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Best Peaky Blinders-Inspired Haircuts for Men and Women in 2024

The Peaky Blinders haircuts, inspired by the 1920s hairstyles are trending now. Thomas Shelby and other characters of the popular British TV show have made fans go crazy over their hairstyles.

If you are among those fans who love Peaky Blinders, guess what? You’ve landed on the right page. We’ve rounded up the best Peaky Blinders haircuts for both gents and ladies.

We’ll help you pick a style and even share some handy tips on rocking that look. Stay with us and uncover the coolest Peaky Blinders haircuts of 2024!

Who Are Peaky Blinders?

Peaky Blinders is a British crime TV series inspired by a real street gang. The story of the series shows the city of Birmingham in the 1920s (after World War I), with its cobbled streets and smoky factories.

The show does a fantastic job in depicting this era, the real-life timeline of the Peaky Blinders gang is quite different.

Real Peaky Blinders operated in Birmingham in the late 19th century and early 20th century, with their peak activity between 1890 and 1910. Peaky Blinders has aired six seasons since 2013.

But first, ever wondered why they’re called “Peaky Blinders”? Legend has it that members would sew razor blades into their flat caps, which they’d then use as weapons.

Origin of The Haircut

Express UK says the haircuts in Peaky Blinders are what the working-class men in the 20th century used to wear. Petty criminals during this time often styled the top with paraffin wax to keep it in place.

Having short hair that doesn’t get in the way gives them an advantage in a street fight. What’s more, the shaved sides lessen their chance of getting lice.

While the history of a Peaky haircut doesn’t sound glamorous, Thomas Shelby’s unique haircut with short sides and long hair on top made the Peaky Blinders haircut popular among the fans.

His combed-back top part is only visible when he removes his cap. It goes so well with the leader-like image in Peaky Blinders.

Both male and female characters of the series have unique British haircuts of that era and that’s why Peaky Blinders haircut became trending.

Why The Haircuts Are Becoming Popular Again?

There are a few reasons why getting Peaky haircuts is becoming popular again. Those haircuts are easy to maintain and hassle-free since it doesn’t need much attention during your morning routine.

They are also perfect for the summer for keeping cool, and you can style them any way you want. The Peaky haircuts look great slicked back, curled, or parted!

Peaky Blinders Haircuts For Men

There are many male characters in Peaky Blinders whose hairstyles have become iconic. Here are some cool Peaky Blinders hairstyles for men:

1. Thomas Shelby’s Textured Hair

Actor Cillian Murphy is trending in 2024 for his role in Oppenheimer but some people still call him Thomas Shelby, the leading character of the Peaky Blinders show.

In the series, this character is shown as a war veteran with a complex past, and he gets ruthless and blunt at times. Yet, he’s also reliable, intelligent, and confident. Most of all, he has a desire to turn the Peaky Blinders into a legitimate high-earning business.

Thomas Shelby’s hair reflects his desires and personality. His texturized top gives him a classic, polished look suitable for people with a defined face shape.

How to Style:

This haircut is perfect for people with thinning hair since the long fringe can hide a receding hairline.

To achieve the look, you can ask your barber for a cropped undercut with fringe or bangs. It should be short at the back and sides but two to three inches long in front.

You can then create the textured look by applying a pomade in circular motions.

2. Michael Gray’s Classic Side Part

Michael Gray is Thomas Shelby’s cousin and chief accountant of the Shelby Company. At the beginning of the series, he’s a wholesome young man. However, he later becomes entitled, violent, and vengeful.

Michael is an ambitious guy, and his haircut shows it. His style is the most refined and traditional among the Shelby cousins. The classic side part undercut hairstyle is true to the Victorian era.

This hairstyle is suitable for those with rectangular or oblong faces. It’s not too short so it won’t elongate your face.

How to Style:

If you want to style your hair the same way, you can tell your barber to give you a 20s-style side part. Ask for an undercut with a gradual skin fade.

The strands on top of your head should be longer than the rest of your hair. This will help you properly brush it to the side.

It’s a good idea to slightly shave your parting line to make it easier to find. Moreover, you need a stay-on cream to keep your side part from moving.

3. John Shelby’s Short Undercut

John Shelby is Thomas Shelby’s younger brother and a high-ranking member of the Peaky Blinders. He’s the most good-natured and righteous out of the siblings, but he’ll show his temper if necessary.

Although he can get reckless at times, he’s a capable shareholder of the Shelby Company.

John’s haircut is a disconnected undercut that’s much shorter than the others. The sides are bald, while the top hair is also minimal. Because of this, it’s a daring and eye-catching look.

Another perk of John Shelby’s hairstyle is it’s lighter and easier to maintain. If you don’t like putting products in their hair, this one’s for you!

How to Style:

To get this haircut, you can tell your barber to shave the sides of your head completely. You’ll then keep a crop short enough that it doesn’t sweep to the side.

Note that you have to visit the barber regularly to clean off any new hair growth.

4. Arthur Shelby’s Slicked Back Undercut

Arthur is the eldest Shelby brother and vice president of the Shelby Company. He’s Thomas’s right-hand man as well.

Throughout the start of the series, we see Arthur as an unstable man with anger issues. Yet, as the show progresses, he turns out to be one of the most compassionate and remorseful.

Arthur’s haircut is distinct from his siblings because it’s slicked back, structured, and mature. This style is for those who don’t mind spending time each morning to style their hair.

How to Style:

When you get to the barber’s, you should ask for an undercut with a high bald fade. Meanwhile, the top should be at least five inches long so you have enough length to comb back.

You’ll need a thicker wax or a strong-hold pomace to maintain this hairstyle.

5. Isaiah Jesus’s Tapered Curls

Isaiah Jesus Curly Hairstyle from Peaky Blinders

Isaiah is a close friend of Michael Gray and Finn Shelby. His father fought with Thomas Shelby during the war. Thomas also made him Arthur’s lieutenant in season six.

As you can imagine, Isaiah sports the same undercut as the Shelbys. The main difference is the top of his has short, tapered curls.

Tapered haircuts are low maintenance and require little product. It’s suitable for kinky or coiled hair. In addition, undercuts go well with tapered curls because they emphasize your hair texture.

The best part is both men and women can wear it!

How to Style:

To achieve Isaiah’s haircut, you should ask for a gradual fade in your undercut. Keep the top hair short by trimming, and use hair mousse to improve the texture of the curls.

Like John Shelby’s undercut, you need to visit the barber every few weeks to do touch-ups on this hairstyle.

Fashionable Peaky Blinders Haircuts for Women

Peaky blinder haircuts aren’t just for men! Here are some peaky blinders hairstyles for women inspired by the series.

1. Polly Gray’s Curly Bob With Bangs

Who says bangs don’t go with curls? This look by the Peaky Blinders matriarch was common in the 1900s. Today, it gives a high-fashion appearance with plenty of personality!

What we like about Polly Gray’s locks is the flattened fringe. It’s a brilliant way to control flyaways for curly-haired people who want to try having bangs.

2. Esme Shelby’s Long-Plaited Hair

Being a Romani gypsy, Esme keeps her wavy hair long as it’s a must in her culture. To add to this, her plaits are traditional in married women.!

3. Gina Gray’s Glamorous Curls

In Peaky Blinders, Gina Gray spent a lot of time in America. Due to this, her hairstyle is reminiscent of a 1930s American socialite.

You may want to try this layered bob hairstyle since it elongates the neck. Plus, the soft, loose curls are classy and timeless!

Can You Do a Peaky Blinders Haircut at Home?

Yes, you can do the peaky blinders haircut by yourself. However, you may have difficulty getting the undercut skin fade right. To avoid razor burns and bald patches, it’s best to get someone to help you.

Lastly, don’t forget to use hair products and brush your hair in the right direction when you’re at home. Doing this will help you maintain any side parts!


The Peaky Blinders haircuts are popular because of their fashionable look and practicality. Even though these were popular haircuts in the 1920s, it’s still fresh and modern today.

There are many ways to do a Peaky haircut. You can style it like Thomas Shelby or Isaiah Jesus by texturizing it. It’s great short and parted or slicked back like Arthur Shelby.

Not to mention, it matches both disconnected and faded undercuts. Women can wear Peaky Blinders haircuts because of their versatility as well. If you want to try a vintage haircut, Peaky hairstyles are perfect!