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10 Bearded Celebs Who Look Cooler With Glasses

Forget the outdated notion that glasses are just for reading or improving sight; today’s celebrities are using them as the ultimate fashion accessory. Pair that with a well-groomed beard, and you’ll get your own brandable look.

Whether it’s a classic aviator frame with a rugged beard or chic round glasses combined with a sleek, well-trimmed look, many famous celebrities are setting trends with such a beard and glass combo.

So, if you’re eager to elevate your own style, let’s take a look at our shortlist of the top 10 bearded celebrities who’ve mastered the art of pairing glasses with facial hair.

Bearded Celebrities With Glasses: Who’s Wearing Them Best?

If you’re a bearded guy who wears glasses and is looking for celeb inspiration, you are in luck because there are many celebrities who rock this combination every day.

You can pick from dozens of beard styles and different types of glasses. Get inspiration from these top 10 bearded celebrities who wear glasses.

1. Kit Harrington

bearded celeb Kit Harrington with glasses

This Golden Globe Award nominee, Kit Harrington, likes to keep a short beard that almost looks like heavy stubble. He likes to sweep his curly hair to the side opening his forehead more and giving a clear look to his rounded rectangular glasses that seem slightly oversized.

2. Ed Sheeran

bearded celeb Ed Sheeran with glasses

We all admire the famous English pop star Ed Sheeran’s red-bearded look with glasses. We often see him with a short, red stubble beard and a messy hairstyle with fringes covering his forehead. Here, he’s adding to his nerdy look with fully-rimmed Pathos glasses.

3. Hugh Jackman

bearded celeb Hugh Jackman with glasses

Hugh Jackman is one of the most popular bearded celebrities over 50 who wear glasses, and it has to be said that his beard styles are always inspiring.

Being an older man, you can see that his short beard is predominantly grey whereas his hair is still dark. The glasses he’s wearing are a slightly squared variation of the aviator glasses.

4. Johnny Depp

bearded celebrity Johnny Depp with glasses

Johnny Depp’s Van Dyke beard is famous around the world, and probably the beard he has worn for the longest time. His long hair is another staple of his personality, but the icing on the cake is his thick-rimmed, almost round glasses with a keyhole bridge.

5. Steven Spielberg

bearded celebrity Steven Spielberg with glasses

Steven Spielberg is one of those aging celebrities with beards who are not afraid to change their facial hairstyles frequently. The grey circle beard on Hollywood’s one of the biggest movie directors can’t go unnoticed.

His horned square glasses look like a variation of Wayfarer glasses, but you can notice he chose a thin frame and thin rims on purpose.

6. Niall Horan

bearded celeb Niall Horan with glasses

The one-direction singer and songwriter Niall isn’t always seen wearing glasses, but here, he’s gone with rounded glasses with multi-colored rims. These glasses shine on his face.

He has chosen a minimalistic stubble beard on his chin and the rest of his face is clean shaved. His well-groomed spiky hair adds to his coolness.

In 2024, he covered Zach Bryan’s country hit “Something in the Orange.” This new bearded look and the country cover have fans excited about this possible new direction for Niall.

Is this a hint at a new direction for Niall, both in music and style? Is the pop icon transitioning into a bearded country singer?

7. Chadwick Boseman

black bearded celebrity Chadwick Boseman with glasses

The heroic star left us too soon, and while his beards continued to change, you can see him with a light stubble French beard here, which remains quite popular among black men. The bearded celeb wore oversized square glasses with a two-tone frame.

8. Steve Carell 

bearded celeb Steve Carell with glasses

The famous star from The Office is almost always wearing glasses and chooses to go with short beards quite often.

The salt and pepper short-boxed beard combined with an Ivy League cut gives him a neat appearance. The multi-colored round glasses have clear lenses, so you can see more of his face.

9. Seth Rogen

bearded celeb Seth Rogen with glasses

The Canadian bearded celebrity in his 40s has proven himself in movies and on TV. His curly yet neatly trimmed Garibaldi beard is well-rounded and maintained with slight hints of brown, black, and white.

The Wayfarer glasses with a multi-colored frame show that Hollywood stars love wearing multi-colored frames.

10. B.o.B. 

bearded celeb B.o.B. with glases

This American rapper, Bobby Ray Simmons Jr., is one of the bearded celebs with glasses who you’ll see once and never forget because of his Egyptian goatee and an almost invisible soul patch.

The pencil-thin mustache aligns perfectly with his upper lip. Add a buzz cut to the mix and you have a fully open face to sport thick-rimmed, round-edged square glasses that look like goggles.

There is more to notice about these celebs than the fact that they have a beard and wear glasses. What sets them apart is that they aren’t afraid to be bold with their choice of beards and glasses.

So, let these bearded celebs with glasses give you the confidence to try a unique beard and pick a pair of glasses that’s not so plain.