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21 Medium Hairstyles for Men Over 50 with Thin Hair

Medium hairstyles are gorgeous options for men over 50 with thin hair. Even if the hair loses its pigment and thickness, there are a few tricks you can get off your sleeve to achieve a professional or a younger look.

No matter the direction you’re going, one thing is for sure: layers can get you more volume. We recommend keeping this in mind when getting your new look. Also, you should take advantage of your curls or waves when styling and prepping your hair. 


Ideal Over 50 Hairstyles for Medium Thin Hair

Some men have thick, voluminous hair, while others have thin hair. Let’s see some of the best mid-length thin hairstyles that over 50 men can rock easily. Are you ready? Please scroll down to see them all.

1. White Layered Medium Crop

medium thin hair for over 50 men with receding hairline

The best medium hairstyle for men over 50 with thin hair and who want to look professional is a layered cut. If your hair has little texture, that will aid you in getting more volume. Lift those roots in the forehead area and part the strands to the sides. 


2. Asian Messy Hair

medium thin hair for asian men over 50

Asian men are well known for their young-looking features, even in their 50s. Sometimes, the only aspect that gives their age away is white hair. And getting a cool hairstyle like this wavy medium cut will help you get a fresh vibe.


3. Santa Claus

thin medium hair with beard for men over 50

Wanna be Santa Claus this year and bring joy to children? You need a look that matches! So make sure you grow your beard months before the holiday. Also, keep a mustache and trim it accordingly. 


4. Light Brown and Whites

medium thin straight hair for men over 50

A medium cut with a long beard and well-defined edges will make you look professional. If your hair is getting whiter every day, but you have naturally warm hair color, your tresses will blend beautifully, giving you a unique look. 


5. Wet Straightened Hair

thin medium dyed hair for men over 50

A medium hairstyle suitable for men over 50 with thin hair is certainly one with layers and highlights. You can go for a longer version of a bowl cut and add some pomade for that sleek look. Also, you might consider straightening those longer pieces. 


6. Feathered Bangs

medium messy thin hair for men over 50

When you have thin hair, one of the best tricks to make your strands gain more volume is to layer the hair. You can also opt for feathered bangs just above the eyebrows that are longer in the corners of the forehead. 


7. Classic Haircut for Men over 50

thin medium hairstyle for men over 50

When they are in their 50s, many men tend to pay less attention to their looks. So if you fall in this category and need a hairdo that doesn’t require too much of your time, this is a viable option. 


8. Side Comb

salt and pepper medium thin hair for over 50

If you want a neat, elegant, retro look, grow your top hair and do a side part. You will comb the smaller section flat to the back and use the other to build more volume. A short Garibaldi beard and a long mustache with lifted ends perfectly matches the hairstyle.


9. High Messy Top

thin grey medium hair for men over 50

One of the best medium hairstyles for men over 50 that struggle with thin hair features a high top that messily arranges your strands. The sides should be shorter and combed towards the back. Keep a short-medium beard that frames your figure. 


10. Wavy Hair Don’t Care

medium length wavy hairstyles for thin hair over 50

A great way to style medium-thin hair for men over 50 with grey hair is to make it appear visibly thicker and more voluminous. But how to accomplish that? It’s easy; use a mousse to boost the volume of your hair and let it form waves naturally. Tousle your hair with fingers for a casual look and top it all off with a beard.

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11. Ivy League Hair

guy over 50 with medium length thin hair

Men whose hair is incredibly thin may want to consider cutting their hair shorter. That way, you’ll avoid the uncomfortable consequences of thin hair and bald spots.

But, for an elegant look, you may want to consider combining medium hair with a medium-length or long beard.


12. Slick Back with Bushy Beard

hairstyles for thin hair over 50

You’re a proper gentleman who loves to ooze elegance and sophistication? Then we have an amazing idea of making thinning medium hair work for older men over 50.

Retain thin hair at medium length and comb it back. Opt for hair-styling products that don’t weigh down your hair. Ideally, you should go for items that give you more volume.


13. Sideburns and All

medium thin hair with beard for men over 50

The easiest way to maintain thinning hair for older men and appear more youthful is to opt for short to middle-length styles. In this case, you need to comb your hair to the side and top it all off which nicely defined sideburns and an interesting beard design.


14. Effortless Side Part Hair

medium length hairstyle for thin hair

Yes, men can be stylish as well. There’s no rule which specifies that only women can look stylish and trendy. If you’re 50 and older, it’s easy to think there’s not much you can do to appear hip and trendy.

The truth is entirely different. Just tousle your thin hair with fingers to achieve the effortlessly stylish and trendy medium-length hairstyle, and you’re ready for your day.

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15. Short Pompadour

Aging can be your advantage as you have the opportunity to transform your style into something powerful yet sensual at the same time.

Sweep your thin hair to the side and trim your beard to achieve this medium haircut. It’s even more awesome if you opt for this sophisticated grey shade.


16. Gentleman Haircut

The most important thing to remember is that haircuts for thin-haired men over 50 don’t have to be complicated and difficult to pull off. Keep your hair at medium length and make sure you care for it properly, and you’ll look great at all times.

Avoid washing your hair every day, and try not to use harsh products. Your hair will thank you with its manly yet elegant look.


17. Silver Fox Look

grey thin hair for men over 50

Grey and thin hair symbolize sensuality and good looks for older men over 50 when you style it properly. The silver fox look is attractive in more ways than one, and you should consider rocking this style.

You can couple this medium & thin hairstyle for guys with a short beard, or you can go without it, depending on your choice and preferences.


18. Strong and Manly

If you’re looking for a thin haircut for over 50 men that will make you look strong and manly, then this one is worth trying out. Allow your medium-length hair and ducktail beard to combine into a great look.

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19. Shaggy Hair for Men

Bohemian look means you give a vibe that you don’t put too much thought into your styling, but it looks great nonetheless. This medium hairdo for men is simple, easy, and works great with thin hair.


20. Hollywood Star Hair

medium length hairstyle for thin hair over 50

If you’ve ever wanted to look like you’ve just stepped out of some Hollywood movie, then this medium hairstyle for over 50 men is the one you may want to try.

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21. Messy Hair

medium length thin messy hair for over 50

Messy shoulder-length hair is ideal for over 50-year-old men with thin hair who want to look great without spending too much time on their hair styling.

As a man over 50 with a medium-thin hairstyle, you can enjoy the perks of having longer strands that offer plenty of styling opportunities. From formal looks to cuts that make you younger, this hairdo works to your advantage and helps you achieve more volume. If you have found in this article examples that worked for you and made a difference, tell us in the comments section which one you chose.