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10 of The Best Cornrow Braided Mohawks for Women

Cornrows have long been a staple in the African American world, and Mohawk cornrows are creating a style statement. The world of hair and fashion has kept this look current with brand new ideas that leave our jaws dropping in the best way possible. These cornrow mohawk hairstyle ideas are simply exquisite- from subtle to striking and everything in between, you’re bound to find a ‘do that’s right for you.


How to Do Cornrow Mohawk

mohawk cornrows for women

If you’re thinking about doing this traditional African Mohawk cornrow hairstyle that is both fun and functional, you can complete using the following steps:

  • Dry and moisturize your hair. You can use butter or oils such as argan, coconut, or shea.
  • Begin by parting the hair front to back in whatever style is desired and clip down.
  • Unclip one section of hair and divide into three sections.
  • Start with the first braid stitch, adding in sections of hair as you move down the mane.
  • Make sure you keep the braid as close to the head and as tight as possible.
  • Continue to the end of the length of the hair and secure tightly.
  • Braid the rest of your hair in the same design.


Watch the Following Video on How to Cornrow Braided Mohawk on Natural Hair


How to Style Mohawk with Cornrows

mohawk with cornrows

Styling a mohawk with cornrow braids will be different depending on the style that is chosen. As with all cornrow braids, you need to plait the hair close the scalp. You can opt for different designs and styles when it comes to the cornrows.

The cornrow can continue throughout the hair to the ends, but some hairstyles will stop the cornrow braids prematurely to let the natural curls of the hair be the main attraction.


Amazing Mohawk Cornrow Hairstyles

Following are the most trendy Mohawk cornrows for women.

1. Natural Curls Showcased

mohawk cornrows for women

When it comes to a curly hair Mohawk with cornrow braids this is one of the more classic hairstyles. The plaits are built using a cascading design that trickles down the side of the head beautifully, while an extra bit of length is kept up top to showcase her charming all natural curls.


2. Double Dutch Braids

thick mohawk cornrows for women

If you have longer hair and want to make your Mohawk a bit bolder, then you will want to consider this astounding ‘do. When it comes to this cornrow Mohawk, you want to start off with cornrows plaited securely to the scalp. Draw them back into two thick braids that are close together and taper at the ends.


3. Twist Braid Mohawk

long and sleek cornrow mohawk

By simply tossing on some extra height down the middle, you can create a fierce look just like this. The look features a blend of cornrows around the sides of the scalp, with heightened box braids that make a definitive Mohawk. It’s a stylish ‘do reserved for the fiercest women.


4. Triple Bun Mohawk

triple knot mohawk with cornrows

A Mohawk cornrow hairstyle doesn’t always have to have the same structure. Step out of the box and do something a bit more unique like this lovely gal has done! Her braids are separated into three striking knots, making this an effortless hairstyle.


5. Mohawk with Tight Curls

tightly curled mohawk cornrows for women

Ladies with thicker manes will certainly appreciate this hairstyle! With absolutely glowing and larger-than-life hair such as this, it’s only right to tuck them up into some beautifully wrapped braids and align them to the mohawk shape. Add some bedazzling to your look with some shiny barrettes like this!


6. Knot Mohawk with Two Strand Twist

There are two things to love about this hairstyle: it’s traditional roots and look, and the hue that compliments her skin exquisitely. With this cornrow Mohawk style, you have plenty of lengths to play with. That means you don’t have to settle for the same style day in and day out.

Adorn a beautiful crown on your head such as this woman, or keep it low key with hair let down. The cornrows themselves are quite a sight, but with the addition of purple highlights, she creates a killer style that’s fashion-forward and flirty.


7.  Braids with Weave

When it comes to cornrows, there are so many different designs to choose from. We love this one because it has a variety of shapes and sizes, cornrows combined with a striking Mohawk hairstyle that is bound to turn heads. She starts off with an exciting blend of cornrows, finished with perfectly curled strands that add height and dimension to the look.


8. Swiveled Design

This particular cornrow braided Mohawk hairstyle has a certain ‘swiveling’ appearance to it, creating a waterfall style that is downright stunning. It has a softening effect that you would not typically find on a mohawk, which makes it ideal for the more delicate queens out there.


9. Beautiful Beads

mohawk cornrow hairstyles with beads

Mohawk cornrows can be a little bit too harsh for some gals; so how can you make the look more delicate? Well, one easy way is to add classic beads to the box braids, as this wonderful lady did! This is a great idea for gals and women alike, as charming beads such as these add character to the hair, as well as keeping braids stay in place. We’re loving this hairstyle!


10. Deluxe ‘Do

mohawk cornrows for women

Go big or go home, right? This extravagant number is featuring all the stops here. From the jaw-dropping zig-zag design of the cornrows to the magnificent whirling and twirling of braids from top to end, this hairstyle takes the cake when it comes to perfection.

Aside from the intriguing mix of designs and patterns, we can’t help but notice the bold royal blue hue intermingling in her strands. It’s an overall killer mohawk on cornrows braids style that has fashionista written all over it.


When it comes to a cornrow braided mohawk, you have plenty of room for styling. You can keep it subtle and sweet with a waterfall style, or go more bold with a mix of popular designs and zigzagging paired with intense colors like majestic purples and look-at-me royal blues. Your Mohawk cornrow style can easily be unique to you and you look, so feel free to play around with this hairstyle and let your creative beauty shine through.