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20 Beautiful Bohemian Box Braids Hairstyles For 2024

Box braids are a popular hair braiding style that uses square-shaped divisions to separate sections of hair. These braids, typically comprised of synthetic hair, add thickness and length to existing hair.

A popular way to wear box braids is in the bohemian style, which involves some hair worn in braids and some worn loose. Bohemian braids often contain different colors, and even beads, jewelry, or charms.


Examples of Bohemian Box Braids

Bohemian box braids are versatile, so choose them in whatever color or length you desire. The longer the box braids, however, the heavier they will become, potentially irritating your scalp.

Once you’ve chosen a style, be sure that you love it. Box braids can last up to two months in the hair. We have 20 gorgeous bohemian box braids styles to inspire you, so take a look!

1. Jumbo Braids

Thick braids are typically called jumbo box braids. They add a different texture to your look and involve larger portions of hair. Wear your jumbo bohemian braids uniformly thick or taper them so they are thin at the ends of the hair. This will weigh easier on your scalp as well.


2. Medium Bohemian Box Braids

If jumbo box braids aren’t your thing, but neither are tiny braids, then choose a medium style. Medium bohemian braids are the most versatile. They are lovely worn short, long, or somewhere in between and blend beautifully with loose, wavy tresses.


3. Small Braids

Small bohemian box braids are akin to naturally straight hair in their overall appearance. The tiny braids surely add texture, but they look smooth and are easy to pull back into a ponytail or bun. Go for an ‘ombre’ style with your bohemian braids and wear them loose on the lower half of your hair.


4. Knotless Braids

Knotless braids use the feed-in technique to braid the extension into your natural hair without creating a knot as an anchor. You may want to try knotless bohemian braids for less tension on the scalp. It’s also easier to pull up the hair for flexibility in styling while still promoting the growth of your natural hair.


5. Blonde Box Braids

Why not make your bohemian braids sunny and bright? The blonde look isn’t for everyone, but if it appeals to you, it will surely look beautiful. If you’re wondering whether blonde can work for you, check your undertones. Skin with pink undertones work best for natural-looking blonde locks.


6. Messy Braids

Bohemian culture is artistic in an unconventional way, so let your braids emulate that vibe with messy bohemian braids. The ends of your braids should be worn curly and loose while certain interspersed pieces are curly all the way to the top of the head. Add a few charms or beads for a laid back, artsy feeling.


7. Short Bohemian Box Braids

It’s easy to think of long hair when you think of bohemian box braids, but short cuts rock the style just as well!

Bobs, lobs, and medium styles are perfect for showing off the different textures that make up the bohemian style. Try a pretty side part or even a splash of color, like burgundy, to add even more dimension to your box braids.


8. Long Bohemian Braids

We typically think of long locks when we think of box braids. This style doesn’t have to be monotonous, though! Try a splash of color or add a bead or two to set your beautiful bohemian look apart from all the rest.


9. Bohemian Box Braided Bob

Bob braids aren’t just stylish, they are functional, too. Without those long tresses, you’re giving your scalp a much-needed break from the tension-bearing weight that often comes along with long braids. As a finishing touch, give your braids fringes on the ends for a little extra flair.


10. Burgundy

Considering a dynamic color for your next bohemian hairstyle? We love this rich burgundy color that has lots of warmth. Smaller braids will show off your scalp better if you’re looking for an interesting contrast between your natural hair color and your beautiful burgundy braids.


11. Crochet Box Braids

Similar to weaves, crochet hair is simply a different technique for applying your bohemian braids. A latch or crochet hook is used to crochet the synthetic hair into your natural hair. You won’t want to leave these braids in for too long, either, to avoid causing any damage to your scalp.


12. Ombre 

Dimensional highlights like ombre are such a fitting look for bohemian box braids. This artistic hairstyle is given the full treatment with beautiful color that grows lighter at the ends of the hair.

If sandy blonde and light blonde aren’t your thing, you can try out a variety of color combos, such as dark brown and caramel, as they suit your needs.


13. Thick & Red

If you’d rather your hair appear luxuriously thick, then larger, jumbo braids are probably the way to go. Thick bohemian box braids will cover your scalp and give your hair a greater feeling of texture.

Keep in mind the weight that comes along with more, thicker braids so you don’t cause any irritation on your scalp.


14. Half Up

Looking to switch up your long bohemian box braids hairstyle without removing your braids? A simple half-up hairstyle is cute, trendy, and sure to give your braids some versatility. We love a larger than life top knot when creating a half up bohemian style.


15. Bohemian Box Braids for Caucasian Hair

Though bohemian box braids are traditionally an African style, they can be applied to Caucasian hair. This style is great if you want to encourage the growth of your natural hair, but longer braids can cause tension on the hair follicle and scalp.


16. Bohemian Box Braids with Beads

A lovely way to enhance your bohemian braids is by adding artful beads.

Use gold beads on the top half of your hair to frame your face or place them here and there throughout your locks for an easy-going style. Shells and rings are other accessories that work great on bohemian box braids.


17. Triangle Part

Not all braids have to be divided into square sections. For something different, section your hair into triangle shapes and mirror this look with a triangle-shaped side part.

If you have a square or rounded face shape, your braids will act like a curtain to conceal harsh jawlines and make your cheekbones pop.


18. Middle Parted Bohemian Box Braids

Middle parts communicate power and confidence, making them the ideal way to part your bohemian box braids. With shorter-length braids, a middle part is a bit edgy and trendy. If your hair is long or ultra-long, as seen here, you will look strong yet feminine as your braids beautifully frame your face.


19. Side Part

If the middle part isn’t your thing, braid your bohemian hair with a lovely side part.

Side parts enhance any face shape besides oval (symmetrical face shapes don’t need as much shaping).On square, round, or heart faces, side parts create a necessary imbalance that gives your jaw and cheekbones dimension.


20. Bohemian Box Braided Ponytail

At some point while wearing your bohemian box braids, you’ll want to pull your hair up for style, comfort, or versatility. With long locks, a high ponytail is simple yet stunning. Plus, it shows off your gorgeous face and highlights your cheekbones.


As you can see, bohemian box braids are that lovely laid-back style that can offer your look a lot of personality and versatility. Let your bohemian braids express who you are through color, accessories, length, and overall style. Which look was your favorite?