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21 Best Hair Colors for Pale Skin to Swoon Over

It can be difficult to manage when you have pale skin, as so many things can wash you out and blend in so you don’t stand out.

However, if you find the best hair color for pale skin, then you’ll never have to worry about being washed out again. Instead, your pale skin will work with your hair color to provide a fantastic look that will draw everyone’s attention and keep all eyes on you.

If you find the right color for you, you’re guaranteed to feel your confidence soaring, and your inner self will finally be free. Don’t let anything stand in your way.


Hair Color for Pale Skin to Add Some More color to Your Life

Take a look at the hair colors that are perfect for fair skin and see how these styles can change your overall look.

1. Dark Rose Gold

wavy pink ombre hair for women with pale skin

Rose gold is an elegant color that suits anyone, and if you darken it up it makes the best hair color for pale skin. It’s a unique shade so it draws the eye, but it’s not too vibrant, so it won’t wash you out and it still commands a lot of attention.


2. Stark Silver

ash blonde hair color for pale skin

Silver is one of our recommended hair colors if your skin is pale because it’s pale too, but it’s unique enough to draw the eye. So, your hair will match your skin but will still command lots of attention. Having thick and sleek hair like in this style will also help you stand out.


3. Curls With Depth

curly blonde hair for pale skin

This color works well on pale skin because there’s a lot of depth to it. There’s darkness underneath the golden blonde curls on top, providing a lot of depth. The curls help you stand out too as they’re so thick and have a classic beauty look that people desire.


4. Dark Rooted Golden Blonde

caramel blonde hair color for women with pale skin

This is one of the most natural shades of the best hair color for pale skin. The hair has slightly dark but ashy roots and the rest of the hair has a golden shade of blonde that cascades in long waves and curls around the face.



5. Vibrant Red

ginger pixie bob for pale skin women

This vibrant shade works well with paleness. Instead of washing you out, the vibrancy commands attention and serves as a contrast to the skin color. This short pixie-like style helps keep all the attention close to the face.


6. Dark Long Hair

dark brown hair color for pale skin

Dark hair isn’t often the best hair color for pale skin as it can wash you out, but it works very well here due to the thick, dark eyebrows that accompany it. The dark hair color goes very well with smokey makeup, too, and that helps make the skin and hair contrast well.


7. Straight Platinum

ice blonde hair color for pale skin women

A straight and chic look with a light color is an amazing option for women with pale skin, especially when the light color is pale white. It makes the skin look darker and more eye-catching by contrast, and it gives you an overall cool-toned look that looks fantastic.



8. Mix of Blonde and Brown Curls

bronde hair color for pale skin

This is a tricky hair color to nail down as it’s such a perfect in-between shade that it could be called either blonde or brown. The underside of the hair is darker to provide a contrast with the skin, and the curls show off the blonde that brightens your look.


9. Pale Blonde Frizz

curly dirty blonde afro hair for pale skin

Pale hair color is the best hair color for pale skin as demonstrated in many styles above, and this pale blonde tone is great for it.

However, pale hair colors can still make you look washed out unless you have an interesting style like this one, where the hair frizzes around the face.


10. Cool Purple

lavender hair color for women with pale skin

A cool tone often works well as the hair color for fair skin, and here we see a cool tone of purple that does just that. The short undercut look also helps bring out the warmth in the pale skin as it keeps all your attention on the head and face area.


11. Pale Pink

light cotton candy hair color for pale skin

This pale pink helps darken up the skin and add more color to it as it helps emphasize any pink undertones in the skin, and it’s very light and the style is thin so it doesn’t take too much attention away from the face. It’s a nice and unique look to wear.


12. Long Black Curls

jet black hair color for pale skin

Black hair looks perfect with super pale skin, as it’s such a major contrast. Pairing with red lipstick and clothes adds another contrasting color that looks so utterly perfect. You’ll look like Snow White with this look.


13. Vibrant Purple with Cool Blue

mermaid bob for women with pale skin

This look is an interesting mix. The hair is short so the look is focused around the face and neck, and the top of the hair is a vibrant purple that catches the eye. The color then cools down as it transitions into blue.


14. Muted Bubblegum Pink

pastel pink hair color for pale skin

This is an interesting look for pale skin, because the hair is a vibrant shade of bubblegum pink, but it’s not quite vibrant enough to wash out the skin. Instead, it complements it by adding a pop of color against a bright background in a sense.


15. Reddish Brown

short copper brown hair for pale skin

A touch of red always pairs well with pale skin, and here we see a reddish brown growing out from darker roots in an edgy look that goes very well with dark eye makeup. The hairstyle itself is a very simple one that works to keep the overall look neat but cool.


16. Feathery Blonde with Darker Tones

short silver blonde hair for women with pale skin

This look is a nice feather pixie cut in ashy blonde that’s so light it’s almost platinum. You can spot a slight contrast in the look as darker roots are peeking out near the top and through the side of the hair.


17. Virant Blue and Black

straight blue hair with bangs for pale skin

This blue look is vibrant, but it’s not dark, so it helps match the lightness of the skin as well as brightening up the look. There are some dark roots on top that help tone down the brightness of the look.


18. Pink Touched Golden Blonde

strawberry blonde hair color for pale skin

This is a very classic blonde look in a natural style, but there’s something a little special about it. It has a pink tinge that makes the look almost rose gold.


19. Bright Green

thick green hair for pale skin

This minty green shade has a unique ability to work well with every skin tone without clashing. It goes perfectly with the pale skin here as there’s a coolness in that vivid green that matches the pale look.


20. Dark Rooted Simple Blonde Straight Look

straight blonde ombre hair for pale skin women

This is a very simple and straight look that’s also very chic. The dark roots contrast the paler skin and the blonde is a nice golden shade that adds color to the overall look as it falls by the face.


21. Straight Chic Solid Blonde

creamy blonde hair color for pale skin

This is a chic look because it’s a simple style with a center parting and perfectly straight hair. The hair is also in one solid color of light ash blonde that has the exact same color value as the skin, so it matches very well and helps provide a put-together and glamorous look.

These hair colors are numerous, and they range from natural browns and blondes to vibrant and unique colors that will make you stand out among any crowd regardless of what you’re doing, wearing, or saying.

Visit your hairstylist today and show them the picture of your favorite hair color and hairstyle in this article. The style can really do wonders for you, too. You should also ask your stylist for tips on the best way to maintain your style, as this will give you the best chance of keeping your salon-fresh look for months to come.

If you keep the look, you’ll keep that attention and confidence that came with first getting it.

This is the secret to a happy and healthy life. Remember to keep your hair healthy and well maintained, and always visit your stylist for color touch-ups, haircuts, and further styling tips when needed.