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30 of The Hottest Pixie Cuts with Highlights

Guess who the daredevil with a short and hot pixie cut with highlights is? Hairdos aren’t mere styles; they make a statement about our personality. Pixie cuts do the job for women who are daring and adventurous. What’s more dashing and bolder than a crisp pixie cut with quirky highlights?

How to Style Pixie with Highlights and Lowlights

How to Style Pixie Cut with Highlights and Lowlights

If you want a ‘transformation’ look, pixie haircut with highlights and lowlights is a go-to option. As quirky and cool this look is, it’s equally versatile and fun to style. You can have fun with the short and bouncy hair and experiment to have incredible results.

The best part is, the pixie cut looks great by itself; hence, any hairstyle will just elevate the style quotient. The highlights and lowlights are like the cherry on top.

Pixie Cuts with Highlights

Since there are innumerable ways to style the look; here we have compiled a list of our top 30 favorite pixie with highlights hairstyles for you.

1.  Pixie with Pale Red Highlights

dark pixie cut with highlights

Go for a dark pixie cut with highlights if you crave a cool but low maintenance look. Perfectly define the edges and opt for a pale red color for the highlighted strand.

2. Blonde Messy Pixie

pixie cut with blonde highlights

A pixie cut with blonde highlights will make you look feminine and chic, even if your hair is now considerably shorter. You can lift the top to give the coiffure height and use some setting spray to gain that unkempt look.

3. Pixie for Black Girls

pixie cut with highlights for black women

A pixie cut with blonde highlights is perfect for black women who what that touch of glam. Keep the hair short on one side and toss the bangs on the other, revealing those blonde highlighted bangs.

4. Turquoise and Pink Pixie

short pixie cut with highlights

Short pixie cuts with highlights are very popular at the movement, especially because you can turn your hair into whatever color you want. It doesn’t take too much to regenerate, and once you are bored with the color, you can easily switch it without worrying you will damage those locks.

5. Rebel Pixie

pixie cut with red highlights

This pixie cut with red highlights and metallic purple shades features a short cut for the back and sides and a long top with bangs colored in different dark red, orange, and blue nuances. You will instantly be placed into the spotlight if you choose this amazing color combo.

6. Ginger Lowlights

blonde pixie with red highlights

This pixie cut with ginger highlights is ideal if you, especially when you have fair skin. Go for a blonde hair color and sprinkle some ginger highlights to spice things up. Style the bangs up, like a mohawk, slightly towards the front and the back top upwards, creating height and volume.

7. Casual Long Pixie

brunette pixie with highlights

When you choose to create a layered pixie for thick hair, you should definitely add some subtle highlights. Opt for a brown base color and add highlights from the same color range that will enlighten your hair just a little, giving it that sun-kissed vibe.

8. 3c Curls with Highlights

curly pixie with highlights

What better way to make your pixie cut look eye-popping? Add some blonde highlights to create contrast and make the new hairstyle stand out.  Concentrate them in the forehead area. Place the ringlets one ower each other, falling on your face. Keep the sides and backs trimmed shortly.

9. Tomboy Pixie

dark pixie hair with highlights

Such a gorgeous pixie hairstyle with highlights will definitely turn some heads. Maintain the roots in their natural color and add a sandy dark blonde hue to build the highlights. Styling your hair is easy since the sides are trimmed shortly. Get a rotative or round brush a build that height.

10. Mauve Pixie

pixie hair with purple highlights

Before getting this pixie with highlights, you must know that maintaining the hairdo like the day you stepped out of the salon will require a lot of maintenance. The semi-permanent pale purple dye tends to fade easily, so you will need regular retouches.

11. High Wavy Pixie

pixie cut with full highlights

When you want your hair to maintain that natural color aspect, choose a color that complements your skin tone, looks creamy, and is not too far from your natural shade. Get your pixie and use pomade to obtain that wet, better-defined texture. Comb your hair to the back, building height.

12. Pale Teal Bangs

pixie cut with light blue highlights

One way to give your pixie cut more value is to add some color to your bangs. If you have side-swooped bangs with a dark natural color, bleaching some pieces and dyeing them in that pale turquoise color is a fabulous idea.

13. Black and Pink

pixie cut with pink highlights

Black and pink create such a gorgeous contrast. Also, a black hair color will highlight your facial features, making you look slimmer. And if you love a pop of color, creating some pink highlights for your bangs is going to make your hairstyle look younger and modern.

14. Purple Hair with Blonde Highlights

pixie cut with purple highlights

To create this amazing pixie, you can play with different nuances of purple and blonde, creating gorgeous lowlights and highlights. Make it look choppy, with asymmetrical bangs and long sideburns. Build your hairstyle out of multiple layers and create more dimension.

15. Pixie for Older Women

long pixie with highlights

As a woman over 40, you will adore this longer pixie cut with subtle brown highlights. Create layers and keep the bangs reaching the ear. You can also flip the fringe over the ear or pinned down, away from your face.

16. Messy Pixie

pixie cut with pastel highlights

Sprinkle some strawberry blonde highlights on your bangs. cut them in straight line and straighten the top with an iron. Carefully tousle the top to gain that messy look. Wear your bangs covering the forehead and slightly to one side.

17. Green Tinted Top

pixie haircut with green highlights

This green-tinted top will look so good on your pixie cut. Bleach the bangs and the apex and keep the sides and the nape area in your natural brown or black color. Layer everything and style the fringe slightly on one side. Your green pieces will get this color after washing your hair several times.

18. Blue Lowlights

messy pixie cut with highlights

Instagram / hypevancouver

Combining blonde hair with blue lowlights is a great idea, especially when you want a hairstyle that matches your fair skin and blue eyes. Keep the apex hair long, so you can pull off curls and waves. Use a wand to gain that texture.

19. Side Bangs Pixie

pixie cut with platinum highlights

Instagram / bymaggiekime

For this pixie hairstyle, you need stacked layers in the back that will make your top gain more volume. Opt for a sandy blonde hair color and dark roots. Sideburns should be visible and you should wear them in front of your ear, framing your face.

20. Vibrant Green

highlighted pixie hair

Instagram / whisperinghair

An eye-popping green is perfect for layered side-swept bangs. Dye your whole head black and go for a vivid color only in the front and half top. Use pomade to style your hair pieces and achieve that wet look.

21. Highlighted Pixie for Women Over 50

Women over 50 love a low-maintenance pixie hairstyle with blonde highlights that makes them look younger and with a cool vibe. Pull off the blonde pieces only in the apex area and create heights by tousling those layers. You will thank us later! Grab your glasses, and you have a brand new look that strips years of your face.

22. Strawberry Pink Pixie

pixie haircut with yellow highlights

Instagram / queenstylista

If you’re not afraid of a full bleach, then this is a bold hairstyle that you might want to try. And if you love pink hues, you will certainly be going to fall in love with this pixie. Keep the top long so it gives you the opportunity to build waves, curls, and height. Also, complete the look with a few blonde highlights.

23. Textured Pixie With Glasses

wavy pixie with highlights

Instagram / hollyanne_pmstyles

Define your waves with some pomade or a strong hair gel. Take pieces of hair and give them shape using a heated tool and your fingers. Get highlights that are a nuance or two lighter than the base color. Make it look messy and wear the hairstyle with large-frame glasses.

24. Tamed Phoenix

pixie with highlights for older women

Light brown with gold is the most common color of highlights that is chosen by the crowd. Pixie cut with golden highlights spices things up to another level.

This look makes you look edgy, as well as poised and modern. The cut is sharp, and the blonde highlights add the right proportions of cool and nonchalance.

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25. Messy But Dressy

messy pixie with highlights

If you want a very laid-back pixie cut with highlights, this look is just the right one for you. A messy haircut is the new style statement. An asymmetrical pixie with lowlights in shades of brown encompasses the calm yet bold persona in you. You can dress up or dress down this look with accessories.

26. The Girl on Fire

fiery pixie cut with highlights

If you live by the statement, ‘I want to make heads turn’; this is the ultimate look. This is an edgy, daring and quirky pixie with highlights. When people think, getting a short pixie cut is daring enough; you could take a step forward.

Get bright and blazing highlights and stand out of the crowd. With some matching accessories and your cool vibe going on, heads are going to turn for sure!

27. Teal Blue Highlights

pixie cut with highlights for women

Amongst the various shades of blue, aquamarine and turquoise speak a different language. The wackiest highlights on pixie cut would be heavy fringe bangs with bright blue highlights. It oozes of style and quirkiness.

With such an elegant hairstyle, you don’t really have to worry about wearing fancy clothes or makeup. All eyes are going to be stuck at your top-notch hairstyle statement.

28. Smoke and Ash

pixie cut with ashy highlights

What is the hottest hairstyle in town? This look, hands down. Nothing syncs better than matching your eye color to your hair. With dreamy grey eyes, rich platinum and silver streaks will make everyone go ‘wow!’. Now imagine, a hot pixie cut with highlights that has smoke and ash effect.

It’s insane even to fathom how hot and daring it’d look. The look has an ultimate style quotient which looks incredible without any added efforts. Some black clothing, junky jewelry with the haircut; and you’re certain to set the stage on fire!

29. Curly Pixie with Highlights

curly pixie with brown highlights

If you’re reading this, you’re the women in a dilemma about your pixie hairstyle with highlights. You want it short, but not too short. So, what’s the safe length? A semi pixie cut, with wavy texture and brown hair highlights, is the perfect look for you.

It gives out a cute and innocent but dauntless and cool vibe. The best part about this look is that the length makes it easy to style the hair in multiple ways. You could make braids on bangs or let it loose, depending on your mood and occasion.

30. Elegant Highlighted Pixie Cut

side parted pixie cut with highlights

Most of the lot, get a highlighted pixie because the length is easier to manage and the style is attractive. For a pleasant and chic demeanor, go for a clean pixie haircut with minimal platinum lowlights. With the right length and texture, you’ll look polished and elegant.

Pixie cut with highlights is definitely a daring look to adopt, but it can be dressed up or dressed down. It’s a misconception that only the rebels can pull off the look.

You can look intimidating with a loud and bold haircut or well-polished with a short crop and lowlights. You can be what you want to be! So, what are you waiting for? Pick a look, and make a statement.