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How To Match Your Hairstyle To Your Glasses

Your hair can say a lot about you, including if you’re a morning person. However, doing your hair can be challenging. Matching your hairstyle to your glasses can be even tougher, but there are ways to ensure your hairstyle and your glasses match. You can choose glasses that fit your hairstyle or opt for a new style altogether.


  • Long hair and bangs with thick-rimmed glasses suit narrow and oval faces.
  • Bun with circular glasses creates a friendly, vibrant, and youthful look for all face shapes.
  • Relaxed layers with square frames work well for oval, square, and round faces, as well as heart-shaped faces.
  • Neck-length bob with thin-rimmed frames draws attention to the neck, face, and eyes and suits a friendly appearance.
  • Pixie cut with thin-rimmed frames is perfect for narrow or square faces.
  • Contrast or match hair color with glasses for different effects, like dark hair with light frames or light hair with dark frames.
  • Make eyes pop with bright frames and dark hair, or dark frames and light eyes.
  • Wide frames are suitable for dark hair and round faces.
  • Light frames for lighter hair create a muted, confident look.
  • Bangs work best on oval faces and can be paired with glasses for a captivating look.
  • To pick glasses that match your face shape and hairstyle, determine your face shape and follow general guidelines for choosing frames. Use virtual try-on tools and consider frame colors that complement your hair and skin tone.

Read on to learn more about matching your hairstyle to your glasses and how to best choose a glasses color that suits your hair.

Tips for Matching Your Hair with Your Glasses

  • Bring your glasses to the hairdresser to ensure a compatible haircut.
  • For bold frames, try a soft look, and for soft frames, try a bold look.
  • Maintain fringe length above spectacles for a tidy appearance.
  • Choose hairstyles that frame your face and avoid obstructing your glasses.
  • Match hair color with frame color to create a statement or blend in.
    • Blondes: Black, tortoiseshell, pastel browns, or translucent frames.
    • Redheads: Black, green, brown, royal blue, or transparent frames.
    • Brunettes: Burgundy, purple, metallic, or brown frames.
    • Silver/Grey: Bright red, transparent, burgundy, or light blue frames.
  • Choose hairstyles that harmonize with your frames:
    • For wavy hair: cat-eye glasses can bring out layered hairstyle angles.
    • For curly hair: use thinner, lightweight frames.
    • Keep hair off your face to draw attention to your frames if you prefer to highlight your frames more.
  • Select frames that complement your face shape.
  • Avoid shiny hair accessories that may cause glare.
  • Clean your frames regularly to remove hair product residue.
  • Consider contact lenses for formal or glamorous hairstyles.

How To Match Your Hairstyle To Your Glasses

Matching your hairstyle to your glasses can be challenging, but these cohesive designs can make things easier.

Eyeglass Frame ShapeFace ShapeHairstyle
Thick-RimmedNarrow, OvalLong Hair and Bangs
CircularRound, AnyBun
SquareOval, Square, Round, HeartRelaxed Layers
Thin-RimmedAnyNeck-Length Bob
Thin-RimmedNarrow, SquarePixie Cut
Bright ColoredAnyDark Hair Color (for eye-catching contrast)
WideRoundDark Hair Color
DarkAnyLight Hair Color(for eye contrast)
LightAnyLight Hair Color (for a muted look)
Cat-eyeHeart, Square, OvalWavy or Curly Shoulder-Length Hair
AviatorOval, Heart, SquareSide-Swept Bangs or Long Layers
RectangularRound, OvalMedium-Length Layers or Side-Parted Hair

Suitable Hairstyles For Different Frame Shapes & Face Shapes

Hair color can be determined by genetics, but you can change your hair using colors, trimming, and using glasses. These hairstyles will work with different glasses frames and face shapes to create a facially cohesive result that suits your needs.

Long-Haired Bangs With Thick-Rimmed Glasses

Matching Hairstyles to Face  and Glasses Shapes - Long Hair with Thick Glasses

Long hair is a great choice for nearly every glasses wearer, as it’s highly versatile and easy to style differently. Long hair with bangs can be layered or trimmed to suit various looks.

Thick-rimmed glasses will help make your eyes pop, regardless of their color. However, light-colored eyes will stand out more when paired with a set of thick-rimmed glasses. A narrow face works best with this look, but an oval face and long hair can also create an innocent and youthful appearance.

Bun With Circular Glasses

Matching Hairstyles to Face  and Glasses Shapes - Bun with Round Glasses

The classic librarian look can make you appear vibrant and youthful, not to mention intelligent and sophisticated. You might want to keep your hair long to create a voluminous round bun, which can be easily adjusted for different occasions.

Circular glasses complement a bun perfectly and lend a friendly vibe to your overall look, regardless of face shape. However, those with round faces typically appear the friendliest with this style.

Relaxed Layers With Square Frames

Matching Hairstyles to Face  and Glasses Shapes - Layers with Square Glasses

Layered hair has been a popular hairstyle choice in recent decades, and for good reason. This versatile hairstyle complements almost any glasses option and face shape.

However, the best face shapes for layered hair are oval, square, and round faces. Heart-shaped faces also look great with layered hair, making it an excellent choice for pairing with nearly any type of glasses.

If you’re aiming for a fierce look, square glasses frames and layered hair form the perfect combination. On the other hand, if you prefer a more approachable appearance, circular glasses and layered hair will do the trick.

Neck-Length Bob With Thin-Rimmed Frames

Matching Hairstyles to Face  and Glasses Shapes - bob with thin frames

The neck-length bob is making a come-back and so are thick-framed glasses. Thankfully, thick frames come in many shapes and sizes. The point of this combination is to draw attention to your neck, face, and eyes.

This attention disperses your eye-catching features and makes your ensemble less intimidating.

This look is among the friendliest combination, but if you want to appear even friendlier, you can try light-colored frames with auburn or light brown hair to complement the glasses. Darker colors may make you look livelier, bolder, and more confident.

Pixie Cut, Narrow Face, Thin-Rims

Matching Hairstyles to Face  and Glasses Shapes - pixie with thin frames

A pixie cut is a bold cut, and it can be your perfect choice if you have a narrow or square face and use thin glasses frames. The thinness of the glasses frames won’t take away from your face and will keep your pixie cut and face the focal point of your look.

Thick rims can work well, too, but you may lose a little of your natural allure.

Matching Hair Color With the Color of Your Glasses

Contrasting hair colors look great with glasses. For example, dark hair and light-colored frames work well to make your face glow and your eyes pop. Additionally, light hair and dark frames can be a contrast that captures attention and draws conversation.

However, you can also go with matching colors to create a muted and cohesive look that won’t clash with clothing or other accessories.

Typically, dark glasses frames are best because they can match everything, but daring individuals with light hair can easily use light-colored frames to look fierce and bold.

Make Your Eyes Pop With Bright Frames & Dark Hair

matching glasses with hair color - bright frames for dark hair

Bright-colored eye-frames look great with dark hair because the two can work in tandem to create a way to ensure your eyes pop and create an eye-catching look. Consider using frames with enough thickness to contrast nicely with your hair.

Wide Frames Are Perfect For Dark Hair

Wide frames and dark hair are a great combination for those with a round face. Using this type of frame can avoid your face from looking too round and instead add depth to the way you appear and present.

Wide frames will also help with dark eyes, leaving you with a stunning combination of dark colors that will put the focal point of others’ attention on your eyes, making you a master at controlling conversations.

Use Dark Frames To Match Light Hair

matching glasses with hair color - dark frames for light hair

Dark frames and light eyes can make a devastatingly attractive combination. The contrast can work perfectly with nearly any haircut to ensure your eye color will pop and draw the attention of anyone you engage with.

Consider using thick frames to outline your eyes and make them the focal point of your face, especially if you have light hair to match.

Additionally, you may want to choose a hairstyle that only mildly frames the face with this option. A lot of attention may fall on your eyes because of the contrasting color, so choosing a hairstyle option like a medium-bob can bring too much attention and cause you to appear overwhelming.

However, medium layers or bangs can add a fierceness that will make you look mysterious and bold.

Light Frames for Lighter Hair

matching glasses with hair color - light frames for light hair

Those with light hair can use lighter frames to create a more muted look that shows boldness and confidence. The best hairstyle to use for these options is long-haired or layered choices that don’t frame the face too much.

Framing your face with these frames can draw too much attention to the eyes and make you feel more overwhelmed than you desire.

Do Bangs Look Good With Glasses?

Do Bangs Look Good With Glasses?

Bangs with glasses? Absolutely! The secret to pulling off this stylish combo is striking the perfect balance between your chosen hairstyle and your fabulous frames. To help you achieve this chic look, we’ve compiled a list of tips you’ll want to consider when rocking bangs and glasses together.

  • Frame selection: Picking the ideal frames to complement both your face shape and bangs style is crucial. For instance, if you’re flaunting straight, blunt bangs, consider frames with softer, rounder edges to offset the hairstyle’s sharp lines.
  • Bangs length: Don’t forget about the length of your bangs! Avoid having them too long, as they might constantly brush against your frames, leading to discomfort and annoyance.
  • Frame size: Strive for harmony between your frames and bangs, ensuring that one doesn’t overpower the other. Opt for a frame size that’s proportional to your hairstyle and facial features.
  • Frame position: Slightly elevate your glasses on your nose bridge, keeping them from resting on your bangs. This helps maintain your bangs’ shape and prevents them from becoming flat or greasy.
  • Bangs style: Experiment with various bangs styles that pair well with glasses, such as side-swept bangs, wispy bangs, or curtain bangs.

Bangs work best on oval faces, meaning your face is long from top to bottom. Bangs may look odd on those with round faces since there isn’t as much space to accentuate the look.

However, those with round faces can rock bangs if they choose to do a layered bang look that angles downward without being too high on the head.

Match Your Glass With Your Face Shape and Hairstyle

Determine Your Face Shape

First, narrow down which frames will complement your face shape. To determine your face shape, follow these steps:

  1. Examine your jawline in the mirror – is it curved or angular?
  2. Observe your forehead – is it wide or narrow?
  3. Inspect your cheekbones – are they soft or prominent?

Once you’ve identified these features, compare them to these face shape categories:

  • Square: Broad forehead and chin, wide angular jawline
  • Round: Forehead, cheeks, and chin are similar in length and width, with soft cheekbones and jawline
  • Heart: Wide forehead, narrow chin, prominent cheekbones
  • Diamond: Narrow forehead and chin, wider cheekbones and full cheeks
  • Oval: Narrow forehead and chin, high and wide cheekbones, subtly curved jawline
  • Triangular: Narrow forehead, wide jawline and chin

Keep in mind that most faces are a combination of different shapes, and your face shape is unique to you. After figuring out your face shape, use the guidelines below to choose glasses that balance and complement your features.

As you want to make sure you pick a glass frame that’ll look good with your face shape and hairstyle, now narrow down the glass frames based on your face shape. Once you know which glasses will suit your face shape, it’ll be much easier for you to narrow down your glasses that’ll also look good with your hairstyle.

Here are some general guidelines for choosing glasses for each face shape:

  1. Square faces: Opt for round or oval frames to soften angular features. Colored frames draw attention to the eyes.
  2. Round faces: Choose rectangular or angular frames to add contrast and definition. Upswept frames like cat-eye or browline emphasize your eyes.
  3. Heart-shaped faces: Select aviator, rectangular, or round frames to balance your forehead and chin.
  4. Triangular faces: Browline, aviator, or cat-eye glasses provide contrast and soften cheekbones.
  5. Oval faces: Square, rectangular, or browline glasses add angles and definition to your features.
  6. Diamond-shaped faces: Oval, cat-eye, or round glasses balance angular features and draw attention to the eyes.

Use a virtual try-on tool to preview different styles, measure your PD (pupillary distance), and consider frame colors to complement your hair color and skin tone. Remember that these guidelines are just a starting point, and you can create your own style rules to express your personality.

So, you now have some shortlisted glass frames. Narrow down again following the above section “How To Match Your Hairstyle To Your Glasses” and filter your shortlist again! You have your final glass frames that’ll match your hairstyle, hair color, and face shape. You’ll show your style sense by matching your hairstyle to your glasses without saying a word!

Pixie cuts and long hair work well for those with narrow faces, but others with round faces may benefit from thick-rimmed, circular glasses and layered hair.