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27 Low Skin Fade Hairstyles That’ll Be Huge in 2024

The most suitable yet classy hairstyle for men is nothing but the low skin fade haircut. Men have started to experiment with their hairstyles. This low skin fade haircut can be customized according to one’s choice, and this cut is classy and stylish. This low skin fade haircut can be pulled off with any style and look and is easy to maintain.


How to Do Low Skin Fade

How to Do Low Skin Fade

The process of obtaining a perfect low skin fade is easy, but it needs proper training. The equipment required for this haircut is nothing but comb, scissors and a trimmer. The hair on the top of the head is usually cut into the desired length of the individual while the hair on the sides are cut extremely short and later trimmed.

The hair on the sides is trimmed in a decreasing size until one can clearly see the skin. This low skin fade haircut actually shows a gradual fading of the hair from small strands till the skin is clearly seen on the sides. This style brings out a ‘fading’ effect in the hair, looking amazing on all types of hair textures.


Watch The Following Tutorial to Know about How to Do Low Skin Fade Hairstyle


Low Skin Fade vs. Low Fade

Low Skin Fade vs. Low Fade

The major difference between low skin fade haircut and the low fade haircut is not much. Both these haircuts include the same procedure, but it gives a little different look. The low skin fade includes complete shaving of the hair and complete exposure of the skin towards the end of the sides.

Whereas, the low fade haircut does not show the skin at any point but only involves gradual trimming of hair on the sides. Even though both of these haircuts are of the same kind, it gives different looks to individuals. While the low skin fade haircut is for individuals with small faces and thin face structure, the low fade haircut is for rounder face structures.


Coolest Low Skin Fade Hairstyles

Check out the famous and fashionable low skin fade hairstyles for men!

1. Fading into Short Beard

low skin fade hairstyle for men

This hairstyle is a must-try fashionable and stunning haircut. It is a low skin fade which fades into and is connected to the beard. The fadedness exists along the ears, and late gradually increases in volume to the tip of the beard. It is a classy, fashionable look, but it needs to be well maintained.


2. Comb Over with Low Skin Fade

 Comb Over with Low Skin Fade

It is a casual low skin fade cut for men which generally includes a medium length of hair of the top of the head, which can be spiked up followed by a gradual decrease in volume on the sides and the back till there is complete exposure of the skin. It is a casual yet attractive haircut.


3. Gradual Skin Fade

men with low skin fade haircut

The subtle, gradual low skin fade is a very professional haircut for guys. It gives a classy look. This haircut includes a standard length of hair on the top which is combed downwards, and then the hair is trimmed on the sides and the back gradually fading into the skin.


4. Low Skin Fade with Part

spiky hairstyle with low skin fade

However, the specialty of this one is that the hair on top is completely segregated and is divided by hairlines or partitions. Hence, there is no connection between the two. While the hair on the top is mostly spiked up the hair gradually fades on the sides.


5. Short Brown Hair

short hair with low skin fade

This low skin fade haircut which fades in to complete exposure up to the ears, and then the fadedness again gains volume and forms into a beard. The hair on top is combes downward, and the color of the hair and as well as the beard is in this beautiful golden-brown in color. This hairstyle adds style and subtlety to one’s look.


6. Low Skin Fade with A Carved Design

This is a simple low skin fade haircut for men which includes downward combing on top, and a gradual decrease of volume in the lower parts. However, the carved designs make this haircut unique from individual to individual. The designs are generally small and are carved into the hair by a trimmer.

Stylish Taper Fade with Designs Hairstyles for Men


7. Funky Curly Top

curly hairstyles with low skin fade for men

The curly affair is also a low skin fade style which doesn’t at all expose the skin. It only indulges in thick and dense curls on the top which also covers the back of the head, and then the ends are gradually fading hair with a decrease in volume. This hairstyle adds length and density to one’s hair look.


8. Finest Fading on 360 Waves

The finest fading is the most easy-going low skin fade hairstyle which needs zero attention and styling and is naturally attractive. This is chopping of hair to the smallest of length along with separation of the top and the sides with a line or partition and an invert ‘v’ shaped cut on the extreme side of the forehead.


9. Long Fading Out

guy with low skin fade haircut

The long fading out haircut includes hair of long length on the top which maximizes on the hair front. The whole hair is combed upwards and backward, adding a lot of volume to one’s look. And then, it gradually trimmed towards the end. This low skin fade is the most attractive and is beautiful.


10. Short Wavy Hair

This free hairstyle which includes curly and messy hair on the top, and then there is no gradual decrease of length but immediate fading of hair into showing off the skin. This low skin fade style exposes a larger area of the skin as the fading starts from the top itself.


11. Top Curly Bun

low skin fade with long top

Instagram /

Low skin fades with a design are a fabulous option for men with long hair, especially during summer. They are a terrific way to keep cool during those hot temperatures. Also, because the hair is so short, you can get an abstract design on one or both sides.


12. Platinum Blonde Hair

men blonde hair with low skin fade

Instagram / faded_by_nadia

Usually, when you have olive skin tone, platinum blonde color is not recommended. However, in this case, you can pull off this nuance by maintaining a few millimeters of your natural shade for the roots. Dye the longer crown hair and longer pieces on the side. 


13. Tapered Fade

low skin fade with line design

Instagram / rafa.barbeer

A skin taper fade is a great way to highlight a longer eccentric top haircut. To emphasize the crown area more, delimit the fade with a razor line. Use a rotative or a round brush to build that height and set the hairstyle with hairspray. 


14. Afro Fade

afro hair with low skin fade

Instagram / chris_dont_misss

Keeping that coarse hair in place might seem tricky, but a short hairstyle with a low side fade will help you achieve a sassy low-maintenance look. Define the hairline by using a razor and draw your pattern with a hair-shaping pencil that you can also use at home when hair starts growing out. 


15. Pony with Side Fades

men ponytail with low skin fade

Instagram / luxcarlos1

If you want to combine a short, low-maintenance haircut with long hair, go for a low skin fade on the sides and long crown hair that you can tie up in a ponytail or a bun. Make it look sleek by using a pomade when combing your tresses. 


16. Curly Temple Fade 

curly mohawk with low skin fade

Instagram / charlie_hustle

Give those fabulous curls more texture and some sass. Firstly, go for a low ear fade that slimmers your look. Do a wide curly mohawk and create blonde highlights. Use hair gel that makes your ringlets tighter and with that cool, wet aspect. 


17. Fade for Older Men

Picking a short buzz cut fade is a fabulous idea for older men who don’t want to worry about their hairstyle. Instead of building a straight line for your skin fade, go for a diagonal that makes your haircut look less traditional. Keep a shaved clean face.


18. Slick Back Hairstyle

slick back hair with low skin fade

The long jet-black spikes is a very professional low skin fade haircut which spikes up the hair on top to add length and height. Whereas the hair on the sides and the back include two layers, one is of trimmed hair, and the other is complete exposure of skin.


19. Cool Messy Hair

guy with messy hair and low skin fade

This hairstyle with low skin fade consists of messy, voluminous hair on the top which adds height and volume to one’s look. Then, a gradual decrease of hair by trimming them down into the smallest strand till the skin is completely exposed towards the end.


20. Low Skin Fade with Hard Part

side part haircut with low skin fade

After you determine the top hair’s length and set the hard part, it’s time to get your trimming machine and style the low skin fade. With the clipper fully closed, establish a bald guideline, keeping it fairly low around the head. 


21. Loose Quiff with Beard

low skin fade with short top

Using a clipper over comb technique, connect the shortly trimmed area with the longer parts. With clippers fully closed, you’ll define the low skin fade, obtaining that gradual growth that will highlight the short top.


22. Low Skin Fade with Braids

low skin fade haircut for black men

Instagram / mosesfademaster

Having a low skin fade haircut provides a great option for black men who love to sport something more intricate on the top, in this case, cornrow braids. With closed clippers define the corners of the foreheads and tie the knits in a pony. 


23. Wavy Slicked Back

low skin taper fade

Low skin taper fades are hairstyles that are exactly what you need for both casual events and business meetings. They are also low maintenance, they can last for weeks and the look will be clean and sharp.


24. Pompadour

low skin fade with undercut

Guys who crave for an extra cool look that stands out will adore the low skin fade with an undercut and a gorgeous Pompadour. Also, contour the beard and keep the sides and nape bald. 


25. Razored Design

Amp up your style with a low skin fade that features a razored line design on one or both sides. Comb your hair backward, creating a little bump, while the shaved and shortly trim sides keep the haircut in good balance. 


26. High Quiff

A quiff haircut with a low skin fade is one of the most popular ways to get a clean, nice hairstyle. It’s versatile and can provide a great contrast with that perfectly styled top. 


27. Low Skin Fade for Black Men

low skin fade for afro hair

Instagram / mosesfademaster

Low skin fade usually go one inch above the ear and enriches any afro hair, giving the top more volume. It features a light curve around the ear and the hair is gradually longer towards the top. 


The low skin fade haircut has been a part of the trend for a long time as a lot of customization can be made with it. This haircut is easy and needs basic training. It is also easy to manage and maintain. This haircut also suits with a lot of looks, and it is both classy and stylish.

This low skin fade is a famous cut as the style of dyeing one’s hair perfectly suits with this one. Lastly, this is a go-to go haircut for men as it’s convenient, stylish and comfortable.