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15 Best Taper Fade Designs to Try in 2024

The taper fade with design is one of the most iconic looks for men. Since its inception, it has been regarded as a classy haircut that radiates masculinity. The taper fade has been in style for a considerable amount of time.

It’s a versatile look that can work in both formal and informal situations, making it the ultimate all-purpose hairstyle for men. Adding a design to the fade can help add a little bit of extra edge to your look and is a hairstyle that is incredibly in vogue these days.

Taper Fade Design Examples

If you’re ready to spice up your taper fade with design or going for the look the first time, here are 15 trendy taper design ideas to try right now.

1. Taper Fade with Side Part and Design

Taper Fade with Side Part and Design

This designed taper fade is a modern look that combines the traditional side part hairstyle with a bit of edge. To achieve this look, visit a skilled barber and instruct him to give you a regular side part taper fade hairstyle; ask the barber to cut in a straight line using a razor without the guard.

The line can be neatened using a traditional razor. After blow-drying your hair, apply a bit of pomade and part hair on towards their natural side to style this look.

2. Curly Taper Fade with Design

Curly taper fade with design

Another one for those blessed with curly hair, instruct your barber to keep the hair long on top while cutting the sides and back into a taper fade. The style is then finished off by cutting in the design.

3. Low Taper Fade with Nape Design

taper fade with nape design

This taper fade with design features a low taper fade, with the fade ending level with the top of the ear. The design in the style is not cut into the side like it usually is. It is cut into the nape of the neck and is a unique take on the hairstyle.

4. High Taper Fade with Slick Design

High Taper Fade with Slick Design

The design on this taper fade is what makes it stand out, requiring an expertly skilled barber and very precise razor work to neaten out the look of this hairstyle. With the right barber, however, this hairstyle can look very sharp.

5. Mohawk Taper Fade with Design

taper fade with mohawk and design

To get this hairstyle, instruct your barber to let the hair on top stay long while cutting the sides and back into a taper fade. To style the look, apply strong hold styling wax to your hair after blow drying; proceed to spike them up and twist at the top.

6. Classic Top + Curved Line

taper fade with line design
Instagram / youngdallasbarber

The curved line on the side can be a great way to achieve a more dramatic look without going too extreme. The length of the top should be medium while you fade the sides.

7. Elegant Brushed Up

taper fade with cross design
Instagram / tainted_pixie

Anyone who wants to look their best can try the brushed-up taper fade style. This trend can be achieved by using a cross-design on the back of your head while keeping the front a bit longer.

8. Dreadlocks + Taper Design

dreadlocks with taper fade and design
Instagram / fonzo_thebarber

The combination of fade, dreadlocks, and unique design on the sides is a trendy way to update your look. This technique is best done with long dread hair, and you can just keep the hair in an updo position, securing it with a hair band.

9. Ocean Wave with Half Line

taper fade with design for black men
Instagram / da.ray_cuts

Having a half line on ocean wave hair can give you a sleek and modern appearance. To start, wet your hair and apply a generous amount of gel or pomade. Then, use your comb to make a wavy part on the head and spritz with hairspray to help keep everything in place.

10. Back Taper Fade

dyed hair with taper fade and design
Instagram / youngdallasbarber

Taper fade looks best when combined with a stylish haircut on the side, and you can do it by styling with a creative design. This can be done with a razor or clippers, and it’s important to be creative.

11. Low Fade with Tribal Design

Again, it is the design that makes this taper fade haircut standout the most. A skilled barber is required to achieve this since the design is relatively intricate.

Kicky High and Low Taper Fade for Black Men

12. High Taper Fade with Design

high taper fade with design for men

This differs from the regular taper fade style as the fade ends early, at a point higher than the ear. The look will require more maintenance than a regular taper fade, it may require a trip to the barber every month to touch up the look again.

To style this designed taper faded look, apply pomade to hair after blow drying them and begin combing them backward.

13. Faux Hawk with Design

This combines two classic looks, the faux hawk with the taper fade to create a very trendy look that will ensure you stand out wherever you go. Similar to getting the regular fade cut, instruct your barber to leave the hair on top of mid-length in the front and slightly shorter in the back.

Similarly, the design can be neatened using a traditional razor, and to style, this look ensures that you use strong hold styling wax. After blow-drying your hair, apply the styling wax to your hair, start pulling the hair up and twist the tips, and repeat the process until the hair is spiked up as desired.

14. Afro Taper Fade with Design

afro taper fade with design

For those of you who rock the fro but want to clean up the look a bit, this is the hairstyle for you. Balancing out the density of the afro with the short tapered sides gives a very sharp look and makes it much easier to maintain. The length of the afro on top is up to you, but usually, medium-long length hair looks best.

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15. Taper Fade Comb Over Design

comb over with taper fade and design

This design on taper fade look combines the trendy and fashion-forward comb-over with an edgy design that makes the comb over look prominent. To achieve this look, ask your barber to give you a regular taper fade comb over, adding the design at the end to the natural partition of your comb-over.

To style this look, apply pomade to hair after blow drying and proceed to comb hair backward towards the natural direction of your cut.

So, there you have it! Some amazing taper fades with designs to choose from before your next trip to the barber.

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