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15 Bob Hairstyles That Pair Perfectly With Glasses

For many women, glasses are an integral part of their daily life. Whether you need to wear them or not, glasses are a stylish accessory that can complement any hairstyle. If you’re into short hair, a bob cut can give your glasses a new dimension.

If you want to change your hairstyle, make sure that you choose something that compliments your eyewear.

While all these bob hairstyles for women with glasses are trendy, remember to pick something that also fits your unique style. You want to feel comfortable in your new look!


Trendy Bob Cuts for Women Who Wear Glasses

Here are some great bob styles for ladies with glasses to take inspiration. 

1. Colored Bob with Bangs and Glasses

short bob hairstyle with glasses

Colored hair looks good whether you have bangs or not, and this stylish look takes your bangs to the max. Low-cut bangs with round glasses will give you a sassy and chic look, and dyeing your hair adds your personal touch.


2. Middle Part

long bob for women with glasses

A shoulder-length bob with subtly curled edges looks great on anyone. The straight cut of the bob frames your face while the curled edges rest gracefully on your shoulders.

While this particular style looks best with straight hair, women with curly or wavy hair can also wear this simple look.


3. Soft Bob with Bangs for Older Women

bob for women over 50 with glasses

Older women often use shorter hairstyles, which work well with their hair texture. This simple bob for women with glasses is just past the ears and looks great with feathery bangs. This style will look perfect with straight or wavy hair.


4. Undercut Bob

undercut bob for women with glasses

Aside from coloring your hair, an undercut is another great way to spice up this simple hairstyle. You shave off a portion of the hair on the side of your head, which gives you the best of both worlds.

Leave your hair down for a bob silhouette, or pull it up into a small ponytail for a cool head.


5. Curly Ginger Bob

curly bob hairstyle with glasses

Wavy and curly locks look great in a bob. A short bob with full volume will bring out your natural curls since extra hair won’t be weighing it down. This will look best with dark or chunky glasses, so all the attention is on your face.


6. Asymmetrical Bob

asymmetrical bob hairstyle with glasses

An asymmetrical bob is a classic and fashionable style for any woman with oversized glasses, although it works best on ladies with naturally straight hair.

One side of your hair is longer than the other, making a dramatic profile. It’s a perfect choice if you want to rock a windswept look.


7. Grey Bob with Thick Glasses

grey bob for women with glasses

Older women are just as capable of pulling off the gray hair without bangs as their younger counterparts. With a simple curl at the edges of your bob, you can frame your face and compliment thick glasses.


8. Lob with a Beret

french bob hairstyle for women with glasses

If jewelry isn’t your thing, you can still pull off a beret with your short hair. With curly hair, you can cover any spots you don’t feel are on point. And with straight hair, you can easily tamp down any flyaways.


9. Stylized Vintage Bob

feathered bob for women with glasses

For ladies that prefer a classic look, this bob with glasses is for you. You can pull off this elegant look with styled back locks, a pair of square-shape glasses, and drop earrings.

Unless you’re a fan of taking extra time to style your hair, this haircut looks best if you have fine, straight hair.


10. Cute Pixie Bob

pixie bob hairstyle with glasses

If you’re growing out your hair to your dream bob, a bixie is the perfect transitionary hairstyle. You can have extra fun styling a pixie bob cut with products or curling it for a whimsical feel.

With glasses, you can pull together a stylish and smart look no matter your hair type.


11. Short Bob with Bangs

blunt bob hairstyle for women with glasses

Thin-frame glasses with short bangs make for an endearing bob cut perfect for framing smaller faces.

Since your glasses take up a lot of your face, make sure your bangs are a good length to complement them. This look will also work well with any hair texture.


12. Super Short + Small Glasses

bob hairstyle for asian women with glasses

Let’s say you want to grow your hair into a bob before committing to it. A short haircut will keep extra hair out of your face and bring more attention to your bangs.

You can also spice things up with a pair of earrings or a necklace to pull off a classy look.


13. Bob with Braids

bob braid for women with glasses

Shoulder-length hair is always a great solution if you aren’t fully committed to getting a bob. You can style it in several ways to accommodate your glasses, no matter your hair type.

Top off this cute look with a pair of braids for this half-up look to keep hair out of your face.


14. Side Swept Bangs

side parted bob for women with glasses

While most people think of a bob cut as a flat hairstyle, you can also do a bob with thick hair. Your thick hair will give your hair a voluminous style that’s all the rage.

Add some side-swept bangs to complement your hair’s shape and bring more attention to your face


15. Blue Bob

dyed bob for women with glasses

Asymmetrical bobs are a classic style, and colored bobs with glasses bring a personal touch to them. You can pull off all the looks you usually could with the standard asymmetrical cut, with some fun options to suit your style as well.


No matter the size or shape of your glasses, bob hairstyles are incredibly versatile for women. These haircuts are simple to care for and wear daily but also allow playfulness if you want to dress it up.

However, choosing the right bob cut and glasses is not as simple as a straight cut across your hair. Consider your face and glasses shape, hair texture, and hair thickness before making a big chop.

Your hair stylist can help you decide which length will complement your face shape and work best with your hair and lifestyle.