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15 Stunning Looks With Pintura Highlights

When we’re talking about Pintura highlights, our thoughts fly to that curly textured fantastic hair. What makes them so impressive is the fact that hairstylists will dye each ringlet and curl without any aluminum foil. Also, they will hand paint the coils to accentuate them and get that dimension we all crave for.


Pintura Highlights

If you have this type of hair, Pintura highlights will certainly make our tresses look glamorous and textured. Take a look at the images above and recreate the look that you love most and suits you best.

1. Purple Ombre

purple pintura highlights

Styling purple Pintura highlights will become one of your best moves when it comes to hairstyling. Maintain the hair in medium length and play with purple and pink shades to obtain texture and color.


2. Pintura Highlights for 4C Curls

pintura highlights on 4c hair

When you get Pintura highlights on 4c hair, the whole mane will gain its own personality. You will look glamorous and modern, and your precious strands will undoubtedly get all the attention.


3. Bob with Pintura Highlights

pintura highlights on wavy hair

Pintura highlights on wavy hair will certainly make you look brilliant. Opt for a bob haircut and wear your bangs and top hair tossed on one side. Also, if you wear glasses, this is the perfect idea to style your mane.


4. 3C Hair with Pintura Highlights

pintura highlights on 3c hair

Pintura highlights on 3c hair are a real blast! Those coils need definition and this dyeing technique that was specially designed for riglets will make the whole mane stick out in any crowd.


5. Brown Hair with Blonde

blonde pintura highlights hair

When you have light brown hair, blonde Pintura highlights will amazingly blend with darker strands. Layer the mane and wear the top on one side.


6. Pixie with Pintura Highlights

short pintura highlights

If you love retro looks, go for a pixie haircut and create blonde Pintura highlights for the long hair. Orient the top upwards and accessorize your look with a pair of long earrings. This way, you will obtain a hairdo that will beautifully suit any strapless dress or top.


7. Long Hair + Pintura Highlights

pintura hair highlights

Long curly hair looks truly fascinating with light brown Pintura highlights. Get a layered cut for the mane, and toss the bangs on one side to obtain more volume for the top.


8. Red Hair with Blonde

red pintura hair highlights

Get an out of the ordinary hairstyle by dyeing your hair in vivid red color and by styling ombre blonde Pintura highlights. Swoop the whole hair on one side and get a low ponytail.


9. Ombre + Pintura Highlights

pintura balayage highlights

When you have a lot of volume for your hair, it will be such a shame not to make it look textured too. Go for ombre Pintura highlights, and everybody will turn their heads to admire your new look.


10. Curly Light Brown Hair + Pintura Highlights

long pintura hair highlights

Give those bouncy gorgeous curls texture with a hair dye that is just a little bit lighter than your natural shade. Swoop the top hair on one side, and you’ll obtain a gorgeous bohemian look.


11. Pintura Highlights on Medium Hair

pintura highlights on curly hair

If you are a black girl with natural curly hair, opt for a medium cut and caramel Pintura highlights. You can also maintain your roots in a dark shade or style an ombre.


12. Caramel Pintura Highlights

pintura highlighted hair

When you have long hair and need to accentuate those impressive curls, Pintura highlights are the answer to all your hair cravings. Layer the hair and wear the fringe on one side.


13. Dark Roots with Pintura Highlights

curly hair with pintura highlights

If you are a black girl that wants to give her gorgeous coils a sun-kissed look, maintain your roots dark and natural and opt for hand-dyed highlights. Wear your bangs on the forehead, just above the eyebrows.


14. Red Pintura Highlights

If you’re tired of dull colors, try something new and go for a shade that won’t pass unnoticed. A dark red hue for your curls will undoubtedly make those astonishing ringlets look bouncy and stand out.


15. Platinum Blonde

pintura hair highlights

When you have natural hair that has a lot of volume, give it a touch of greatness with some ombre platinum blonde Pintura highlights. Cut the hair short and part the bangs in the middle to obtain a gorgeous face frame.


Pintura highlights saw daylight in the USA, and women with curly hair instantly fell in love with them. And it’s all for the right reasons because when pulling them off, each ringlet and coil will get all the attention it deserves. Get ready to look astonishing with a new catchy marvelous hairdo!