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25 Perfect Hairstyles for Strapless Dresses (2024 Trends)

When you choose to wear a strapless dress, you need to be bold, confident in your skin, and ready to receive a lot of attention. And for this, you certainly need a hairstyle for strapless dresses that will go hand in hand with its fabric, the occasion, your personality, and your face shape.

Length is also important for such outfits and can guide you when choosing the best hairstyle for strapless dresses. If it’s short, you’ll have a sexy provocative look, and if it reaches the ground, you need to opt for an elegant updo.

If you don’t know how to match the two, check the images below, and you will undoubtedly find the inspiration you need!

1. Long Blonde Hairstyle for Strapless Dress

long hairstyle for strapless dress

A long hairstyle for a strapless dress will make you look elegant and obtain a hairdo ideal for glamorous events. Every time you choose a strapless dress, make sure the fabric used for it will suit the hairstyle. You don’t want to wear a satin dress with space buns, right? The two must complement each other.


2. Big Bun for Strapless Dress

hairstyle for strapless wedding dress

This is probably one of the best hairstyles for a strapless wedding dress. The glamorous massive bun with messy strands will complete the look and show off your beautiful neckline and chest. Everyone will be able to see your silhouette and will compliment you for the outfit.


3. Curly Mane for Strapless Dress

prom hairstyle for strapless dress

Every young girl wants to look ravishing at her prom, and you can achieve that greatness by going for a prom hairstyle for a strapless dress. Use bobby pins to secure your whole mane on one side and style gorgeous curls and waves that will make you look elegant, like a beautiful princess.


4. Medium Length Hair + Black Strapless Dress

curly hairstyle for strapless dress

The best curly hairstyle for a strapless dress is certainly one that doesn’t cover the shoulders and keeps the ringlets bouncy and beautifully layered. Opt for an inverted bob haircut and wear the fringe on one side.


5. Messy Low Bun + White Strapless Dress

updo for strapless dress

Sometimes less is more, and with this updo for a plain white strapless dress, you’ll obtain a romantic chic look. Gather all the hair in the back and style a bun. You can also make a bump on top of the head to obtain more volume and spare a strand from your fringe and let it fall on the forehead.


6. Curly Braided Low Bun + Gorgeous White Strapless Dress

formal hairstyle for strapless dress

If you are attending a wedding or a party, opt for a more formal hairstyle for a strapless dress. Use your bangs to make a loose crown braid and curl the rest of the mane. Build a big textured low bun that will keep the shoulders and neck uncovered.


7. Crimped Ponytail for Strapless Dresses

ponytail for strapless dress

Uncover your neck shoulders and chin with a modern white cotton dress and a suitable hairstyle. Go for a middle part and a low ponytail. Use a thin strand that you can wrap at the base of the pony to hide the hair elastic. Opt for a crimping iron to give your strands more volume and texture.


8. Casual Braided Ponytail + Red Strapless Dress

braided style for strapless dress

When you are a caramel blonde girl with highlights, a red strapless dress will go hand in hand with your shade. If you opt for a casual outfit, consider making a low braid and wearing your hair on one side.


9. Twisted Curls for Strapless Dress

half up hairstyle for strapless dress

When you want to impress, a strapless dress is undoubtedly the best way to do it. Now all you need to do is to find the perfect hairstyle. Our suggestion is to go for a long hairstyle with curls. Take the top hair and split it into two pieces. Twist and meet them in the back to create a half ponytail.


10. Bob Haircut + Colorful Strapless Dress

A strapless casual dress you can wear for a walk in the park or a day spent at the beach will beautifully pair with a medium haircut. Go for an inverted bob and swoop the bangs on one side. A gorgeous bright blonde shade will fabulously match your tanned skin.


11. Short Pixie for Black Strapless Dress

Depending on the fabric, the strapless dress requires certain hairstyles, and a pixie haircut is an excellent match if you pick a denim outfit. Opt for a boyish haircut that highlights your eyes and is pretty low-maintenance.


12. Long Bob for Strapless Dress

medium hairstyle for strapless dress

A lob haircut has the perfect length and adds value to your dress. It provides a good framing for the face, and those bangs will complete the look.


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13. Short Haircut for Women Over 50 With Strapless Dress

older women hairstyle with strapless dress

When you are a woman over 50, a strapless dress can be considered a real statement. You are never too old to look fabulous, sexy, and fit. Opt for an elegant short hairdo that will show off your chest and shoulders, and pick a royally simple pearled necklace at the base of the neck.


14. Blonde Retro Curls With Red Lipstic and Strapless Dress

vintage hairstyle for strapless dress

Pulling off a retro look for a strapless dress is a fabulous idea. Go for chunky curls and wear the bangs on one side. Complete the look with gorgeous red lipstick and a pair of shiny golden earrings.


15. Afro Curls + Light Green Strapless Dress

When wearing a sexy dress that draws all the attention to your chest and shoulders, you need to go for a hairstyle that completes the look, nothing too fancy or elegant. An Afro-black hairstyle for a strapless dress with gorgeous coils and height will be perfect.


16. Platinum Creamy Curls

wavy blonde hairstyle for strapless dress

Strapless dresses are the most amazing outfits when you want to highlight your collar bones, hair, and facial features. As a woman with fair skin, a platinum blonde mixed with creamy white chocolate nuances will make your strands shine. Give them some texture by creating loose curls. 


17. Short Brown Pixie

pixie cut for strapless dress

A strapless dress and a short brown pixie make such a great match. They unveil the neckline and allow you to wear oversized jewelry, which is a great statement. Accessories can add great value to your overall look while that sleek pixie becomes the star of the show. 


18. Straight Hair with Middle Part

One of the best hairstyles for strapless dresses is a simple yet very elegant middle part for long, flawlessly straightened hair. All you have to do is use a rat tail comb, to make sure the parting is absolutely perfect, and a straightening iron. Wear the mane on your back to reveal the shoulders and chest. 


19. Side Wavy Bun

side hairstyle for strapless dress

For this hairstyle for a strapless dress, you need to do the parting on the low side. Flop the hair to the opposite lateral, where you will build a bun. Using some wax and pomade, you will make the hair look retro. Wear only one super dimensional earring on the opposite side of the bun to create balance. 


20. Sleek Side Part with Bow

firzzy hairstyle for strapless dress

For this hairstyle, you have to build contrast between your straight roots and the rest of the hair, which will have so much more volume and texture. Do a side part and select small strands. You will first tease your hair with a comb and then use a triple iron to build those waves. 


21. Messy Bun

messy updo for strapless dress

If you’re up for a casual look that is perfect for a summer or a day when you have to run errands, this messy bun is just the thing you need. Pin all the hair on top of your head and use a sponge doughnut. Wrap those strands around it and make sure it looks a little sloppy.


22. Retro Bangs

pin up hairstyle for strapless dress

When you have green eyes, copper red hair will suit you like a glove. Part your hair in two: bangs and the rest of your mane. Create a top bun, and use those bangs to give it that retro look. Comb that section and straighten the hair. Use a large curler and a setting spray to preserve the shape. 


23. Wedding Hairstyle for Strapless Dress

loose braid hairstyle for strapless dress

On your wedding day, you want to look your best, so you need to make sure you have the proper hairstyle too. If it’s a casual wedding, you can opt for a messy braid on your back that you will decorate with small white flowers like gypsophila. 


24. Rolled Top Buns

double bun hairstyle for strapless dress

Inspired by space buns, this hairstyle is more sophisticated and greatly suits a strapless dress. You will need quite long hair to pull it off or add some hair extensions. Section the hair into two pieces and roll them at the base, building height. Make them quite loose and pull off some strands.


25. Rihanna’s Pixie Cut

undercut hairstyle for strapless dress

Rihanna really knows how to make herself stand out not only with fabulous outfits but also with trendsetting cuts. This pixie hairstyle for a strapless dress has dark roots that enlighten the tips. She flipped the top to the side, creating more height and revealing the undercut. 


When you opt for a strapless dress hairstyle, the outfit’s color and your hair should also perfectly match. For example, an all-red appearance is a big no-no. Finding the balance between your mane and outfit is the key, and once you master that, you’ll obtain the best hair look with a beautiful strapless dress!