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12 Best Pixie Hairstyles for Women with Glasses

Glasses do not mask your beauty because if they did, many modern women of today would not be wearing them as a style statement. The only thing is to couple the right hairstyle with those chic frames to flatter the face highlighting your best features.

Although spectacles go perfectly with a number of hairdos, pixie hairstyles look exceptional on women with the right pair of eyeglasses. Just keep in mind that larger frames look better with fuller pixies, while smaller ones call for shorter haircuts.

Pixies for Women with Glasses

No matter what your age is, these pixie cuts for women with glasses are sure to inspire you enough for your next big chop. The list below includes ideas to give glasses-wearer ladies a fresh hair makeover.

1. Platinum Power

grey pixie for women with glasses

Keep it light and bright with a stunning platinum blonde hair color. The haircut features a long top with slightly shorter sides and texturizing layers for a fuller look. Complete the style with side-swept baby bangs to accentuate those oversized round specs.

2. Feathery Layers

pixie hairstyle for older women with glasses

Elderly women with glasses can shed off some years with this retro pixie hairstyle. Popular since the ’70s, feathering is defined by layers focused on the ends, resulting in an airy haircut that won’t be ignored. Flip out the tips when styling your mane for an edgy finish.

3. Curly Mess

curly pixie for women with glasses

Who said pixies are for straight-haired ones only? Those with a head full of bouncy curls can refresh their look by clipping their sides, keeping the top long enough to graze the frames like a curly fringe. A hand-tousle and off you go!

4. Extra Short

short pixie for women with glasses

If wearing glasses makes you a nerd, then be one with exceptional style! Couple your delicate metal rims with a pixie that is so short it’s almost a buzz cut. Put on funky piercings, recreating the look exactly and get ready to turn around some heads.

5. Vibrant Hues

pixie hairstyle for women over 50 with glasses

Bring the entire rainbow on the head by adding vibrant stripes of blue, yellow, green, red, orange, and any other color you want on the long textured top, keeping the clipped sides untouched for a sharp contrast. Note that, this hairstyle is high-maintenance, demanding regular touch-ups to keep those shades bright.

6. Pretty Pomp

undercut pixie for women with glasses

Can’t take your eyes off it, right? That is because this statement pompadour is to die for. The top is left long enough to reach the back and is dyed in a stunning vanilla blonde tinge with closely buzzed sides. Use a round brush and hairdryer to create the puff of your dreams!

7. Side-Swept

low maintenance pixie hairstyle for women with glasses

Here is a simple pixie hairstyle to accent the professional attire of office-going ladies with glasses. Opt for a long angular fringe to cover the cheek, reaching the jawline and sweeping it back sideward. Keep all the attention on those timeless square specs.

8. Asymmetrical Haircut

pixie bob for women with glasses

Playing with the symmetry of your locks surely won’t hurt. Ask for a short voluminous top with choppy layers and bangs that elongate across the forehead, reaching the chin while falling over the frames. Spice up the sassy haircut with dyed tips at the front. Sexy!

9. Baby Afro

pixie hairstyle for black women with glasses

Although long afro hair looks exceptional when paired with spectacles, African-American ladies can start fresh with a baby afro that tapers seamlessly towards the sides. Put on some voguish thick-framed eyeglasses and see jaws drop wherever you go!

10. Highlights

thick pixie for women with glasses

This pixie resembles a mushroom haircut due to its evenly short sides and back with a long layered side-tousled top and an undercut. Add a feminine touch to the otherwise boyish hairstyle with dark dirty blonde highlights and you won’t regret it!

11. Perfect Quiff

long pixie for women with glasses

Just like the pompadour, women of today pull off quiffs even better than men. Ask the hairstylist for a long pixie haircut with minimal layers and use some pomade while styling the top into a perfect side-swept pouf for a sleek look. Finish off with smoky eyes, dark lips, and rectangular specs. Simply wow!

12. Spike It Up

fine pixie hair for women with glasses

Older ladies with glasses getting on in years can opt for a lively appeal with a super stylish pixie haircut. It features piece-y layers styled into disheveled pointy spikes ideal for adding some body to a thin mane. Set off the look with a deep burgundy hair color. If you’re an older lady who loves pixie, try this look confidently.

Specs add a sophisticated touch to your style and although there is nothing wrong in coupling them with a bun, high ponytail, or medium-length layers, choosing a chic pixie haircut will completely transform your look.

So what’s the waiting for? Pick your favorite one from the above list of pixie hairstyles for women with glasses and give it a whirl!