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Is Onion Juice Really Good For Your Hair?

Is it worth it to smear this smelly juice on your scalp in hope of fantastic results? Experts say it is. Onion juice helps hair grow again for people who have a non-scarring form of hair loss.

It doesn’t matter where the problem is located on your head, and it works well on both men and women. It takes two weeks to see little hairs sprout.

Who Does Onion Juice Work the Best For?

onion juice for hair

Onion juice works for most types of hair thinning and hair loss. It’s not so great for scarring alopecias, but those are pretty rare in most people.

Scarring alopecias like frontal fibrosing or central centrifugal cicatricial disproportionately affect black women because of the many styling practices that involve tight pulling.

Even if you’re a victim of this kind of alopecia, you can still use onion juice on the areas that haven’t scarred yet. Hair follicles undergo different phases before they die, and scarring occurs.

Scarring looks stretched and shiny, so you can start grating your onions as long as you haven’t gotten to that phase.

How Can You Make Onion Juice for Hair Growth?

There are three ways. The way to get the most potent juice is to grate your onions finely and squeeze the juice. Or you can throw chopped onions in the blender and sieve the juice out, but the quick action of the blender can evaporate some of the precious essential oils from the onion.

The third way is not juicing but making onion oil. In this method, you cover the chopped onions with olive oil and allow it to simmer on low for two to six hours. This way, your house will thoroughly smell like onions, but your onion oil won’t be nearly as potent.

How To Remove the Smell of Onions from Your Hands and Hair?

How To Remove the Smell of Onions from Hands and Hair

Before we get into how to use this stuff in your hair, you probably want to know how difficult it is to remove the smell. Wash your hands with soap right away to remove the odors.

If that doesn’t work, smother them in apple cider vinegar. Wait a few seconds, rinse and wash with soap again. Phew.

You can mix a few drops of lemon juice with your onion juice to keep it from making your hair smell bad. But lemon juice can dry out your scalp. We suggest the following:

Shampoo: After you rinse that stuff out of your hair, you’re going to use a sweet-smelling shampoo. If that doesn’t work, and you still smell like a deli sandwich, move to the next step.

Apple cider vinegar rinse: Like when you clean your hands, vinegar is a good choice to get the smell out of your hair. But unlike your hands coming in contact with the onions for just a few minutes, the juice will be in your hair for a few hours.

Thankfully, though, vinegar is powerful.  Make a solution of one part vinegar to five parts water. Pour it through your hair after shampooing. Leave it in for a minute or two to do the dirty work. Then rinse it thoroughly. 

Onion Juice Hair Masks for Growth

You can use onion juice on your scalp alone. But for all that deodorizing, you should have some added benefits for the hair. Onion juice works, but it works on the scalp only.

You can use some of the hair masks below to get your hair into shape while the onion juice is working on your scalp. Others will work with the onion juice to rejuvenate the scalp.

To use these, mix two parts of onion juice with one part of the additional ingredient. Stir until homogenous. Apply to the hair and scalp, leave it in for one to two hours, and rinse.

Hair Mask 1: Honey And Onion Juice for Hair Growth

Onion juice and honey hair mask work great for hair growth. You can use honey as a natural moisturizer for the hair to help prevent dryness. Honey is also an excellent remedy for scalp issues like dandruff and scalp inflammation.

Hair Mask 2: Castor oil And Onion Juice for Hair Growth

castor oil and onion juice hair mask

Castor oil helps strengthen the hair follicles so they can hang on to hair better when alopecia is at play.

It also helps grow more hair, so combined with onion juice, you’ll have double power. Castor oil is thick and sticky, so it might take a bit of effort to combine it with the onion juice.

Hair Mask 2: Olive Oil And Onion Juice for Hair Growth

Extra virgin olive oil is an excellent source of vitamin E, which helps to prevent premature aging.

It also contains antioxidants that help protect the scalp from free radicals, which cause damage to hair follicles. So adding olive oil helps renew the scalp, while onion juice helps grow hair.

Hair Mask 4: Egg And Onion Juice for Hair Growth

Try egg yolks when your hair is damaged and needs extra protein. The cholesterol in eggs also helps to strengthen the hair. It’s easy to mix with onion juice, as eggs are a natural emulsifier.

Hair Mask 5: Aloe vera And Onion Juice for Hair Growth

Aloe vera is hydrating to the hair and scalp, so it’s an appropriate addition when your hair is dry. Something that’s forgotten, however, is that dry hair grows out of a dry scalp. So hydrating the scalp is important to growing healthy hair.

Check out more ingredients that will help grow healthy hair:

Hair Mask 6: Ginger And Onion Juice for Hair Growth

onion juice and ginger hair mask

Ginger can help remove some of the smell of the onion juice. It also promotes the circulation of blood to the scalp, so that hair follicles have all the nutrients they need to grow hair.


Can I use onion juice in my hair daily?

Twice daily is the ideal, according to the study. But once daily is probably fine.

Does onion juice help in hair regrowth?

It can, yes.

Can I drink onion juice?

If you want to! It won’t do much for your hair, though.

Does onion juice reduce dandruff?

When mixed with two parts of honey, it can be applied to the hair and scalp. The honey is what works on dandruff, so you’ll get the benefits of both honey and onion juice.

Can I leave onion juice on my hair overnight?

The longer you leave it in, the better. So, yes.

Will onion juice fade my hair color?

It might change the color. Onion juice is not a color-safe ingredient.

Will onion juice help me get rid of lice?

Unfortunately, it will not.

Will onion juice increase my hair growth?

Yes, it can.

How many days onion juice can be stored?

Onion juice is for immediate use unless you freeze it. If you freeze it, you can keep it for a few months, but it’s not meant to go in the fridge.

Can I wash my hair with shampoo after applying onion juice?

You can and should.

Can I use onion juice on my baby hair?

Yes, but it might be a little strong so near the face.

Can onion juice stop male pattern baldness?

Yes, it can.

Does onion juice reduce gray hair?

Onion juice can stop incoming hairs from turning gray.

Is onion juice good for low porosity hair?

Onion juice works on the scalp. So it doesn’t matter if your hair is high or low porosity.

Can onion juice be applied to oily hair?

Yes. It will not increase the oil.

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