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10 Low-Maintenance Pixie Cuts To Try This Season

Tired of maintaining your long hair? Scared of experimenting and chopping it off at the same time for fear that things can go wrong? Well, you are not alone. Most women feel the same while trying a new hairdo.

After all, a head full of lovely tresses is a matter of pride. But did you know there are some fabulous low-maintenance pixie cuts that are simply awesome and you can flaunt them without feeling guilty?

With changing fashion trends today, women are not afraid to experiment with short hair and the below styles are proof of that.


Top Low-Maintenance Pixie Cuts 

Pixie cuts are very popular because they are low-maintenance and look trendy. Here are some pixie haircuts for you to consider and pick from. Have a look!

1. Pixie Cut with Side Buzz

low maintenance pixie with undercut

This is a very edgy hairstyle. The short pixie cut gives the hairstyle its character, while the side undercut adds a bit of style thanks to the pattern that is drawn on them.

Go for this hairstyle if you want something simple and low-maintenance.  This hairstyle doesn’t even need a hairbrush to style every day.


2. Side-swept Messy Hair

low maintenance choppy pixie cut

This hybrid of a pixie and a buzz cut is yours to try if you want to look futuristic. The hair along the sides of the head is trimmed very short, while the hair on the top of the head is swept to one side with a little bit of messiness in the middle.  The right blend of casual and formal elements makes this a very desirable haircut.


3. Blonde Waves

low maintenance curly pixie cut

This is a no-nonsense haircut that is perfect for those with short hair or those who want to experiment with their looks and cut their hair short.

In this low-maintenance pixie hairstyle, the hair is cut uniformly and close to the head leaving it to fall naturally across the forehead. Short and sweet is how you could describe this hairstyle.


4. Multi-colored Hair

low maintenance colored pixie cut

This colored pixie style is for the brave. Not only do you have to cut your hair short with this, but you also need to color it in different colors.

The hair is cut in a buzz cut style close to the head while leaving a little bit of volume on top to play with color. The hair is then sectioned out for coloring. The choice of color depends entirely on you, of course.


5. Spiky Pixie

low maintenance edgy pixie cut

Whoever said spikes are out of fashion? This spiky pixie cut not only looks good but is also pretty low maintenance.

Ask your hairstylist to create a standard pixie cut and spike up the middle, so that it stands wavy and different from the rest of your hair.  In the front, have a side parting and you are good to go.


6. Short Thin Hair

low maintenance pixie cut for older women

This is the original and the classic pixie cut in which the hair is short and left to fall naturally. Ask your hairstylist to chop off most of your hair, leaving enough only to create this look with a side parting.

Wash and blow dry your hair before styling it with your fingers. Stylish yet with minimal upkeep, this pixie cut goes for most occasions and outfits.


7. Pixie with Highlights

This is a stylish take on the classic pixie cut.  Ask your stylist to cut your hair short and create layers with a side parting.

Next, use a brush to set the layers and sweep up your hair, so it creates volume. This is both a formal and casual haircut that is great for business and parties


8. Silver Asymmetric Cut

low maintenance long pixie cut with side bangs

If you want a stylish yet low-maintenance hairdo that stands out from the crowd, opt for this pixie cut which has asymmetrical layers of hair with the side parting. Straight hair is suited for this style best.


9. Side Swept Bangs

low maintenance pixie cut for black women

This is another classic silhouette that works best with people who have wavy or straight hair. The hair is cut short, and the front has an asymmetrical parting that lends a futuristic, stylish look to this hairstyle.


10. Pixie Cut with Puff

low maintenance blonde pixie cut

This hairstyle is very versatile and works well with a lot of face shapes. This is a fresh take on the classic short hairstyle for women. The hair is puffed up from the front to create the illusion of volume, while the rest is styled simple and straight.


If you want a pixie cut, this is a comprehensive list of the various styles that you can follow. Pixie haircuts are low-maintenance and look stylish. They are very varied and work with different face shapes. Get one for yourself today and let us know how it turned out!