25 Bob Hairstyles That’ll Look Good on Round Faced Women

Bob haircuts for round faces are so uber chic right now! Women with round faces have a specific shape that requires a special cut. In order to look good and find a hairstyle that flatters the round face, it is important to determine what do you want to show and what do you want to hide. One of the most popular hairstyle for round faces is bob.


Best Suited Bobs for Round Face Shape

bob haircuts for round faces

Bob is a hairstyle that is easy to get and easy to maintain. Bobs vary in length. Some are short in about ear lights, some are going in between ears and shoulders and some are long, also known as lobs.

The round shaped face is best to be followed by a medium length bob or a lob. This is because those hair lengths are longer and they visually give the face elongating effect which makes the round shape subtler. When these bobs come in question, it is up to personal preference to choose how you want to style them – straight, wavy, curly, with a mini half-up hair, etc.

Each of the styles flatters different faces in a unique way, so if one look works for the certain face it does not necessarily mean that it will work for you too. It is best to determine what do you want to achieve or hide with your look, and then choose the best bob haircut for your round face.


Amazing Bob Hairstyles for Women with Round Face

These are the best bobs that round-faced ladies can sport.

1. A-line Bob

A-line bob for round faces

The A-line bob is the most common, usual and frequent choice among women with a round face. It is suitable for both thin and thick hair. The length comes just above the shoulders, with a subtle layering that makes the face look longer.


2. Sleek Straight Bob

sleek bob haircuts for round faces

Sleek bob is a nice, tidy and elegant option for a visual change of the round face. The haircut can be done in the middle or side part, and the hair is super sleek. The length comes somewhere above the shoulders, with the front parts a bit longer than the rest of the cut.


3. Center-parted Lob

center parted lob for round faces

The center-parted long bob for round faces is a modern and youngish look, mainly worn by the younger generation. It is a very trendy style. The hair is parted just at the middle and it falls softly to the sides, inwards, shaping the face nicely, without adding more roundness. The ombre bob is asymmetrical in the cut.


4. Messy Bob with Bangs

messy bob with bangs for round faces

This is a version of a short red bob weave, with an ear length. The hair and styling are straight. As an addition, the bangs are defining the look. They are also straight, slightly put to the side, accenting the side part.


5. Side-Swept Balayage Bob

side swept bob for round faces

The side swept bob is a messy option for women with thin hair & round face. This is a casual and relaxed look, showing the hair being thrown to the other side, without a specific order.  The layering is soft and the ends are sharp.


6. Bob Weave with Middle Part

This round bob haircut for round faces is a sleek hairstyle that is done by perfection. The cut is straight, and the middle part dived the hair equally.


7. Short Bob with Bangs

The angled bob gives texture and definition to the end of the hair, making the end line gradually longer at the front. The bangs are straight, reaching the eyes. This is a suitable bob cut for round faces & thin hair.


8. Long Angled Bob

The long angled bob is a longer version of the short angled bob, and this is great round face bob for women with thick hair. it can be won parted just right to the middle, which will visually give equal elongating effect on the face.


9. Inverted Bob

Another great bob option for women with a round face is the inverted bob. The layering is subtle, the ends are coming one over another, and the styling is done inwards. It shapes the face nicely, making it softer and longer.


10. Layered Curly Bob with Bangs

bob haircuts for round faces

This layered short bob comes as a mixture of pixie and bob. The layers are present all around the haircut. The hair is discreetly parted to the side, making a direction for the bangs and the rest of the hair. The front parts are longer than the rest.


11. Short Asymmetrical Bob

The short asymmetrical bob is usually done with a side part. The hair is swept to the one side, leaving just a small portion to the other. That portion is a short cut, reaching the ears, and the other side is longer, creating an asymmetry that is visibly changing the shape of the face.


12. Long Wavy Bob

Waves are much better styling option that the curls when it comes to round faces. They reshape the face, and the long bob is the perfect hairstyle for that. It can be worn to either side.


13. Shaggy Bob with Bangs

This is an edgy and more daring bob for round faces. It comes as a bolder version of the choppy bob. The hair here looks like has been done with a razor, leaving the parts unequal and sharp. The bangs are long, textured and give the face depth.


14. Asymmetrical Bob with Bangs

bob haircuts with bangs for round faces

Similar to the regular asymmetrical bob, this bob comes with an addition of bangs. The longest parts of hair are just below the ears. The bangs are swept to the side. One of the most adorable bob haircuts for round faces.


15. Medium Side Part Bob

medium bob hair for round faces

The medium length hair is great for a bob and making the round face more oval. Coming with a side part, this bob is messy, trendy and modern look for all for those who like the casual and relaxed hairstyle.


16. Vintage Golden Blonde Bob

This vintage inspired bob hairstyle for round faces is very chic and Parisian style. The length does not go over longer than the chin, with curls to both sides. It is trendy and retro at the same time.


17. Short Choppy Bob

The short choppy bob is done with the gradual layering of the hair. The layers are thin and edgy, while the rest of the hair is voluminous. It can be worn with or without bangs.


18. Short Layered Bob

The beauty of the layered short bob is universal and well-known. The layers on the short hair are what smoothes the round face. The styling can be messy or straight.


19. Short Stacked Bob with Bangs

This is a unique look of a bowl bob cut that gives depth to the round face. The bowl bob is stacked at the back, with gradual layering. The top hair parts are shorter and go over the lower parts. The bangs add to the look.


20. Bob with Undercut

shaved side bob for round faces

This eccentric and daring look opens up the eyes and the face. It is shaved to the one side, while the rest of the hair falls into a messy bob. The side part is discreet and the hair is styled to the side. This bob haircut for round faces is so offbeat!


21. African American Short Bob

This short bob has a deep side part that divides the hair into two parts. It is pulled to the side, going over the forehead, giving a look of bangs. The back is layered and short.


22. Curly Bob for Black Women

The curly bob comes as a natural look to black women with a round face. Following their accented face line, the curls are softening the look, making it fashionable and chic.

The side part plays a great role in the visual effect of softening the round effect, and the look-a-like bangs are just curly hair coming over the face.


23. Chin-length Bob for Chubby Face

The look of this bob for round faces comes with a middle part. The hair is sleek and straight, the bangs are long, parted at the middle and straight. The length of the bob is equal at all sides almost reaching the shoulders. This foxy bob makes the chubby cheeks and lips softer.


24. Medium Bob

The chin length is a great bob option for round face women who want to make their faceless round. It can be styled easy and worn as straight, messy of wavy. Each of the styles flatters the face shape and the cut gives volume and definition to the look.


25. Blunt Bob with Bangs

blunt bob with bangs for round faces

Short bangs have that ability and power to give the round face a more oval shape, which is most usually the goal among women. When doing short bangs on a round face, it is best to keep the bob’s length as long as possible. Each length that exceeds the ear length is great because it creates a nice balance with the short bangs.


FAQs on Bob Haircuts for Round Face

Q1. Which Length of hair is suitable for a round face?

Ans. To reduce the roundness of the face, the best hair length is the shoulder length. This means that the longer the front parts are, the more oval the look will be. The rest of the hair can be done in a shorter version, but the longer hairstyle will do better work. If you have very short hair, then try to style it to the side, again to have more material to smooth the round face shapes.


Q2. Middle part or side part bob which suits round face best?

Ans. Depending on the length of the hair, both parts will do a great job in different hairstyles. However, it is always better to keep the part to the side. It makes the hair longer, leaving it more space to shape the face. However, each round face is different and there are lots of bob hairstyles that look much better with the middle part. When doing a middle part, the styling can be done inwards, which will soften the edges of your face. Also, the wavy bobs are better styled with a middle part instead of a side part.


Hairstyles for round faces can be done easily and with different hair lengths. No matter whether you like your round face shape or not, there are so many different options today that can visually change the roundness. Choose one of the above-mentioned bob hairstyles for round faces and see how it instantly changes your look.