15 Bold Brown Hairstyles for Men in Trend Right Now

Men with brown hair these days feel very old and less gutsy about themselves when they see people around them doing experiments with different colors on their hair. Little do they know that brown dark hair is timeless and often the best looking men rock such as dark colored hair.

Men and women both now have newly found information regarding fashion, gadgets, and ways to experiment with their everyday look. Nowadays, men have started experimenting more and more with their hair color to jazz up their appearance and to get the attention of the crowd.


Best Hairstyles for Men with Brown Hair

Following is a list of the on-trend brown hairstyles for men to take their appearance up a notch. Don’t miss out the bliss of brown handsomeness!

1. Man Bun

man bun for brown hair

This is the classic long brown hairstyle for men that almost all of them has attempted in their life. It helps in keeping the hair out of the way and requires little maintenance. It looks best on brown hair because of its versatile nature.

The man bun with a beard is a hairstyle which is suitable for both formal and informal fields of life but is usually opted by men with a very carefree outlook on life.


2. One-sided Feathered Fringe

men's fringe haircut for brown hair

The one-sided feathered fringe features the fringe to be on one specific side and is in a textured feathered like cut which enhances the hair color of the individual.


3. Medium Waves

wavy brown hairstyle for men

The medium wave hairstyle does not specifically need the help of a professional. It is best suitable for men who have slightly straight and slightly wavy hair. The natural textural wave that can be seen in such hair is more prominent and appropriate for men with brown hair.


4. Curly Brown Hair

curly brown hairstyles for men

As rare as it is, men with curly hair do exist. For such men, it is of no use to get any trendy haircuts because it wouldn’t show in the curls. The best kind of hairstyle with curls is to style them in various ways that enhance the curl and makes it prominent.


5. High Fade

hairstyle with high fade for brown hair

The high fade in brown haircuts for men allows the tuft of hair to be on top the head while the sides are shaved to give off a faded look. The high fade usually starts from the center of the forehead. This helps in keeping the main focus on the hair while also accentuates the shape of the face.


6. Slicked Back Hairstyle

This men’s brown hairstyle is perfect for those who don’t want to experiment with anything new but want to change their appearance. The basic thing to do to achieve this hairstyle is the usage of hair styling products.

Hair styling products are used on moderately long hair to push them back which gives a pompadour look from the front.


7. Textured Spikes with Fade

The textured spikes are a trendy version of the old school spiky hair. It is achieved by creating a textured haircut in which the top of the hair is given a natural spiky look so that there are no extra styling products used for maintenance.

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8. Afro

Many men who have afro hair often try various chemical induced procedures to alter it. What they don’t know is uniqueness is better than having the same appearance as many others in one room. Individuality is what catches the attention of others.


9. Feathered Bangs

 Feathered Bangs for brown haired men

Feathered bands are the perfect brown hairstyle for men for those who dislike getting haircuts and maintaining them. The uneven long hair is basically letting your hair grow to any length you like, without the use of any styling products for its maintenance. This hairstyle is perfect for hikers, mountain climbers and those who have a very busy schedule.


10. Mohawk

mohawk for brown haired men

The latest addition in trendy brown hairstyles includes Mohawks which have become increasingly popular all around the world, since their introduction. Mohawks are not color restricted but they suit best on brown hair because of the depth and color contrast in the dark brown color.

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11. Quiff for Brown Hair

quiff for brown hair

The tall quiff in brown haircuts for men features a pompadour high front which gradually decreases till it reaches the back. It also includes a fade style which can be both high or low fade. Usually, it is a mid-fade which gives little hair till the sides and the rest is shaved for the faded look.


12. Feathered Sidecut

The feathered side cut involves the hair at the top of the head to be cut in a father typestyle and draped on one particular side of the head. The hair on the sides of the head is either trimmed or is remaining untouched.


13. Slicked Back with The Part

slicked back brown hairstyle with a part

Men’s brown hairstyle that includes both trend and versatility in it is the basic slick back with an added feature. The slick back effect is added by using styling products. The added feature is the prominent part line that makes the hairstyle look more iconic and timeless.

Such types of hairstyles were very famous back in the times, with uniformed officers and the men of the military, and they are making their comeback now.


14. Pompadour with Fade

Pompadour with Fade for brown hair

The pompadour brown haircut for men is most suitable for men with long as the main styling and cut require voluminous hair at the top of the head. The haircut is done mainly from the top in a way that the hair is styled to stick up in a standing position. The sides of the head sport the ever trendy fade style that features shaved sides.


15. The Front Pushed Up Spikes

front spikes for brown hair

The front pushed up spikes are a textured haircut that has low hair on the back which eventually leads to spikes at the front that are styled in a push-up way. Professionals style it in a way which shows that the low hair at the back is leading up to the spikes at the front.


Men out there should take inspiration from the above-given brown hairstyles and experiment to show the world how classic and iconic brown hairdo for men never goes out of style.

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