21 Fresh Hairstyles With Red Violet Hair Colors

Women who want to make a fashion statement often start with their hairstyle. Red violet hair color is so overt that it is hard not to stand out in the crowd, so women who choose one of these looks should prepare to be noticed. Our red violet hair color list will cater for women who love a lot of different cuts and shapes.


Red Violet Hair Color Ideas

In order to create a really vivid red violet hair color, you will need to carefully bleach your hair. If you do not bleach it, it is unlikely that you will get a strong color. Some very fair haired people will not need to do a bleach treatment before dyeing. Get a professional to do the bleach step for you, because leaving the bleach on for too long can cause your hair to become brittle and snap.


Vivid Violet

vivid violet hair color

A vivid violet hair color is a very eye-catching choice for women. Layering around the face can help to soften the style to give a very feminine look.


Highlights and Lowlights

red violet hair with highlights and lowlights

Highlights and lowlights help to create variety in a hairstyle. In a violet hair color, highlights and lowlights might be black or pale pink to balance the violet color scheme.


Dark Red

Darker reds are becoming more popular over time. These red violet hair colors are really appealing because they work for lots of different fashion styles. Short bangs look great with a diagonal parting.


Sleek Red Violet Hair Color

Sleek hairstyles are a lovely idea for colored hairstyles. Perfectly straight hair really allows the vividness of the color to shine through.


Choppy Side Bangs

Choppy side bangs are a great way to cover a large forehead whilst drawing attention to the areas that you do love. Choppy layering also helps to create a fun and flirty look.


Intense Red with Dark Roots

red violet hair

Postbox red is a really vivid and intense shade. Give your hairstyle a smoldering glamor by leaving your roots dark black to show the thickness of your hairstyle.


Glamorous Side Swept Style

To make your hair look extra voluminous, you can sweep the whole style from one side to the other. Dark violet hair gives the side-swept style a super glamorous emo look.


Soft Side Swept Bangs

Soft side swept bangs complement many different hairstyles, regardless of the color. You should regularly comb through your bangs to keep them soft and free from tangles.


Short Wavy Bob with Highlights and Lowlights

short wavy hair with red violet color

A short wavy bob is a really effective hairstyle. Give your hairstyle more texture and depth by mixing different colors together to create highlights and lowlights.


Retro Rainbow

Rainbow red violet hair

A long, smooth, frizz-free bob with rolled tips has a wonderful kind of retro charm. Rainbow red violet hair dye techniques add another unique dimension to this look.


red violet hair


red violet bob hair


red and violet hair


red violet hair color






dark red violet hair


red violet hair


long red violet hair


There are so many different tricks that you can play with red violet hair color. You can really strive to create your own unique hairstyle with different hair dye techniques.