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50 Trendiest Hair Highlights for Men to Rejuvenate Youth

Hair color highlights made a huge comeback and more and more men are adopting the hairstyle left and right. It’s no longer a cheesy thing that only boy bands do to try to look cool; it’s a fashionable, elegant hairstyle option for men.

Men’s hair color highlights in 2024 have gone way past the traditional brown and blond hues and many men out there have tried bolder colors, such as red, orange, blue, and many others.

Experimenting with highlights is easy because if you don’t like the outcome, you can always get a haircut and get rid of the mess. But if done right, highlights can completely transform a standard haircut and create a whole new look that’s a lot more interesting.

If you’re thinking about giving highlights for men’s hair a try, take a look at these 50 different options. We hope this list can make the decision process easier so you can head to your hairstyle with confidence and excitement.


Why Men‘s Hair Should Get Some Highlights?

men with highlights

Highlighting is not only just a fun thing you can do to play with your hair and enrich your style. Highlight on men’s hair means emphasizing, and that’s exactly what these are all about.

Men’s hair highlights will bring attention to the texture of your hair, and they will provide a lot more body and movement. What’s more, highlighting is always different and the placement of the streaks determines the illusion of the hairstyle. No highlights are the same because your professional colorist will decide what works best for you, which is great.

As for physical texture, highlights increase the grit of your hair, so guys with straight hair can benefit from this. Your hair will have that little extra body that you’ve been looking for, and you’ll also have a nice contrast of colors.


Best Hair Color Highlights for Men

When it comes to hair highlights for men, dark hair looks better with brown highlights but you can also play around with different hues of blond. The trick is to choose the right blonde for your hair color so you can create a balanced, harmonious contrast instead of an off-putting one.

When men’s hair color highlights are done well, they look incredible, so here are some options for you to consider and take to your hairdresser.

1. Platinum with Medium Blonde

highlights for man with blonde hair

It’s not often you see platinum hair color on a men’s hairstyle, so when you see a handsome hairstyle like this, you have to try it! It combines platinum with one thick medium blonde highlight. Not huge difference, but it literally highlights the voluminous style and faded sides.


2. Man Bun with Blonde Highlights

bun hair highlights for men

Whether you wear your dark blonde long hair up or down, lighter blonde highlights will shine through nicely. This casual man bun’s blonde is easily seen and flatters the medium skin tone.


3. Natural Black Hair with Caramel

blonde highlights for men

For black men who have naturally curly texture, embrace and draw all the attention to it by adding beautiful caramel highlights. On a curly mohawk with detailed, faded sides, the color only adds to the statement style!


4. Medium Blonde on Dark Hair

honey highlights for men

Not all mohawk hairstyles have to have a brash color to stand out. This long mohawk rocks a brunette base with medium blonde highlights. Leave the sides plainly faded or add some shaved details in there.


5. Red Hair and Blonde Highlights

red hair highlights for men

All you men with carrot top hairstyles can easily take your look up a notch with blonde highlights. To make them most noticeable, add them around the face.


6. Green Hair for Green-Eyed Guy

green hair highlights for men

If you can match your hair color to your eye color, why wouldn’t you? For bold men with their hairstyles, try a dark green short haircut with light green highlights. If you have blue eyes, try dark blue with light blue highlights!


7. Pastel Highlights on Blonde

blue highlights for men

It’s not just women who can rock pastel colors in their hair. Men can add light blue and purple highlights to very light blonde hair for that dash of color they’re seeking. These highlights are just at the ends of the front section of hair, a fun option for men who don’t want to go the full Monty!


8. Chocolate Brown on Long Mohawk Fade

hair highlights for men

Where do we start with what we love about this long wavy mohawk? Its high fade makes a long face look a little more chiseled, while the chocolate brown highlights are a manly color to warm up dark hair.


9. Messy Mohawk with Red Highlights

red highlights for men

Whether your base hair color is starting as red or orange, adding the opposite color in as highlights to your men’s hairstyle is a super cool way to mix in some edgy or punk detail. This long straight mohawk displays the two colors awesomely.


10. Highlighted Brown Wavy Hair

dark hair highlights for men

Make the thickest part of your short dark brown hair stand out with light brown highlights. All the focus will be on that luscious wavy texture. 


11. Blonde Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

Blonde Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

I mean this when I say you must pick the right blonde for your hair color. If this blonde were lighter, the contrast would be too much. As you can see, choosing the right blonde makes a big difference in men’s hair highlights.


12. Platinum Highlights

Platinum Highlights on dark Brown Hair

When it comes to highlights for men, it’s all in finding the right balance between your natural hair color and the highlight color you want. In this case, the light, almost platinum blonde highlights bring attention to all the right places, and it also gives the hair a lot of body and movement.


13. Ash Blonde on Dark Hair

ash blonde highlights for men

Ashy blonde is a lot easier on the eyes and it makes the contrast between the highlights and the dark hair a lot more pleasant. As you can see, it looks incredible. It creates a fun contrast, and the spikes make everything that much more fun and interesting.

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14. Subtle Blond Men Highlights

Subtle Blond Highlights on Light Brown Hair

Highlights don’t have to be super bright to create a nice contrast. You can get delicate and subtle highlights and still enjoy that lovely contrast that you’re looking for.

As you can see in the picture, subtle highlighting are more like reflections that give your hair a kind of fluid effect that’s very flattering. Not to mention that this kind of highlight gives your hair a lot of texture and body.


Caramel Highlights on Men’s Hair

Caramel highlight looks great as men’s hair highlights. Check these ideas.

15. Highlights on Wavy Hair

Caramel Highlights on Wavy Hair

One of the many perks of getting highlights is that they look good in all hair types. Highlights on wavy, medium hair look great, as you can see, and they add a lot of detail to the guys with highlight hairstyle!


16. Caramel Highlighting on Dark Hair

 Caramel Highlights on Dark Hair

Caramel men’s highlights are notable. They’re subtler than the blond ones, but they also catch the eye. As you can see, they look great on long hair, and they’re a simple way of adding that little extra to your hairstyle. Highlights like these make the haircut look more complex and very stylish.


17. Caramel Highlights on Dark Blonde Hair

Caramel highlights are also incredible options for darker blonds and light browns. They add that little extra something to the guys with highlights while still standing out and bringing emphasis to your hairstyle.


18. Chocolate Highlights

The great thing about men’s hair highlights is that they don’t have to be completely over the top to provide that desired effect. As you can see here, chocolate highlighting on dark hair work perfectly and even though they’re subtle, they still get the job done and bring attention to the hair.


19. Highlights on Curly Hair

Men Hair Highlights on Curly Hair

Men’s hair color highlights can bring a lot of brightness to curly hair, which will help you create a very cool effect. Curly hair doesn’t need much to get attention, but it’s details like these that help you make your hair look a lot more stylish and complex.


Men’s Blonde Highlights on Blonde Hair

I know it may seem redundant, but blonde highlights on blonde hair make a difference. They add a lot of texture, body, and detail to the hairstyle, and they’re an effortless way to make your hair stand out while still allowing your hairstyle to shine through.

Let’s take a look at some of the best options you should consider!

20. Blond Highlights on Medium Hair

Blond Highlights on Medium Hair

As you know by now, highlights for men work perfectly for all hair lengths, and in this case, they bring the WOW factor to a standard medium hairstyle. As you can see, highlights provide a lot of movement and light to the hairstyle.


21. Spiky Blonde Highlights

Blonde Highlights on Spiky Hair

The spiky hairstyle is one of the classics, and highlights make it that much more fun and cool. This contrast of dark blond and lighter blond on top is incredible, and it makes the haircut look more elegant and stylish for guys with highlights.


22. Front Highlights

Front men’s hair highlights add a great little detail to hairstyles such as the pompadour and the undercut, which are both extremely popular. So popular that they’re pretty common, so highlights like these will definitely help you stand out.


23. Highlights on Long Messy Hair

Men Highlights on Long Messy Hair

You can never go wrong with long messy hair, but if you want your hairstyle to have a little something special, men’s highlights like these will do the trick!


24. Golden Highlights

Golden highlights are the go-to option for the majority because it’s such a classic blonde, and they look ten times better on a darker base, so you can show off the color.


25. Platinum Blonde Highlights

If your hair is already pretty blond, then platinum highlights are the way to go! They will provide the effect you’re looking for without looking out of place.

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26. Blond Highlights on Curly Hair

Highlighting on men’s curly hair brings that light that curly hair tends to need and adds more texture and body.


27. Classic Blond Highlights

Classic Blond Men Highlights

Usually, highlights are on the top of the head, but, as you can see, they also look great all over. This is because they add all that extra body, texture, and light for the guys with highlights.


28. Blonde Highlights on Long Wavy Hair

Highlights work perfectly with men’s long wavy hair, and they provide a lot of light and even more texture to this hairstyle.


29. Platinum Frosted Tips

guy with highlights

Frosted tips made their way back right along the men’s hair highlights and the modern take on it looks a lot better than what was happening back then, so you might want to give it a try.


 30. Pastel Shade

highlights on platinum blonde hair for men

Pastel shade goes well with platinum blonde hair as it gives a new look to the hair. You can keep your hair messy to flaunt highlights on men’s hair.


Fantasy Colors Highlights on Both Dark and Blonde Hair

Fantasy colors are pretty popular nowadays, not just among women but also among men. More and more guys are embracing fantasy colors and going for the full dye, but if that’s just too much for you, you can still get fantasy color as highlights.

The great thing about fantasy colors is that they go very well with both dark and light hair, so you won’t have many restrictions when trying new colors.

Another great thing about these highlights is that you can choose more than one color to create contrast highlights to make you stand out.

Here are ten more different hair color highlights for men to consider:

31. Peach Highlights

Peach Highlights for Men

Peach highlights for men are incredible, and they’re super fun. The only downside is that the peach hue won’t last for very long, especially if you wash your hair very often, but it will be great while you have it.

A great thing about fantasy colors is that as they wash off, you will be able to rock different hues of the initial color, which is why these colors are always interesting to try.


32. White Highlights on Dark Hair

Even though white is not a fantasy color, it looks fantastic on guys with highlights enough to be in this category. White highlights look best on dark hair, of course, and they provide a very strong contrast, which makes this hairstyle very interesting and cool.


33. Red Highlights

Red Highlights for Men

Red highlights are trendy for dark-haired guys, and they’re a lot of fun. This color can look good on blonde hair, but it depends on what kind of blonde you’re working with. Red highlights are a classic, and compared to other fantasy colors on the list, they’re pretty conservative.


34. Bright Red Highlights

These bright red men’s highlights are perfect if you want to stand out. Unlike the traditional red that we saw above, this bright red has hues of different tones that make it very special.

This color looks better on dark hair, and just like with any of these options, you can decide how much highlight and color you want in your hair.


35. Blue & Green Highlights

Blue and green highlights are one of the most popular options because this combination of colors is one of the combinations for merman hair. As you can see, these blue and green highlights look soberer on dark hair, but they will look good on lighter hair colors.

Like any of the colors on the list, you get to decide the hues of the colors you want to use.


36. Green Highlights

men with green highlights

Green is another great color for men’s hair highlights, and it looks great on dark and light hair as well. There are many different hues of green that can be pretty flattering, but perhaps the most popular one is aqua green.


37. Hot Pink Highlights

Hot Pink Highlights for Men

Hot pink highlights are definitely one of the bold men’s choices. As you can see, hot pink looks best on dark hair because it stands out without looking off-putting or weird. A lighter hue of pink will be best for the guys, with highlights for blonde hair.


38. Baby Pink Highlights

Baby Pink men Highlights

The trick of wearing fantasy men’s hair color highlights on light hair is to choose the right hue for your hair color. As I mentioned above, lighter shades of pink look better with blond hair, as you can see. The color adds a nice touch without being too overpowering and creates a delicate contrast.


39. Baby Blue Highlights

men's hair with blue highlights

Baby blue is one of those colors that can look great on dark and light hair. If this is one of the colors that appeal to you, then you should definitely give it a try. You can make your men’s highlights as subtle as in the picture or more invasive to show off the color you’ve chosen.


40. Purple Highlights

purple highlights for men

Purple is another color that looks great for both dark and light hair as men’s hair highlights, depending on the hue you choose for yourself. In this case, it’s a very vibrant purple because it’s for dark hair. But if you’re sporting a light blonde, a lavender purple will look better on you than this one.


41. Grey Highlights

Whether you’re an older guy with patchy greys coming in or just want a fun new color to play with, grey highlights are your friend. Try them on dark blonde hair, like this messy medium-length hairstyle.


42. Ginger Highlights 

mens long hair highlights

Spicy ginger isn’t a highlight color many men would consider first off. But look how beautiful the color is on this men’s long hairstyle, especially on dark blonde or brown hair! You can even consider a few blonde highlights interspersed.


43. Blonde Highlights on Black Hair

If your hair color is black, you need to try blonde highlights. This short curly hairdo’s texture pops even more with its blonde tinges.


44. Bi-Color Highlights

Can’t decide between two colors? This man chose both orange and purple for his short spiked faded hairstyle. Mix them or do one color for the front and one for the back. 


45. Silver Highlights

silver highlights for men

You’ll be a silver fox with silver highlights added to your current hairstyle. We love this super edgy look featuring thick scruffy hair, given a textured pop with hair gel.


46. Pale Red and Grey

hair highlights for men

On grey or even ash blonde hair, add pale red highlights in thicker sections. Then style your hair to one side using fingers to work in the product.


47. Red Highlights

A dark brown base isn’t so plain with copper or red highlights. A curly men’s hairstyle is something to be proud of when curls get special color attention.


48. Turquoise and Purple

Who would’ve thought a men’s hairstyle would look so great with turquoise and pale lavender highlights? If you’re feeling bold, pick your favorite color, like green, for example, and see what it would look like with a pale pink!


49. Pink Highlights

Hot pink highlights are super punk for men’s hairstyles. Add a high fade to your current hairdo, then shape the top, so it’s combed back super smooth. 


50. Dark and Light Purple

At first glance, you only notice the dark purple highlights on this short hairdo. But look a little closer, and you’ll see how light purple highlights shine through for an unexpected pop. 


Perhaps the best part is that men’s hair color highlights can be done on all hair types, lengths, and textures, so you have no excuses. If you choose the right color for you, highlighting can be amazing, and they can transform your style for the better.