.

30. Layered Curly Bob with Bangs

bob haircuts for round faces

This layered short bob is a glamorous mixture of a pixie and bob. The layers are present all around the haircut. The front parts are longer than the rest for a slimming, angled effect. Soft curls add definition to a fuller face that doesn’t normally exist.

31. Shaggy Orangish-Red Hair

red bob for round face

If you have thin hair, go for this shaggy style. All you need for your thin hair is volume, height, and texture; this is the hairdo that precisely provides all of this.

The hair length is just above the shoulders, making your face appear slightly longer; thus, making it a popular red bob cut for round faces amongst women.

32. Short Inverted Bob

short bob for round face

Another cut that gives a professional or magistrate types look is the stunning cut. This chin-length bob frames the face perfectly making it appear slimmer. It even sharpens the jawline and draws attention to your eyes.

33. Side Parted Medium Length Hair

side part bob for round face

Another style which can be worn to casual as well as formal meets. Simply side-part your hair, covering your half face with it, and tuck the rest of the hair behind your ear, which gives your face a more charming look. It is easy to style and has an elongating effect on the face.

34. Reddish-Brown Lob

thick long bob for round face

A great hairdo for thick straight hair is the lob with bangs. Here, your thick bob will be at the rescue for making your round face appear slimmer. The bangs cover the forehead elevating the look. The color adds more charm to the overall look.

35. Side-swept Blonde Hair

thin hair bob for women with round face

A great look for thin hair and fair skin tones is the blonde bob. This is a modern and trendy look for those who prefer relaxed and casual hairstyles with a side part.

Do not push your locks at the back of your ear, as it will make your face appear broader. Instead, leave some strands on both sides.

36. Short Asymmetrical Bob

A short asymmetrical bob is usually done with a side part. The hair is swept to the one side, leaving just a small portion of hair on the other.

Here is where you show off a short stack that heightens the appearance of the cheekbones. The longer side of the hair creates an asymmetry that visibly changes the shape of the face.

37. Long Wavy Bob

Waves are a great styling option when it comes to round faces. They tend to distract and can overpower the face, which is good thing for full cheeks. The long length guarantees that the part can be worn to either side or straight down the middle.

38. Shaggy Bob with Bangs

Looking for an edgy, daring bob for round faces? Try a bold version of this choppy bob. Here, the hair has been cut with a razor to create spiky texture that sharpens the features of the face.

Long bangs typically have a shortening effect, so have your stylist start them far back on the head to elongate the appearance of your forehead.

39. Asymmetrical Bob with Bangs

bob haircuts with bangs for round faces

Similar to the regular asymmetrical bob, this bob comes with an addition of bangs. The longest parts of the hair frames the chin, and side-swept bangs feed seamlessly into the layers. This look is cute yet sophisticated, making it appropriate for all occasions.

40. Medium Side Part Bob

medium bob hair for round faces

Medium-length hair is ideal for making round faces appear oval-shaped. With a deep a side part, this bob is messy, trendy and a modern look for those who prefer a casual and relaxed hairstyle. Layered bangs lengthen the face and make this tousled styled an absolute go-to.

41. Vintage Bob

This vintage-inspired bob hairstyle for round faces is chic and rather slimming, thanks to lots of voluminous waves.

Shorter lengths are tough, but the ends of this style sit in the hollows under the cheekbones to slim the face. We love how this look is trendy and retro at the same time.

42. Short Choppy Bob

This short, choppy bob is done with the gradual layering of the hair. The layers are thin, edgy, and slightly asymmetrical to lengthen the face that thick bangs conceal. This voluminous look is great eliminating the bulk of thick hair.

43. Short Layered Bob

The beauty of the layered short bob is universal and well-known. The somewhat choppy layers on the short hair are what defines the smoothness of a round face. The styling can be messy or straight.

44. Short Stacked Bob with Bangs

This unique bowl bob cut gives depth to a round face. The stack and gradual layering at the back of the top of the head adds height that helps to elongate the face. Leave a long piece in front of the ear to frame the face and instantly make it appear smaller.

45. Bob with Undercut

shaved side bob for round faces

This eccentric and daring look opens up the eyes and the face. It is shaved on one side, while the rest of the hair falls into a messy bob. The side part is discreet and keeps hair styled to the side. This bob haircut for round faces is so offbeat!

46. African American Short Bob

This short bob has a deep side part that glamorously divides the hair into two parts. The back is layered and short while the sweeping side bangs skim the top of the cheekbones for added definition. This style focuses thickness at the top of the head- a perfect place for full cheeks.

47. Curly Bob for Round Face

This naturally curly bob is great for women with a round face. The curls instantly soften, yet the texture adds definition that this face shape typically lacks. The side part elongates the face in an elegant yet fashionable way as the side bangs dip over the opposite eyebrow.

48. Chin-length Bob for Full Face

The middle part bob focuses the attention to the center of the face. Hair is sleek and straight and bangs are long yet parted at the middle to open up the face. This short length actually makes the chin appear longer.

49. Medium Bob

A chin-length bob is a great option for round faces who want to define their features and lengthen the face. It can be easily styled and worn straight, messy or wavy, according to your mood. Each of the styles flatters the face shape and the cut gives volume and definition to the look.

50. Blunt Bob with Bangs

blunt bob with bangs for round faces

Short bangs can give a round face a more oval shape, which is usually the goal among most women. When cutting short bangs on a round face, it is best to keep the bob’s length as long as possible. Lengths that exceed the ear are perfect for creating balance alongside the short, see-through bangs.

Which Bobs Are Best for Round Face Shape?

Bob hairstyles are easy to create, style, and maintain. They can vary in length; some are short and skim the bottoms of the ears, while others reach to the shoulders in a long bob, or lob, fashion. You can work within these parameters so long as you adjust other elements to slim the face.

Round-shaped faces are at their best with a medium-length bob or lob. The longer hair lengths visually elongate the face for a subtle effect. Styling is up to you, so long as you keep slimming in mind.

If you choose a half-up hairstyle, leave two pieces of hair out at the front of the forehead so that they frame the face.

Each of the styles uniquely flatters different faces, so if a bob cut works for one person, it does not necessarily mean that it’ll work for you too. It’s best to determine what you want to achieve or hide with your look, then choose the best bob haircut.

FAQs on Bob Haircuts for Round Face

Which length of hair is suitable for a round face?

To reduce the roundness of the face, the best hair length is shoulder length. This means that the longer the front parts are, the more oval the look of the face will be.

The rest of the hair can be done in a shorter version with layers or a short stack, but the longer hairstyle will be easier and more effective. If you have very short hair, try to style it to the side to help define softer features.

Middle part or side part bob – which one suits the round face more?

Depending on the length of the hair and hairstyle, both parts will do a great job. However, it’s always better to keep the part to the side, regardless of your face shape.

It makes a face appear longer, leaving more space to shape or conceal the face to your advantage. However, each round face is different, and many bob hairstyles look much better with the middle part.

When creating a middle part, the styling can be done inwards, which will define the edges of your face. Finally, wavy bobs are often better when styled with a middle part instead of a side part.

Hairstyles for round faces can make your features pop no matter your hair length. Whether you like your round face shape or not, many different options today can visually change that roundness. Choose one of the above-mentioned bob hairstyles for round faces and see how it instantly changes your look.