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20 Flamboyant Low-Maintenance Long Haircuts For 2024

Long hair is truly an asset. Women are often reluctant to cut off their long hair and sport a short hairdo, and this is completely understandable. Whether it is curly, wavy or straight, long hair looks beautiful.

But long hair can be a task to handle if you don’t get yourself a low-maintenance haircut! So, why don’t you give one a try?

Style it in a bun, a ponytail or just leave them open with your new hairdo! Check out these 20 low-maintenance long haircuts, and choose the one that suits you best.


Low-Maintenance Haircuts for Women with Long Hair

Your search for the right inspiration for an easy and manageable long haircut comes to an end here! We have listed some of the most gorgeous low-maintenance haircuts and hairstyles for your long hair. Check them out.

1. Long Straight Hair

low maintenance long straight hairstyle

 This one is a classic! Straight, long hair that falls below the shoulders all the way to the chest looks stately and elegant. This might look like it needs a lot of maintenance, but it actually doesn’t.

All you need to do is shampoo, condition, and use a serum to enhance the shine; and you will be good.


2. Long Curls

low maintenance long curly hairstyle

Some people think curly hair is unmanageable and is difficult to maintain. They are wrong! Curly hair looks great and is easy to maintain, provided you take the right care of them.

This particular long haircut is a pretty low-maintenance style that gives the hair volume as well as length. The soft curls accentuate the angles of the face and frame it gently while giving you a polished look.


3. Long Silver Blonde Hair

low maintenance haircut for long fine hair

This hairstyle looks very classy and suits light-skinned people the best because of the hair color used. This hairstyle has a side parting which makes sure the hair falls evenly around the face, framing it gently.

Ask your stylist to do a shade test with the color before actually using it on your entire hair.


4. Side-parted Hair

low maintenance long layered haircut

Just like the other long hairstyles that have been discussed, this style also takes advantage of the length of the hair to create a soft, textured look that is easy on the eye.

Ask your stylist to cut your hair in layers, so that it is a little shorter towards the front and a little longer towards the back.


5. Tousled Hair

low maintenance long dark blonde hair

This hairstyle takes advantage of the natural bounce, volume and texture of the hair to create a contemporary look for casual occasions. Ask your hairstylist to part the hair down the middle and cut the hair to equal lengths on both sides. 

For those of you with straight hair, a curling iron can help you achieve the soft waves that this hairstyle requires.


6. Two-toned Hair with Curls

low maintenance long balayage hair

This low-maintenance long hairstyle is easy to achieve. Ask your stylist for a layered cut, keeping an asymmetrical parting. The hair towards the bottom curls giving the hairstyle a finished look.

The top part of the hair can be colored light brown while the bottom half can be blonde to add more finesse.


7. Wavy Haircut in Layers

low maintenance long haircut for Asian women

This layered hairstyle looks good on hair from medium to long lengths. The hair is parted down the middle and allowed to fall naturally beyond the shoulders. The bottom half of the hair is cut in layers which are then blow-dried to achieve that wavy look.

This hairstyle requires little to no maintenance and is one of the best hairstyles to embrace long hair.


8. Oil Slicked

low maintenance long haircut for black women

This is another classic low-maintenance hairstyle that can never go out of style. Ask your stylist to section the hair down the middle and create a middle parting.

The two sections can be combed sideways and backward so that they fall behind the shoulders. This haircut for long locks will always be fashionable.


9. Salt and Pepper Hair

low maintenance long haircut for older women

This hairstyle works great with long hair and for any age. The hair is parted down the side and swept back behind the shoulders for a slick, well-groomed look.


10. Blunt Fringe

low maintenance long haircut with blunt bangs

If you’re a woman with glasses and want a low-maintenance hairstyle, go for this. This hairstyle works great with poker straight hair. The hair is left medium to long at the back, while at the front, a fringe is left to frame the face delicately. The addition of the fringe adds some additional style to the straight hair look.


11. Golden Blonde Highlights

low maintenance long haircut with highlights

This is yet another low-maintenance long hairstyle that works well with faces of various shapes. The hair is sectioned and a side parting is given.

The hair is allowed to fall naturally around the shoulders with the lower part of the hair being highlighted blonde and golden brown.


12. Sleek Bun

low maintenance bun for long hair

This hairstyle works great for formal occasions because it creates a neat and sharp look. Pull your hair back and tie a sleek low bun at the bottom of your head. Unlike a high bun, this lower, tucked-in bun appears more formal.


13. Lowlights with Highlights

low maintenance long haircut with highlights

This is a very popular look, especially among young women who are not afraid to experiment with different colors in their hair. Taking advantage of the length, the hair is sectioned to one side and golden brown and blonde highlights are added to create depth and volume.


14. Middle-parted Curls

low maintenance long red hair

This is an easy hairstyle on the eye which is easy to maintain as well. Hair is parted down the middle and falls down on both sides very softly ending in curls. You may even choose to color your hair or leave it with its natural shade.


15. Curtain Bangs

low maintenance long haircut with curtain bangs

In this hairstyle, the hair is parted down the middle and allowed to cascade down the shoulders freely. The front is fashioned into simple curtain bangs which frame the face in a very aesthetic way. This hairstyle is easy to maintain and live with and looks good no matter the occasion.


16. Blonde Wavy Hair

low maintenance long wavy hair

This hairstyle is easy to maintain and style. Ask your stylist to create a middle parting and comb your hair down the sides so that they fall gently over your shoulder. This long and low-maintenance wavy haircut looks good and feels even better when left naturally styled.


17. Pink Long Wavy Hair

low maintenance beach waves for long hair

If you want to make a statement, then this is the hairstyle that most definitely will help you make one. Leave the length of your hair as it is and cut a little bit of the volume away. Dye the hair pink in an ombre fashion, so going darker down the length, to get this look.


18. Long Messy Pony

low maintenance ponytail for long hair

This messy ponytail has quickly caught on as a style because it is comfortable and easy to maintain. All you have to do is to pull your hair back in a ponytail and tie it low near your ears. Tuck any loose strands of hair behind the ears and you are good to go.


19. Straight Blonde Hair

low maintenance long haircut with highlights

This is a very simple hairstyle and takes less than two minutes to get ready. All you have to do is create a middle parting and let the hair fall past your shoulders. Below your cheeks, the hair may be colored blonde or any other color, depending on your preference, to modernize the look.


20. Money Piece Hairstyle

low maintenance long shag

This is another great hairstyle for long and wavy hair. Cut your hair in layers and allow the long bangs to frame your face from either side.

Once again, you might decide to color certain sections of your hair only to suit your personal preferences. Feel free to experiment!


Long hair can be a beauty to behold when styled well. Do not be intimidated by the length and assume maintenance is difficult. Our list of low-maintenance long haircuts has an option for everyone and won’t let you sacrifice the long tresses you cherish.