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How to DIY Balayage on Curly Hair + 20 Examples

The balayage curly hair does not just look trendy and attractive, it is one of the hottest hairstyling options at the moment. Balayage is one of the most trending color techniques in the world of hairstyling.

Especially the curly balayage using this French technique from the 1970s is catching up fast globally. But for that perfect balayage on curly hair, you will have to be very sure about what or how you need to apply.

That alone will help bring forth the shimmer effect, the shine as well as play of contrasting shades in an attractive manner. It is all about achieving the right amount of contrast and maintaining the balance while dressing up your lovely tresses.

How to DIY Balayage on Natural Curls

natural balayage curly hair

For the best curly balayage, it is best to visit a professional colorist. But if you are confident about doing it yourself, here is a step by step guide on how to achieve the best results.

  • Choosing the right color is the most important step here. If you are keen on a natural look, it is best to go for a shade that is at best 3-4 four shades lighter than your natural hair. Follow the instruction of the box carefully.
  • Divide your hair into multiple sections and clip them up separately.
  • Start applying the hair color from mid-length and proceed downwards after twisting and teasing each sub-section
  • Secure the section you are working on first and then release the next one, This helps hold the color well
  • Apply the finishing touches after all the sections are secured
  • Follow the instruction for rinsing and apply recommended hair treatment for best results.

Watch The Following Video of DIY Balayage at Home on Natural Curly Hair

Curly Balayage vs. Pintura Highlighting

Curly Balayage vs. Pintura Highlighting

But often we see users confusing between curly balayage and Pintura highlights. Both are very different techniques and the devil is in details.

Balayage on curly hair is a method in which the lightening around the roots is relatively less compared to the ends. It creates a rather intense impact around the fringes.

Though it needs time and practice, this is more of a free hand style of highlighting. When done by experts, it really enhances the overall look, and the play on color is gorgeous.

While Balayage is a French technique, Pintura is derived from the Brazilian word for painting. Just the reverse happens in this case.

The lightener is first applied around the roots and then the ends. This creates a much lighter hair color on roots. The ends take on an even lighter shade compared to the roots.

So the question is how do you choose between the two? Actually, your hair takes a call on it for you most times. The length of your curls will finally decide what’s best. Traditionally Pintura highlights work a lot better on very tight curls.

But the relatively loose curls and wavy hair look best with a well-done balayage. It is because the hair, in this case, has a greater reflection of light.

Stunning Curly Hair Balayage Styles

Here are some of the best examples of balayage curly hair that truly highlights the beauty and creativity that this technique brings forth.

1. Messy Curly Bob

balayage messy curly hair for women

If you ever questioned why balayage is good for curly hair, this image will put your doubts to rest. It is one of those coloring techniques that absolutely transform your curly locks into a seductive and sexy avatar.

2. Caramel Balayage on Curly Hair

Caramel Balayage on Curly Hair

If you like to keep your curly balayage simple without too many experiments, this is what you must go for. It is straightforward, stylish and relatively an easy alternative in terms of both maintenance and styling.

3. Balayage on Coiled Hair

balayage on coiled curly hair

If you ever wanted to vet the authenticity of the saying that a picture is worth thousand words, here is a perfect example of the same.

The curly hair balayage completely lifts the hairstyle and also makes the face appear brighter as a result of the color combinations.

4. Brown Curls on Medium Length Hair

medium length balayage curly hair

The right combination of highlights or balayage truly enhances the face and traces the beauty of the natural fall of these curls.

If you can contrast it well with your skin tone, it can complement it really well and brings out the understated chic look.

5. Chocolate Curls

balayage highlights on natural curly hair

This luscious red-brown balayage shade absolutely complements your curly tresses and brings out your subtle feminity in the best possible way. This balayage curly hairstyle works to add some vibrant note to the locks.

6. Curly Balayage Tips

A smart and a sensible styling option, this balayage on curly hair is a play on the hair’s natural texture. You can choose color variations for best results and a dose of oomph.

7. Rose Gold Balayage

The restrained use of rose gold around the temple and fringes brings in effortless class and beauty. This is one of those curly balayage styles that you can be confident of wearing just anywhere and be sure of making heads turn.

The chic and sophisticated appearance makes it a favorite for those with long curly tresses.

8. Natural Curly Hair with Balayage

For the best balayage on curls results, you don’t have to always use some radical shades like blue or pink. This style is all about heroing the natural dirty brown.

Just a clever adaptation of the balayage technique and a play with the natural shades highlight a sophisticated styling option for your curly hair.

9. Balayage Tight Curls

If you like wearing your hair short, this is one of that quintessential curly balayage that you can always try. You don’t need to try too hard to get that perfect look.

The light highlights at the end play wonderfully well with the natural light. This again goes on to prove that balayage even a few shades lighter can give the desired effect if it is done the right way.

10. Trendy Faux Hawk Curls

curly hair balayage

This balayage curly hairdo goes particularly well for those with a fierce personality and a no-nonsense competitive spirit. For an even bolder look, you can even consider shaving the sides short and create a faux hawk for effect.

11. Purple Curly Hair

If you are in the mood for something edgy with your curly hair using balayage, say yes to this deep purple style. The hair is pushed away from the face to create something sexy and absolutely stunning.

12. Multi-textured Pixie

Naughty, sexy and practical, this cut along with the light balayage brings in a truckload of texture, movement, and bounce in this curly balayage hairstyle.

13. Corkscrew Curls with A Flourish

Subtle balayage on curly hair add to the sexy seductive appeal of this absolutely stunning color combination. The cool-hued light brown balayage here is all about adding a zing to the otherwise medium length curly hair.

14. Dark Brown and Blonde Balayage

This is again a play on the natural hair texture and fall and only works towards enhancing the fringes and the temple in a meaningful way. The seductive and subtle pull of this curly hair balayage style is hard to miss.

15. Funky Short Loose Curls

women with balayage curly hair

Talk of a Balayage that rings in the summer! There is nothing better than this curly balayage to perfect the look.

16. Ombre Balayage

This is one of the best options for balayage on naturally curly hair which is not too long. The medium length and the balayage work in symphony to create a magical effect. It goes on to highlight the fringes in a seductive soothing style.

17. Ash Blonde Balayage on Short Hair

In this case, the balayage on curly hair is scattered in a random manner that highlights a naturally streaked look. In case you also have the length to match the curls, this becomes an absolute win-win.

18.  Balayage on Curly Pixie Hair

This curly asymmetrical pixie cut is a statement in itself. The cut and the balayage curly hair both work together to enhance the volume, texture and overall fall of the hair.

The red and pink color on pixie complements the deep brown near the root and creates a magical combination.

19. Balayage Curly Shag Haircut

shag haircut for curly balayage hair

Talk of wearing your attitude and there is nothing that explains it as well as this curly balayage variant.

20. Short Soft Curls with Tousled Waves

curly balayage on short hair

This short tousled look works to enhance the balayage curly hair impact in the best possible way.

FAQs about Balayage Curly Hair

For the best curly balayage, you must remember some basic facts.

How much does it take to balayage the curly hair?

Different salons have different rates for balayage. Even in one salon, you may have 2-3 different price ranges. The length of your hair is one factor but also the quality of the lightener impacts the prices.

On average, a balayage on medium-length curly hair will cost anywhere between $150-200 depending on product range and complexity involved. The frequency at which you need may also affect the overall cost.

How long does balayage last for?

Unlike foils, you do not need to visit your salon every 6 weeks in case of a balayage on your curly hair. You can easily space it between 12-14 weeks depending on how intense a color you choose.

Which looks best in curly hair-balayage or highlight?

Often expert colorists choose balayage for curly hair due to the ease with which they can paint the color in individual curls.

This is what makes these curls catch the natural light and highlight a naturally radiant and vibrant glow.

So if you are considering a trendy balayage on your curly hair, make sure you go through this detailed guide on curly balayage.

From the top designs to the best-known trends, the sexy combinations to the most compelling deals, we get you a complete and comprehensive lowdown on balayage and curly hair.