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35 Famous Celebrities With Mustaches (2024 Update)

There is something drop-dead desirable about celebrities and their styles. Not only are they bold and daring; they are also setting style goals across the globe.

For celebrities, a great mustache does wonders for your career, as well as your image. For celebrities, there is a constant need to look younger than they are, dress better than everyone else and be photo-ready at the drop of a hat. The result? Celebrities with some of the best mustaches on offer.

Popular Mustache Styles by Celebrities

If you want a bold, dashing look that represents the epitome of gentlemanly style then the suave sophistication presented by the humble mustache may be just the look you have been longing for. A natural choice for a man who loves facial hair but hasn’t the time to tend a full beard; the mustache represents a chic class all of its very own.

And partially to pay homage to some of our own celebrity facial hair heroes. Here are our top 35 celebs with mustache, all for you!

1. Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher's Pencil Mustache

The light pencil-line natural mustache style brings out the chocolate boy and the boy next door image of Ashton Kutcher very distinctly. This is one of the actors with the mustache who always manages to rock every look and appear absolutely dapper.

2. Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper with Mustache

When you are making a list of celebrity mustache style, it is hard not to include Cooper in that. The hint of a still growing Mexican mustache coupled with a soul patch and a two-three day old stubble makes Bradley Cooper hot and happening. This is also a fairly low maintenance proposition that does not need trimming.

3. David Seaman

celebrities with mustaches - David Seaman

David Seaman with this Chevron mustache is absolutely dapper. The hair is allowed to grow its natural mustache line and only the ones that are stray are shaved off. However, you have to monitor the length in this case. It should not breach the mustache line on your upper lip.

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4. Henry Cavill

actors with mustache

As the key villain in Mission Impossible, Henry Cavill’s look is further emphasized with the thick mustache and the stubble. Also known as the scruffy beard, it brings forth a rugged appeal that is hard to beat and impossible to overlook.

5. James Taylor

popular celebrities with mustache

This is another iconic celebrity, James Taylor, the celebrated singer, and songwriter brings in a 60s feel with this long mustache and the little soul patch. The English style mustache that this singer is sporting gets an additional spunk with the little hair at the chin.

6. Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig With Mustache

The James Bond actor tried a chevron mustache in 2009. Whether looking for a sophisticated look or something a little more playful, the chevron can be tailored to suit your needs. It’s also surprisingly easy to maintain, meaning you won’t have to spend hours in front of the mirror every day to keep it looking good.

7. James Franco

James Franco With Mustache

James Franco is known for his unconventional fashion choices, and his latest facial hair trend is no exception. The actor was recently spotted sporting an early English mustache. While this look may not be everyone’s cup of tea, Franco’s style is decidedly more casual, lending him a playful yet sophisticated look.

8. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber With Mustache

Some believe that the mustache is a way for Bieber to convey his more mature image, while others think it’s just a phase. The singer has styled with a short copstash, and there’s no denying that it’s part of what makes Justin Bieber unique.

9. Sam Elliott

Sam Elliott With Mustache

Sam Elliott is known for his distinctive voice, which has been featured in commercials, documentaries, and animated films. One of Elliott’s most recognizable features is his white chevron mustache, which he has sported in many roles. Sam just grows up to the upper lip as his mustache has a natural shape.

10. Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell With Mustache

Actor and comedian Will Ferrell has a unique mustache style that will please those who enjoy his content. The Ferrell style is made up of a thick, bushy layer that covers the entire upper lip. This style gives the curly-haired comedian actor a rugged look that is sure to make him appear funny.

11. Nick Offerman

Nick Offerman With Mustache

This chevron style is characterized by its squared-off corners. Offerman’s style is blended with a lampshade and creates a modern and traditional appearance. The style is popular for men and can be used for various purposes.

12. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt With Mustache

The celebrity actor has been taking on a more rugged and masculine look in recent years, with a preference for a short mustache. Brad Pitt has been known to wear a variety of facial hairstyles, but his most popular style is short-trimmed Stache.

13. Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy With Mustache

Murphy is known for his unique and memorable acting styles and his popular trimmed upper lip with a soul patch. This style is perfect for those who want to inject some life into their appearance and stand out from the rest.

14. Jason Lee

Jason Lee With Mustache

Lee’s Earl mustache is one of the most remarked-upon features on his resume. Anyone can get this look by growing and keeping the mustache just below the lipline.

15. Oscar Isaac

Oscar Isaac With Mustache

Actor and model Oscar Isaac have a thick pencil stache that makes him look very versatile. Isaac keeps it not too wide or too pointy. On top of that, it is evenly styled throughout its length so that the Stache doesn’t curl or arch.

16. Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp With Mustache

Styling Johnny Depp’s thin trimmed pyramidal mustache gives him a more aged appearance while also adding some style. One way to get this Depp style is to use a razor and a trimmer. You can just trim with the number 2 trimmer and shave the edges.

17. Harry Styles

Harry Styles With Mustache

Harry Styles, the singer and songwriter for “Fine Line,” has a famous 5 o’clock shadow mustache. The style is often seen as an iconic part of his look, and it has become a symbol of masculinity. It can be achieved by trimming with a 1mm size trimmer.

18. Donald Glover

Donald Glover With Mustache

Donald Glover has a unique anchor-beard style blended with a thick mustache that has quickly become a signature of the actor and comedian. The beard is a natural extension of his goatee, and it projects an air of confidence and authority.

19. Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks With Mustache

Tom Hanks has an uneven mustache that can be confusing at times. Even though it can sometimes make him seem goofy or silly, his mustache is a defining feature of his acting career. With a cleaned, shaved face, anyone can get this look.

20. Geraldo Rivera

Geraldo Rivera With Mustache

Geraldo Rivera has had a messy handlebar style for many years, which is a classic example of how a certain style can be interpreted in different ways. Some people find it cute and stylish, while others find it difficult to take seriously because of its length and thickness. But this style is something that makes Rivera a powerful force in the media world.

21. Jeff Foxworthy

Sporting a typical Painter’s brush here, Jeff Foxworthy let the natural thickness of the bushy mustache do all the talking. The fairly blonde color mustache compliments the darker shade of hair and his sparkling teeth.

22. Joe Jonas

If you are looking for some cool casual matured look, there is nothing quite like Joe Jonas’ this avatar with a Chevron mustache. One of the few celebrities who can carry the chevron style mustache with panache, this is no doubt an attention-worthy stache.

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23. John Waters

If you thought only Clark Gable can rock this iconic mustache style, think again. This is another celebrity with the same mustache who absolutely owns the look. Subtle, manly and understated this is one of the classics.

24. Jude Law

This hint of a petite handlebar just intensifies the romantic hero appeal of Jude Law. The clean-shaven face with the light mustache line brings in a unique intense appeal to his overall get up and an irresistible charm.

25. Lionel Richie

Lionel Richie's Thick Chevron Mustache

Lionel Richie is not just known for his phenomenal music. Here is one celebrity who is known as much for his statement mustache too. A thick, bushy variation of the classic Chevron style, this mustache style for black men needs care, regular trimming, and proper maintenance.

26. Ranveer Singh

A classic French mustache at its best, Ranveer Singh absolutely rocks the look of a period actor with this mustache. The light hint of a stubble beard or the scruff further intensifies the look for this celebrity’s facial hair

27. Rollie Fingers

This celebrity intelligently combines two classic styles into one inimitable statement piece. Rollie Fingers takes forth the imposing traits of the handlebar mustache and combines it with the austerity of the Hungarian mustache to create one center of attention. It adds to his matured looks too.

28. Ron Burgundy

The Anchorman here shows one of the perfect examples of a well-grown pyramid mustache. It is thick bushy and well maintained.

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29. Sacha Baron Cohen

famous actors with mustaches

If you can think of one actor who completely owned the mustache style, it’s got to be Baron Cohen. The trademark short walrus mustache looks cool and classic.

30. Stan Lee

popular celebrity with Mustache

This celebrity is as much known for his personality as for his mustache style. This style represents a distinct personality trait and a degree of raw masculine energy.

31. Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth with Mustache

Chris Hemsworth looks so damn sexy with or without a mustache. This time, he went for a short beard and a slightly longer mustache, and for the hairstyle, he opted for a sleek comb over and long sideburns.

32. Tom Selleck

Tom Selleck with Mustache

Tom Selleck loves his mustache and it suits him perfectly. He also has a sexy look thanks to those round-framed glasses and short dark hair with gray here-and-there strands. If you are an older man, this is certainly a look you can adopt.

33. Chris Evans

Chris Evans with Mustache

Chris Evans pulled off a retro look with a rich mustache and a high top. His eyebrows make his gorgeous eyes stand out, and he reminds us of old-school American dad’s looks.

34. Matt Reeves

Matt Reeves with Mustache

Matt Reeves looks terrific with a mustache and a full beard, even if his facial hair doesn’t provide full coverage. He is a real presence in the latest Batman movie and on the red carpet with that cool wavy hair.

35. Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. with Mustache

Robert Downey Jr. captured our hearts with his sexy look with a one-sided short hair and a Balbo beard with mustache. When you try to recreate his look, make sure that the beard suits your face form.

Often people want to copy the mustache style of their favorite celebrities but always remember that you must go for a style that best represents your personality. For example, you may be, but your favorite celebrity may sort a rather rugged style. Carefully consider the bearing a style has on your personality and then decide.