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BTS Jimin’s Pink Hairstyles: Top 7 Ideas

Jimin is one of the key members of the popular K-pop group ‘BTS’. K-pop fans are crazy to copy Jimin’s hairstyle and pink hair color. He loves experimenting with his hair and Pink is one of his go-to colors.

He has rocked various shades of pink. Sometimes, it’s a soft pastel hue while other times, a hot pink!

But wait, there’s more. His hairstyles also change. He’s had long, wavy locks. He’s tried short, chic cuts. Jimin knows how to mix it up.

Do you have a favorite Jimin’s pink hairstyle? It’s hard to choose, isn’t it? Each one is so unique and fabulous. We can’t wait to see what he tries next!

Right after his performance at the BTS concert in Nagoya on January 12, the hashtag #pinkjimin exploded worldwide. Fans simply adore Jimin’s transformations!

How to Get Pink Hair Like Jimin

Jimin with Pink Hair

Since Jimin has tried diverse shades of pink, you have many choices in front of you. Many people tried to ‘copy’ his style. Those who succeeded now wear pink as an everyday dye. BTS group is known for its influence on young people. They tend to copy their style, but most of all their hairstyle. All of the group members have their own shades, but they all tend to experiment with different dyes.

And while the pink shade is not an easy shade to pull, here are some of the tricks that can lead you to have Jimin pink hair.

Do you love bold men’s hair highlights and want to rock pink hair like BTS’s Jimin? You’re about to join the fabulous pink hair club. Let’s get you started on your journey to hair-color stardom!

Choose your shade: First things first, pick your pink. Will you go for a soft pastel whisper or a bold hot pink shout? Channel your inner Jimin and find the hue that screams “you!”

Lighten your hair: If you’re rocking dark locks, it’s time to lighten things up. Visit a professional hairstylist – they’re the fairy godparents of hair transformations. They’ll whisk away the darkness and leave you with a perfect canvas for pink.

Apply the color: Grab your semi-permanent or temporary hair color – the gentle choice for your soon-to-be stunning strands. The less damage, the better, because who doesn’t want luscious, vibrant hair?

Follow instructions: As tempting as it is to wing it, follow the instructions on the dye packaging. Keep your eye on the clock – patience is key to hair-color success.

Rinse and condition: Once time’s up, rinse away the dye with cold water. Treat your hair to a color-safe conditioner. Your locks deserve a little TLC, too!

Style like a superstar: Time to make your hair look Jimin-worthy. Go for wavy locks, a short chic cut, or any style that makes you feel like a K-pop sensation.

Maintain the color: Pink hair may fade, but your fabulousness doesn’t have to. Use color-safe shampoos and conditioners to maintain your vibrant hue. Remember, less washing and heat styling will help your pink hair stay picture-perfect.

Jimin Pink Hairstyle Timeline

BTS’s Jimin has dazzled fans with his ever-changing pink hairstyles over the years. Here’s a trip down memory lane, revisiting some of his most memorable pink looks:

Bubblegum Pink (2017): This playful shade made its debut during the “Spring Day” era, Jimin’s soft, wavy locks complemented the youthful vibe perfectly.

Cotton Candy Pink (2018): Jimin went full-on pastel during the “Love Yourself” era, rocking a dreamy, cotton candy shade. The soft color was perfect for the album’s emotional theme.

Rose Gold (2019): For the “Boy with Luv” era, Jimin opted for a stunning rose gold shade. This pink had a metallic touch that gleamed under the spotlight.

Hot Pink: Turning up the heat, Jimin sported a vibrant hot pink hair color. The bold color made a statement and showcased his fearless style.

Cherry Blossom Pink: In a nod to the beauty of spring, Jimin wore a delicate cherry blossom pink shade. This look was both soft and striking, capturing the hearts of fans worldwide.

Pink highlights(2021): Jimin sported blonde hair with subtle pink highlights, adding a touch of romance to his look.

From bubblegum to cherry blossom, Jimin’s pink hairstyles have evolved and captivated us all. It’s always exciting to see what he’ll try next, and we can’t wait to see how he continues to experiment with his hair in the future!

Let’s discuss these hairstyles with images so that you can get inspirations.

1. Rainbow Cotton Candy Highlights

Jimin's pink highlighted hair

The K-pop superstar rocked a stunning rainbow hairdo for the debut of his single ‘Butter’ in 2021.

He went for a long top and buzzed sides while the streaks of pastel pink, purple, and blue were intricately placed to pop against a warm platinum blonde base.

2. Cherry Blossom Pink Hair

Pink Hairstyles of Jimin

This is Jimin’s pink hair that he proudly showed off at the concert in Nagoya. This shade of pink matches his fair skin tone. These are trending hairstyles for Asian guys.

3. Orange Undertones

Jimin's Pink Hair with Orange Undertones

Another beautiful pink hairstyle of Jimin. From rose to orange – while his hair looks washed a bit, it still has a vibe. That is why you need to learn to love your hair even when the color is washed off.

4. Peach Pink Hair

Jimin's Peach Pink Hair

Jimin decided to make his pink hair even more interesting by dyeing his in peach pink color. This specific pink hairstyle can suit every guy.

5. Pastel Pink Shade

Jimin with Pastel Pink Hair

If you want to look like a cotton candy, then this is the side part hairstyle and dye shade you should follow. Fans were completely obsessed with this version of Jimin’s pink hairstyle that they have shown during fan meet.

6. Messy Pink and Brown Hair

Jimin Pink Hairstyles

Jimin’s pink hair is not always perfect and styled. He likes to leave it messy and voluminous.

Amazing Hair Color Highlights Ideas for Men

7. Fuschia Phase

jimin's fuschia pink hair

The typical fuschia pink hair color on Jimin looks perfect with his two-block haircut. He definitely knows how to wear pink, right?

After all these images of Jimin’s pink hairstyles, it is really hard to resist and not try even one of them. He dyed his hair pink in 2016, and since then has been through many different hair color changes. What are you waiting for? Pink hair is trending everywhere!

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